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2021-05-06 02:40:00 Seraphim
New band: Generich.

New band Generich., the solo project of 一真 (Kazuma) of emonchhichi (emoンチッチ), has been announced.

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2021-05-06 01:42:00 Ryu
New band "Unli Furps" has formed

New band Unli Furps has formed on May 1st.

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2021-04-21 07:19:59 ukuzihsonurah
New project: fuzzy knot

New project fuzzy knot will begin activity on April 21st.

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2021-04-14 23:40:00 Ryu
Calmando Qual revives?!

Calmando Qual seems to be holding a revival!

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2021-04-14 08:49:55 Ryu
New project: ONI TO KAGE

New project ONI TO KAGE (オニトカゲ) has formed.

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2021-03-27 23:04:00 Ryu
DIE-QUÄR stands on stage again.

DIE-QUÄR who was disbanded in 1994 will stand on stage again. It's still unknown if this will be a one-day comeback or if more activity will follow after this date!

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2021-03-23 15:24:33 biopanda
New band: REVIE

New band REVIE (レヴィ) has begun activity on March 20th. They will hold their first audience-free live on April 23rd at 吉祥寺CRESCENDO. The band will also release their first digital single, EGOISM, on March 28th.

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2021-03-16 09:59:51 Ryu
New limited time band: WARASVO

New band WARASVO will begin their live activity on April 23rd.

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2021-03-04 00:02:08 imperial_concerto

New band LAER PROJECT will begin activity on February 27th.

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2021-03-02 07:53:05 Ryu
New band: DIZEXT

New band DIZEXT has announced themselves and will begin their official activity on APRIL 1st.

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2021-02-24 03:05:00 suji
Laki (MonstlloW) begins solo activities

Laki (MonstlloW (モンストロ)) is going solo!

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2021-02-01 17:13:00 suji
ASURAN (ex-Sunawachi Saga.) new single: “Irotsubaki”

ASURAN (アスラン) (ex-Sunawachi Saga。 (即ち性。)) has released a new single.

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