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2019-02-06 21:29:17
Lineup change for SONIC DEATH MONKEY

SONIC DEATH MONKEY (ソニックデスモンキー)'s lineup will change:

2019-02-04 11:42:21
Lineup change for Develop One's Faculties

Develop One's Faculties's lineup has changed:

2019-02-04 08:57:29
Lineup change for Deviloof

Deviloof's lineup has changed:

2019-01-29 13:12:05
Lineup change for MUSHI NO IKI

MUSHI NO IKI (蟲の息)'s lineup has changed:

2019-01-27 07:59:06
Lineup change for Houts

Houts's lineup has changed:

2019-01-27 00:13:33
Lineup change for Kaitou Sentai NUSUMUNGER

Kaitou Sentai NUSUMUNGER (怪盗戦隊ヌスムンジャー)'s lineup has changed:

2019-01-23 09:55:49
Missa (not) new mini-album “Nanatsu no Taizai," joins Starwave, and self-cover mini-album

Missa (魅裟) will be re-releasing their first mini-album

2019-01-15 10:12:07
Lineup change for JE:NOVA

JE:NOVA's lineup has changed:


2018-12-31 12:40:24
Lineup change for Virge

Virge (ヴァージュ)'s lineup has changed:

2018-12-30 17:14:15
New drummer for MATENROU OPERA

Great news for MATENROU OPERA (摩天楼オペラ)'s fans, as of January 1st, Hibiki (who acted as support drummer since may 2018) will become an official member!

2018-12-26 14:16:46
Lineup change for JACK CAPER

JACK CAPER (ジャックケイパー)'s lineup has changed:

2018-12-21 09:50:46
Lineup change for Frantic EMIRY

Frantic EMIRY's lineup has change.

2018-12-20 19:28:28
Lineup change for ZEROGUMI

ZEROGUMI (ゼログミ)'s lineup has changed:

2018-12-20 19:26:09
Lineup change for Kagekui

Kagekui (影喰イ)'s lineup will change:

2018-12-10 11:13:05
Lineup change for VALDER

VALDER (VALDER-ヴァラディア-)'s lineup has changed:

2018-11-30 16:19:45
Lineup change for BEAST

BEAST's lineup will change:

2018-11-30 11:22:37
Lineup change for LAPLUS

LAPLUS's lineup has changed:

2018-11-29 11:47:57
Lineup change for JIGSAW

JIGSAW (ジグソウ)'s lineup has changed:

2018-11-28 09:58:30
Lineup change for -Shintenchikaibyaku Shuudan- ZIGZAG

-Shintenchikaibyaku Shuudan- ZIGZAG (-真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ)'s lineup will change:

2018-11-25 09:50:50
Lineup change for DISH

dishes are scheming's lineup will change:

2018-11-16 10:36:54
Lineup change for Munou na LUCID

Munou na LUCID (無能なルシッド)'s lineup has changed:

2018-11-05 08:21:37
Lineup change for HOLY TEMPTATION

HOLY TEMPTATION's lineup has changed:

2018-11-01 00:35:58
Tsunaga Re:ZERO has disbanded

Tsunaga Re:ZERO (繋がRe:ゼロ) seems to have disbanded on October 31st.

2018-10-28 01:36:32
Lineup change for Neverland

NEVERLAND's lineup will change:

2018-10-20 11:14:44
Lineup change for LIPHLICH

LIPHLICH's lineup will change:

2018-10-19 14:00:45
Lineup change for Arte Macchina

Arte Macchina's lineup has changed:

2018-10-16 12:57:55
DADAROMA's new mini-album, new look, + new drummer!

DADAROMA's lineup and look has changed:

2018-10-02 02:28:43

SIGMA MEMORIA (シグマメモリア) will put out a new mini-album.

2018-09-30 13:42:53
Lineup change for MORPHINE

MORPHINE (モルヒネ)'s lineup will change:

2018-09-30 13:14:58
FIXER will disband

FIXER will disband on January 30th.

