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2021-07-28 01:05:00 cherrylng
New visual idol group: VINANSHI

New visual idol group VINANSHI started their activity on July 21st.

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2021-07-15 23:08:00 Ryu
New band: CASANOVA

A brand new band named CASANOVA (カサノヴァ) has formed on June 25th.

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2021-06-29 19:18:00 haru
Cold-Blood has disbanded, reforms as Z-type blood

On the same day that Cold-Blood disbanded, the bandmembers formed a new band called Z-type blood.

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2021-06-24 01:30:00 haru
New solo project: Amayadori

Karasu (鴉-カラス-) vocalist, Ryo (椋) has started his own solo project under the name Amayadori (雨宿) on June 19th.

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2021-06-14 18:47:00 suji
Mysterious "rabbit group" has formed

A mysterious new band called has risen from the underground!

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2021-06-08 01:36:00 haru
ARYU (ex-MORRIGAN) starts new solo project: THE DEVIL INSIDE

ex-MORRIGAN vocalist ARYU has started a solo project!

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2021-06-01 02:32:00 Ryu
New band: DEFINE

New band DEFINE has formed and started their activity on May 31st.

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2021-06-01 01:25:00 uta
New band: möd A

Hiroki (ex. Aliza Marie) and SIN (ex. DUMMY CHILDREN) have made an announcement on Twitter on this 23rd May about the creation of their new band mod A .

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2021-05-27 03:09:00 suji
Kebyo members new band "AMON." will perform!

Kebyo (仮病) members new band AMON. has formed!

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2021-05-21 04:05:00 kumika
MIRAI from Angels' Temptation starts solo activities + 1st digital single

MIRAI, vocalist of Angels' Temptation, has started his solo activities on May 20th. He is more widely known for his stint in the popular band Secilia Luna.

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2021-05-06 06:40:00 Seraphim
New band: Generich.

New band Generich., the solo project of 一真 (Kazuma) of emonchhichi (emoンチッチ), has been announced.

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2021-05-06 05:42:00 Ryu
New band "Unli Furps" has formed

New band Unli Furps has formed on May 1st.

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