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2018-05-12 09:42:15
European Tour and worldwide release for KAMIJO

Following his second full album Sang, KAMIJO will embark this fall on another European Tour! First tour dates are as follow:


2017-02-21 14:51:00
David in Paris + lineup theories

At the tail-end of their European tour, Versailles held their live at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, France on February 5th. Not only did the band end their tour there, but they ended it with a bang - specifically, a surprise appearance by none other than David himself!


2016-08-31 23:24:00
Lilith to revive

Lilith, who paused activities in January due to their drummer's illness, will revive in September!

2016-01-27 23:43:00
AVANCHICK vocalist NOAH involved in overseas rock project

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) vocalist NOAH will participate in American rock project Lightning Strikes, which features musicians related to KISS, Yngwie Malmsteen, and more.


2015-08-22 15:45:00
ARLEQUIN to hold “Asia tour”

ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) will participate in a short Asia tour, which appears to be organized by B.P.RECORDS.

2015-08-20 17:45:00
LIN World Visual Festival message video

Here's a message video recorded by LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) (with English subtitles!) in support of their upcoming [appearance at World Visual Festival][1]. It appears the video was recorded a while ago, though, as it features their old costumes...

2015-03-08 15:47:00
First video of Black Gene featuring SAN

Here's a preview of Black Gene For the Next Scene's Uragaeri (裏返り) PV―the first footage of the band since the joining of ex-NEGA guitarist SAN. I'm somewhat surprised that the guitars aren't emphasized at all in this portion of the song, but at least there's a tantalizing taste of a guitar solo from SAN at the end. What do you think?

2015-02-25 16:02:00
ex-NEGA guitarist SAN joins Black Gene For the Next Scene

Black Gene For the Next Scene has announced that ex-NEGA (and ex-the:Ø) guitarist SAN has officially joined! The band's first release with this new lineup is a 3 type maxi-single on 2015-04-22, Uragaeri (裏返り). The first live featuring SAN will be on 2015-03-01, and the group's oneman tour will start on 2015-04-29, with a tour final on 2015-07-11, at which an important announcement will be made and a new song will be freely distributed. Good luck BFN!


2014-09-04 21:22:00
Lilith new look and Halloween live

Lilith have debuted their new look, above. They've also announced their participation in the 2014-11-01 event, Halloween Party, featuring NIGHTMARE, MEJIBRAY, and Royz!

2014-05-23 00:22:00
carat joins CELL, others, in America

Cure magazine, Tune in Tokyo, Nameless Group, and XENON shop have teamed up for an event called VK FEST in Los Angeles, California, in the USA. CARAT (カラット) (カラット) vocalist Yuuji。 (ゆーじ。) and guitarist Nozomi (希) [ex-ClearVeil] will perform at the event, along with ANTI FEMINISM, vocalist Kon of CELL, and guitarist TOMO from THE RHEDORIC.

2014-03-19 18:33:00
LIN officially revealed and releases announced

As mentioned [last week][1], the second period of LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) features SUI, MIZALY, and YUSHI of Megaromania plus CERO of zechs (ゼクス-zechs-). Today, the band has been officially revealed, meaning we have a slew of releases and live details. Let's get to it!


2013-11-12 15:11:00
Full details of KISAKI and Sui in Taipei


2013-10-19 00:55:00

The organizers of this year's “KISAKI advent in Taipei” have announced that KISAKI will return! On 2014-01-11, he will appear at Taipei live house PIPE Live Music with the event C'est la vie ~REMAIN OF THE 20TH YEARS HISTORY~—this time featuring ex-Megaromania vocalist Sui and ex-VAGERKE band GLARD. Full details TBA on 2013-10-26!!

2013-06-10 16:32:00
LIN in Taiwan

KISAKI and LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) are heading to Taiwan in a few days. Check out their special event lineup below:


2012-08-27 14:36:00
LIN to hold first overseas oneman



2011-12-15 18:45:00
[Archived] [UPDATE] Megaromania European Tour

So, Astan has given to us the detail about the ticket sale!

2011-11-30 17:09:00
[Archived] megaromania europe tour dates

So, it seems like the first concerts have now finally been decided:16.3.2012 - France - Paris - TBA17.3.2012 - Germany - Bochum / Zeche19.3.2012 - Netherlands - Utrecht / Tivoli de Helling- more dates soonInfo from [Steff AstanMagazin][1]