2018-09-26 18:12:28
Lineup change for YUMELEEP

YUMELEEP (ユメリープ)'s lineup has changed:

2018-09-20 10:08:06
Lineup change for MATHILDA

MATHILDA (マチルダ)'s lineup has changed:

2018-07-02 10:29:27
Jupiter Announces New Single "Theory of Evolution" and New Vocalist Kuze has Joined

Earlier this year, Jupiter lost their vocalist after half of their core ex-Versailles members already seceded. Today, the band officially announced the details of their upcoming single, Theory of Evolution, as well as their new vocalist: Kuze.

2018-04-10 05:27:06
Yume×Kurai。 new look (+ two points)

Yume×Kurai。 (夢×喰らい。) unveiled a new look yesterday.

2018-04-01 05:25:15
MIRAGE announces another additional performance

As the title says, MIRAGE has announced another performance--hopefully they'll be even more active in the year to come!

2018-03-31 18:57:49
La'Veil MizeriA Samples Unveiled + "new" Member

Samples for La'veil MizeriA's new single Usubeni no Sou have been released, as well as a sample of their new music video.

2018-03-28 10:07:00
XA-VAT Have Returned

After 7 years of hiatus, the kooky synth pop icons have returned.

2018-03-18 09:57:28
UNDEUX loses contact with vocalist

Zettai Teki Shakai Futekigousha UNDEUX (絶対的社会不適合者 アンドゥー) has announced that their vocalist RIKU (裏喰) has refused contact with the band since the end of last month.

2018-03-01 11:14:47
LABAISER down a bassist, but gains new drummer

After having lost their previous drummer last summer, LABAISER (ラヴェーゼ)'s lineup continues to shake up.

2018-02-27 10:13:23
Two members of DALI to secede

Fukuoka-based DALI (ダリ) will lose two members in April.

2018-01-17 20:27:51
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi and Ren final(?) releases

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) and Sanada Ren (真田 廉) have announced their final(?) mail-order releases.


2017-12-31 21:12:19
Matina ALL STARS lineup announced

Session band Matina ALL STARS (魔帝那オールスターズ), which is slated to appear at the MIRAGE and Matina memorial event, has announced the last addition to its lineup:

2017-12-31 02:34:09
Lineup changes for Minus Jin-Say Orchestra

On March 4, bassist Ogawa Manjirou (小川万次郎) will re-join Minus Jin-Say Orchestra (マイナス人生オーケストラ).

2017-12-31 00:08:15
RENAME loses drummer

RENAME drummer zodd (ex-ZODIA (ゾディア), etc.) has seceded.

2017-12-02 14:09:07
Misaki joins Rizu, makes “visual idol” debut

As of December 1, new guitarist Misaki (美沙輝) has joined Rizu.

2017-12-01 17:40:17
llll-Ligro- revives

As of today, llll-Ligro-, an indie darling among Western vk fans, has revived.

2017-10-10 12:50:02
chariots member change, activity pause, and pseudonym

chariots will pause activities on November 23.

2017-08-10 10:41:22
NightingeiL oneman, new member

NightingeiL continues to “rebuild”, with the addition of a new member.

2017-07-26 13:13:00
Marco's "Seizonnoshirushi" samples released + 2 members will depart

Samples of MARCO (マルコ)'s latest mini-album, "Seizonnoshirushi" have been released!

2017-05-31 11:12:00
Insanity Injection Fires Chaos

On Twitter this morning, Insanity Injection announced that they have fired one of their vocalists, Chaos.

2017-03-08 17:47:00
David support members revealed

David appeared as the opening act at a live today, and hence his support members (at least for now) have been revealed:

2017-03-08 02:46:00
Support drummer Youichi will join Lucifer's underground

Support drummer Youichi (陽一), who has performed with Lucifer's underground since October 2016, will join the band at their 2nd anniversary oneman live on March 30! This comes as Butterfly syndrome, another band he does support for, will pause activities just a few days later.

2017-02-21 14:51:00
David in Paris + lineup theories

At the tail-end of their European tour, Versailles held their live at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, France on February 5th. Not only did the band end their tour there, but they ended it with a bang - specifically, a surprise appearance by none other than David himself!

2017-01-25 11:56:00
Paranoid≠circuS: new label, member, name, and release!

Paranoid≠circuS has joined a label, gained a new member, changed their name, and announced a new release!


2016-12-25 14:08:00
Paranoid≠circuS joins king zeebra

As of December 25, PARANOID≠CIRCUS has joined king zeebra.

