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2018-12-02 10:29:47 BRENGUN
REIREI & MERRY BADEND new omnibus live recording “REIREI×MERRY BADEND TWOMAN LIVE 「Makiokose! Shachihoko-shin DOUBLE TYPHOON!」"

REIREI (麗麗) and Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド) will put out a new omnibus live recording.

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2017-07-26 12:28:00 Seraphim
chariots x Pisarro's New Split-single

chariots and PISARRO (ピサロ) have announced that they will be releasing a split-single this coming September.

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2017-03-16 21:26:00 suji
DEEP MORE DEEP #5 tracklist revealed!

The tracklist for the latest DEEP MORE DEEP omnibus has been revealed! Fortunately, the CD features new songs from each band!!

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2017-01-06 01:12:00 suji
MARCO new releases + special live events

In what seems like a terrific start to 2017, MARCO (マルコ) has announced some new releases, including a new live-limited single! :)))

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2016-07-04 18:44:00 inartistic
chariots and PISARRO in 「DEEP MORE DEEP#4」

chariots and PISARRO (ピサロ) will participate in the new omnibus DEEP MORE DEEP#4!

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2015-11-10 22:11:00 suji
LIN to be featured in omnibus DVD, FEST FES 2015

Missed out on LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)'s performance at FEST FES 2015 back in August? Then worry no more, the live event is now available to watch on DVD!

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2015-09-20 13:13:00 inartistic
ROCKSTAR RECORDS omnibus announced

ROCKSTAR RECORDS will release its first omnibus, [BLACK MARKET GANG Ⅰ][1], on 2015-12-23. The CD will feature all new songs from AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック), DEVIL KITTY, and other ROCKSTAR RECORDS bands.

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2015-07-24 14:03:00 inartistic
Agitation Clysis ~Integrity~ tracklist announced

The tracklist for upcoming omnibus, Agitation Clysis ~Integrity~ has been announced. Unfortunately, as expected, all songs are old―except maybe emmurée's? [Check out the song list here][1] to DECIDE if you're still interested.

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2015-07-11 14:52:00 inartistic
Agitation Clysis update

Upcoming omnibus [Agitation Clysis ~Integrity~][1] has added defspiral to its lineup (although the tracklist has still not been revealed). The cover art has also been released.

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2015-07-11 00:41:00 suji
Yougenkyou -WEST- vol.2 preview

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