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2019-07-31 22:00:00 inartistic
SUI (David) + Yuhma/70./Tomoya (FIXER) = NEW BAND 「CULA」

An enigmatic new band, CULA, has formed.

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2019-07-21 23:27:50 suji
JIRUDORE new maxi-single: “Anata no Tame ni...”

JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) will release a new maxi-single.

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2019-07-13 11:10:34 inartistic
New band: MISUI

Mysterious new band MISUI (ミスイ) revealed its lineup today.

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2019-07-07 17:47:47 suji
RENA (ex-THE BLACK SWAN) new solo project, "CRAZY PUNK KID"

New band CRAZY PUNK KID will begin activity on July 7th. They will hold their first live on August 31 at Shibuya REX.

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2019-06-23 08:08:42 suji
new band "どく" (Doku) new maxi-single: “KUI” (クイ) release

A gory new band called Doku (どく) has formed!

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2019-06-09 15:58:16 suji
New band: Kouka wa Batsugun da

New band Kouka wa Batsugun da (こうかはばつぐんだ) will begin activity on June 9th.

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2019-05-25 17:07:44 suji
HIZUMI (ex-D'espairsRay) new band "NUL." has formed

New band NUL. has formed on May 25th, which features the return of ex-D'ESPAIRSRAY vocalist HIZUMI.

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2019-05-13 20:00:00 Leo
Kanon (ex-An Cafe) new solo project & 1st single

Kanon (ex-AN CAFE (アンティック-珈琲店-)) announced his new solo project Yukimi daifuku no nakami ni naritai jinsei datta (雪見だいふくの中身になりたい人生だった) on May 12th.

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2019-05-12 14:00:36 Seraphim
New band: NICOLAS

New band NICOLAS (all ex-GOSSIP members) has formed

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2019-05-02 11:52:42 suji
New band: ZeroCre

New band ZeroCre has formed on May 1st. The band will hold their first live on May 28 at Shibuya REX as the opening act of HELLO..

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