2016-12-01 13:30:00
GIGAMOUS vocalist to secede

On 2017-03-31, vocalist Shiki (式) will secede and GIGAMOUS (ギガマウス) will pause activities.

2016-11-26 15:53:00
Insanity Injection loses a member

Insanity Injection has announced that guitarist GAGA (蛾々) will secede after their 2016-12-12 live at Ikebukuro (池袋) BlackHole.

2016-11-13 17:21:00
Lucifer's underground support drummer and session updates

A few updates to the Lucifer's underground session event on the 17th:

2016-10-31 11:58:00
Arte Macchina: lineup change and single

"Victorian steam caravan" band Arte Macchina has mentioned that they will release their first single sometime this winter.

2016-10-22 13:36:00
PISARRO: new look, release, member names, oneman, and event

PISARRO (ピサロ) held their free oneman live today, and made several important announcements!

2016-10-10 01:33:00
hurts and Lamina revive for one day! Plus Lucifer's lives

Yayy! In celebration of the birthday of Lucifer's underground guitarist Maki (真稀), his previous bands , hurts, and Lamina will hold a one-day revival!

2016-08-24 23:21:00
Affective Synergy new members and single

Affective Synergy (the solo project of ex-brodiaea and Lilith guitarist 凛-Lin-) has unveiled their new activity!

2016-07-02 12:01:00
Minus Jin-Say Orchestra to freeze

At today's live, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra (マイナス人生オーケストラ) announced that they will “freeze.”

2016-05-14 00:27:00
SAIKA (ex-the:Ø vo.) joins BLOOD STAIN CHILD

After short-lived band the:Ø had suddenly dissolved back in January 2015, it seemed unlikely that vocalist Saica (槐) would resume band activities. However, the latest band he's joined is quite a surprise.

2016-03-31 13:39:00
Lucifer's underground 3 new live-limited singles

Lucifer's underground held their oneman yesterday, at which drummer Atuki (亜月) seceded. Today, they've announced their first activities as a 4-member band.

2016-03-22 11:17:00
Jin to secede from SHAPE SHIFTER

Bassist Houjou Jin (北條 迅) will secede from SHAPE SHIFTER at their 2016-04-12 live at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA. After that, the band intends to continue with the remaining 4 members.

2016-02-08 12:41:00
Lucifer's underground drummer to secede at oneman

Lucifer's underground will hold their anniversary oneman on 2016-03-30 at Nagoya (名古屋) CLUB ROCK'N'ROLL―and drummer Atuki (亜月) will secede at that live.

2016-01-26 14:12:00
Gt. Nayu departs from Sherella + Sherella will go on hiatus?

As predicted [here][1], guitarist Nayu has departed from SHERELLA due to differences in band style and to devote to his activities in Ferris WheeL, since joining the band back in the beginning of January. Now, only vocalist Amu and bassist Shio remain in the band.

2016-01-01 02:42:00
Sherella gt. Nayu joins FerrisWheeL

For newbie band FerrisWheeL, made up of ex-Crishuna and ex-Crucifixion members, yet another ex-Crucifixion member is added to the mix - guitarist Nayu (なゆ), who is currently in the band, SHERELLA.


2015-12-31 15:45:00
Ren solo live and Mis†ake revival

Sanada Ren (真田 廉) (of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし)) has mentioned that Nanjou Riku (南條 戮) (of chariots) will appear at his 2016-01-11 solo live at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) JU-ZA.

2015-12-31 15:32:00
Mischievous new look and member

Mischievous has revealed their new look, and their new drummer, Hiiro (一彩)! (He's the one with red hair.)

2015-12-23 11:38:00
Mischievous second act

Mischievous “second act” (new lineup) will be revealed on 2016-01-01. From the teaser image, it appears that they will gain a fourth member―I wonder if Karen (火憐) [ex-SUZAKU (朱)] will join, since ALVION is disbanding...

2015-08-14 14:11:00
Dead Children unveils 'Black Lily' PV + new member

Dead Children has revealed their newest PV! Black Lily will be featured on their first mini-album, [Haunted Vox][1].

