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2020-07-17 16:59:00 biopanda
New band: hide-and-seek Dorothy

New band hide-and-seek Dorothy (ハイダンシークドロシー) has announced their formation on July 17th. They plan to hold their first oneman live (in person and streaming, depending on circumstances) on September 20th at Akabane ReNY alpha. They will also be releasing their first full album on the same day. In addition, they are planning to release digital singles in both August and September with more details to come.

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2020-07-16 14:44:23 Ryu
New band: Nora ONE Kareshi

New band Nora ONE Kareshi (のらワン彼氏) will begin activity on July 15th.

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2020-07-02 12:44:25 Ryu
New band: DOGMAS + 1st release

New band DOGMAS has announced themselves and will start live activity next month.

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2020-05-23 16:10:50 Ryu
New band: ALTEiD has formed

New band ALTEiD will begin activity on July 8th, on this day the band celebrates their beginning with their own event named 「EASY MODE」.

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2020-04-29 23:30:14 biopanda
New band: Sacrifice

New band Sacrifice, the solo project(?) of ex.La;Cen-zhow. vocalist Sutari, has announced their formation and plans to start full scale activities this year.

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2020-04-05 06:31:47 Ryu
New Solo Project: Sho Kotani

Sho Kotani who was the drummer of Embrace began his solo activity official this April.

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2020-03-22 13:29:03 Ryu
New band: En'Cell♰Dis'Dein and first release THE MISSING DEAD

Ex.{mid:night} guitarist and leader Kairu has formed a new band En'Cell♰Dis'Dein with vocalist Sou.

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2020-03-08 09:09:07 Ryu

New band LIVERECHT (リブレヒト) will announce more information about themselves at Sunday 15 March 20:00(JST).

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2020-02-13 13:40:25 Ryu
New band: MeltyFate

New Nagoya band MeltyFate formed!

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2020-02-08 06:26:29 Ryu
New band: VOID has formed

New band VOID will start activities on May 17th at Shinsaibashi Varon at their own hosted event.

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2020-02-05 15:31:00 Seraphim
New band: Taiyou no Namida (Ex-ClearVeil)

New band Taiyou NO Namida (太陽ノ涙) will begin activity on January 31st.

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2020-01-31 01:06:09 Alkaloid
Sick² members form new limited period band Kansen²

Sick² members, who have been on hiatus since January 29th, have formed a new limited period band, Kansen² (感染²).

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2020-01-27 08:37:37 Ryu
New band: ASIA

Session band ASIA will begin more formal activity on January 27th.

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