2015-08-07 14:40:00
[Quick update] Cecir (ex-E'm ~grief~) will NOT be participating in CERO (LIN) session

Cecir (ex-E'm ~grief~) will no longer be able to participate in Cero (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-))'s birthday event, Here's looking at me, kid VOL:2, this year due to family reasons. This also means he will not be able to perform on guitar for Cero's session band...(hope Cero finds a replacement!)

2015-07-11 14:48:00
Dead Children new support drummer

Dead Children's previous support drummer, Yuuho (ゆうほ), had his last live with the band on 2015-06-29. Today, the band has announced their next support drummer: 64 (pronounced Rosshii). You can see [his Twitter here][1], although he doesn't have any pictures up.

2015-07-08 08:46:00
GLARD new visual, member, and single

GLARD has recruited a new drummer, Sunny, and revealed their new look! It seems that they'll be going in a more visual direction🎶 The band, which will revive on 2015-07-13, has also announced their new single: [[Invisible]][1] will be released at their lives starting on the 16th. Check the preview below―what do you think of the new GLARD?

2015-06-30 07:42:00
Sherella drummer Sayo to depart

Looks like SHERELLA is having yet another change to their lineup...

2015-06-14 19:59:00
GLARD loses member and restarts

GLARD drummer Ryota seceded from the band on 2015-05-17. However, GLARD will restart on 2015-07-13 at the NOIZ sponsored event at ESAKA MUSE.

2015-05-28 14:13:00
AiM MaiM to end activities

AiM MaiM (期間限定project-曖ム昧ム-) will hold their 1 year anniversary sponsored event on 2015-06-26. Today, the band announced that drummer Ichiyo (一葉) will secede from the band at that live, and AiM MaiM (期間限定project-曖ム昧ム-) will end activities (disband).

2015-04-27 10:09:00
FOODED SEAL last support members and disbandment

Bad luck band FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) its last support member lineup (see below), which will begin performing on 2015-05-19 at Shibuya REX. The band will hold a sponsored event on 2015-07-04 (details TBA), and another on 2015-08-18―at which FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) will make an important announcement and disband.

2015-04-11 23:08:00
Sherella OHP renewed

SHERELLA's website has been renewed to reflect the secession of bassist Yu (ゆ), and to give some details about the band's “[story][1]”.

2015-04-02 04:53:00
Sherella bassist secedes

SHERELLA bassist Yuki (ゆき) [aka Yu/ゆ] has seceded from the band as of 2015-04-01. There appears to be no particular reason, besides difference in direction, and the band members are even hanging out with him still! I was hoping this was an April Fool's joke, but no dice... He was the reason I was most excited for this band―his writing was excellent in SUGAR FORKFUL (シュガーフォークフル). Oh well!

2015-03-31 06:07:00

, the long-running project of ex-DAS:VASSER vocalist KYOHEI, has announced that drummer YOU-YA (ex-La'Mule) is seceding. According to KYOHEI, the band will be adopting a heavier sound, and this change is the impetus for YOU-YA's secession.

2015-03-21 06:04:00
PENTAGON new single 「Shounen WALTZ」 details

PENTAGON (ペンタゴン) has announced the details for their upcoming single, [Shounen WALTZ][1], to be released on 2015-04-29. It will come in 3 types: A, with PV; B with bonus track; and C with alternate bonus track ([full details here][1]). The band's new look is above, and a preview of the PV is below. What do you think?

2015-03-15 12:53:00
REALies best albums + tour announced

REALies has announced their best album, /REALies/ 2011-2015, which will be released in two types on June 10th. [TYPE A][1] features single tracks and a PV collection, while [TYPE B][2] features B-sides―neither version features any new material. Furthermore, the band has announced their short Tokyo-Osaka-Nagoya sponsored event tour, EVERLASTING, and their “2man+1” to celebrate Ritsu's birthday, Chel's Birthday 2015.

2015-03-06 15:27:00
Mischievous event and release announced

Mischievous―the king zeebra band formerly known as ISORA (イソラ)―has announced details for the first of their three-month sponsored event campaign, Hana KusaRE Kinkakubyou ・ Hasshou (花腐レ菌核病・発症), to be held on 2015-04-28. The band also announced, at their recent tour final, that their first release has been planned. If I understood various tweets correctly, it seems that their first release will be a 2-song CD featuring DOGMA and /AZALEA/ (アザレア), although details have not yet been announced.

2015-03-05 14:32:00
News roundup 3/5

Here's some minor news:

2015-03-05 13:22:00

KARMA=SHENJING will freely distribute a 5 track CD at their upcoming live on 2015-03-20 at LIVE HOUSE D'. Unfortunately, the contents/details are unknown at this time :(

2015-03-03 16:03:00
ALVION distributed CD

ALVION will freely distribute a new song, LUV IMITATION, at their 2015-03-07 sponsored event at Umeda Zeela, FROM THE REVELATION NIGHT. The band has uploaded a preview of the new song, below:

2015-03-02 15:01:00
THE BLACK SWAN new PV and new single

THE BLACK SWAN has uploaded the full PV for their new song Ushinai (失い) from their [upcoming single][1]! They've also released a flyer which announces their 3rd maxi single, to be released sometime in summer 2015!

2015-02-25 16:02:00
ex-NEGA guitarist SAN joins Black Gene For the Next Scene

Black Gene For the Next Scene has announced that ex-NEGA (and ex-the:Ø) guitarist SAN has officially joined! The band's first release with this new lineup is a 3 type maxi-single on 2015-04-22, Uragaeri (裏返り). The first live featuring SAN will be on 2015-03-01, and the group's oneman tour will start on 2015-04-29, with a tour final on 2015-07-11, at which an important announcement will be made and a new song will be freely distributed. Good luck BFN!

2015-02-17 16:12:00
MASKED RIDER SYSTEM new image and single

MASKED RIDER SYSTEM have revealed their new artist photo today―the first with new bassist KOZI (ex-Suicide Ali). The band will release their new single in May of this year, but details have yet to be announced.

2015-02-16 08:34:00

FUTURISM・BOYZ has revealed their first official photography since the joining of new vocalist shall (ex-Vior gloire). Check it out, above! You can see their older photos at their [biography section][1].

2015-02-01 09:51:00
AVANCHICK guitarist has been decided

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック), who have been [searching since November][1], have decided on their new guitarist! The new member will be revealed at their 2015-03-21 oneman.

2015-01-31 17:35:00
NEOLOGI support members and distributed item

NEOLOGI (ネオロジ) has lined up support musicians for its 2015-02-18 and 2015-03-11 lives. The band has also announced that it will distribute a new song, [Queen][1], at its 2015-03-11 live.

2015-01-31 11:29:00
FUTURISM・BOYZ oneman announced!!

FUTURISM・BOYZ will hold a 2015-04-05 oneman in celebration of the joining of new vocalist shall (シャル)! Good luck boys! I hope a release is somewhere on the horizon.

2015-01-24 05:52:00
Ray session band update

The drummer has been revealed for Ray's session band on 2015-02-13, Kuromikado (黒御門):

2015-01-18 14:41:00
FOODED SEAL down to one

At their 2015-01-18 live, bad luck band FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) has announced the secondary guitarist maNa and bassist MEL have seceded from the band. Furthermore, support drummer Verry has ended support. This leaves vocalist Masami (雅美) as the only member―despite this, he still has two FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) lives planned in the future.

2015-01-07 13:03:00
Lucifer's underground members officially join

[As assumed][1], Lucifer's underground has announced that all support members have officially joined as of 2015-01-08. The band will consider the release date of its mini-album _[Fujitsu na UMBRELLA][2], 2015-03-04, as its official activity start date.

2015-01-04 12:28:00
ALVION mini-album and ex-SUZAKU drummer joins

ALVION (ex-GRIEVER and Synside new band) has announced that support drummer KAREN (カレン) [ex-SUZAKU (朱)] officially joined on 2015-01-01! Furthermore, the band will release their first mini-album, [REVELATION][1], on 2015-03-04, and hold their sponsored event on 2015-03-07.

2015-01-03 23:16:00
Neologic temporarily changing name

NEOLOGI (ネオロジ) is temporarily changing their name to ネオロジ (NEOLOGI (ネオロジ)), until they can [hopefully] find new members and restart activities some time in 2015. In the mean time, they are searching for a guitarist, bassist, and drummer.


2014-12-14 05:08:00
SUI session lineup change

LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) vocalist SUI will hold his birthday event on 2015-01-23, and his session band, PSYCHOSONIC SHAKE, will appear. However, a change has been made to the lineup. The new lineup is:

2014-12-09 01:25:00
MASKED RIDER SYSTEM live distributed demo and member loss

MASKED RIDER SYSTEM will freely distribute their new song, Helter Skelter (prototype), demo version through their goods tables at lives beginning on 2014-12-16. A CM for the new song can be viewed below:

2014-12-04 14:47:00
KARMA=SHENJING limited revival!

KARMA=SHENJING has announced their temporary revival!! (And has changed the notation of their name, which was previously “Karma-Shenjing”.) If you don't remember, KARMA=SHENJING was a band that was produced by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION for a short time, which played Chinese-influenced music that was heavy on synthesizer. Though a small band, they achieved some success and played in America several times.

2014-12-04 14:30:00
Minor news roundup 12/4

2014-11-24 10:24:00
shall joins FUTURISM・BOYZ

ex-Vior gloire vocalist shall (シャル) has officially joined FUTURISM・BOYZ as of 2014-11-23!

2014-11-18 22:41:00
Neologic bassist to secede

NEOLOGI (ネオロジ) (ex-Syndrome, zechs (ゼクス-zechs-), etc.) bassist yuki has announced that he will secede at their 2014-12-30 live, due to his differing ideas. It appears that remaining two members pami. and Asami will continue for the time being, with the intention of formally starting activities some time in the future.

2014-11-18 13:03:00
FOODED SEAL loses guitarist and drummer

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) has announced that guitarist Keeta (けーた) and drummer Yuuki (ゆうき) have seceded from the band, due to differences in musical taste. The band will continue with 3 members on 2015-01-18.

2014-11-18 12:01:00
AiM MaiM guitarist on temporary leave

AiM MaiM (期間限定project-曖ム昧ム-) has announced that, due to his obligations with school work, guitarist HARUKA (ハルカ) will be temporarily leaving the band beginning immediately. ex-SUZAKU (朱) Hazuki (葉月) will act as support guitarist at AiM MaiM (期間限定project-曖ム昧ム-)'s 2014-12-16 live, and other support guitarists will be announced in the future.

2014-10-21 06:17:00
AVANCHICK guitarist secedes, and more

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) guitarist YOSHITO (ヨシタ) [the ex-SAINTIA one] seceded from the band on 2014-10-15, due to his inability to reach goals and failure to attend meetings and rehearsals.

2014-10-12 02:19:00
MASKED RIDER SYSTEM lineup change and release details

MASKED RIDER SYSTEM has lost members Shio (ex-HISKAREA) and PEPA, but has gained bassist Mikoto (ex-Vallquar) and zodd (ex-ZODIA (ゾディア))! Details of their first single, [Kairai][1] (傀儡) have also been revealed.

2014-09-03 01:39:00
FUTURISM・BOYZ vocalist CO- officially secedes

FUTURISM・BOYZ has finally made an official announcement regarding vocalist CO-: he has officially seceded from the band as of 2014-09-02.

2014-08-26 12:23:00
AiM MaiM lineup changed

AiM MaiM (期間限定project-曖ム昧ム-) has changed their lineup as of 2014-08-20. Former support guitarist Haruka has officially joined, and former guitarist Natsume Sakutarou has switched to bassist. Drummer Ichiyo joined previously and vocalist Edogawa Itsuki remains.

2014-08-26 11:30:00
ISORA officially gains vocalist

, who had been using support members all year long, finally has an official vocalist!! 砂希-saki-, who previously support vocalist while in the band Delia, has officially joined (Since guitarist ciel was recently fired, that still leaves the band as a 3 member unit.) Check out their first official photo above.

2014-08-05 23:51:00
FOODED SEAL new look and first release?

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) announced their [new lineup][1] the other day. Now, they've released their official group photo (above), changed their logo, and opened their [new OHP][2] (.net instead of .com).

2014-08-02 02:22:00
FOODED SEAL new lineup

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール)'s new lineup has been preliminarily revealed:

2014-08-02 02:15:00
ISORA guitarist fired

Seems that ISORA (イソラ) is a “bad luck band” too. Guitarist 空-ciel [missed a live][1] recently due to his acute sickness. After that, he had informed the members that he would need to be hospitalized longer. However, he stopped contact with the members days after that―and so they've fired him.

2014-07-31 14:09:00
Oneness guitarist DAI returns

You might remember, ONENESS (ワンネス) guitarist DAI [disappeared from the other members][1] last month. ONENESS (ワンネス) has announced that DAI will return to the band on 2014-08-03 at their instore event.

2014-07-20 22:07:00
FOODED SEAL working toward revival

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) new guitarist MaNa has opened his Twitter ([@gt_arrow][1]), and has mentioned that this is his first visual band! Luckily, he seems to be enjoying it so far.

2014-07-15 13:23:00
AiM MaiM member addition and name change

Limited-time project [AiM MaiM (期間限定project-曖ム昧ム-) (曖ム昧ム)][1] has officially added drummer Ichiyo (一葉) [ex-tomodachi (トモダチ)] to its lineup. The band has also changed its official name to Kikangentei project-AiM MaiM (期間限定project-曖ム昧ム-)- (期間限定project-曖ム昧ム-).

2014-06-18 19:35:00
FOODED SEAL future member and member activities

It seems that a new guitarist, maNa, will soon join FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) (フーデッドシール). In the meantime, current and ex members are busy with sessions and support gigs:

2014-06-02 04:18:00
FOODED SEAL sponsored event

As you know, FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) (フーデッドシール) will [lose all remaining members][1], except for vocalist Masami (雅美). Despite that, the band has announced its sponsored event in celebration of Masami's birthday!

2014-05-22 22:53:00
ISORA photo, event, and distributed CD

ISORA (イソラ) has revealed their official photo, their next sponsored event, a distributed CD, and their latest support members. Check below for the details!

2014-05-14 00:20:00
THE BLACK SWAN members formally revealed, release announced

THE BLACK SWAN formally announced its lineup on Sunday; as [speculated previously][1], it features ex-Vior gloire bassist RENA along with other relatively unknown musicians.

2014-04-26 10:37:00
FUTURISM・BOYZ twoman featuring shall

FUTURISM・BOYZ will hold their twoman live vs DancingMOGA on 2014-07-20 at Abiko (あびこ) BEAT IN. Vocalist CO- will not appear―instead, ex-Vior gloire shall (シャル) will act as the band's guest vocalist!

2014-04-26 01:20:00
PLACEBO second period announced

PLACEBO (プラセボ) (プラセボ)―the band produced by ex-NEGA bassist Ray and belonging to his Licht Entertainment label―has announced their second period featuring a full 5-member lineup!

2014-03-30 22:17:00
MonoLog disbands

MonoLog―new band of ex-Synside guitarist kikyo, which featured ex-SUZAKU (朱) (朱) drummer Karen (火憐) as support―has disbanded as of 2014-03-31 due members' inability to agree on activities for 2014. The members state that they planned to announce it during their 2014-03-23 live, but it was cancelled due to the vocalist's temporary hearing loss, so they had no choice but to announce it today via their blogs.

2014-03-29 23:52:00
News roundup 3/29

Latest minor news, featuring FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール), ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), Lilith, Pami。, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし):

2014-03-27 18:00:00
ISORA vocalist fired

Before even holding their first live, ISORA (イソラ) has fired vocalist Syuuya (秋夜). The following events occurred:

2014-03-19 18:33:00
LIN officially revealed and releases announced

As mentioned [last week][1], the second period of LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) features SUI, MIZALY, and YUSHI of Megaromania plus CERO of zechs (ゼクス-zechs-). Today, the band has been officially revealed, meaning we have a slew of releases and live details. Let's get to it!

2014-03-14 21:57:00
Second period LIN new lineup

[![]( (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-).png)]( (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)-new-lineup/)

2014-03-14 03:42:00
The new drummer of LIN is...

So, I happen to know the new lineup of 2nd period LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-). But! I would feel bad posting it before KISAKI makes his official announcement on March 20th... So, I thought we'd play a game: each day I'll reveal another member, leading up to the full reveal on the 20th. Sound good? Let's start:

2014-03-09 21:14:00
LIN second chapter teased

![](/uploads/2014-03-09-LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-).png)

2014-02-08 01:23:00
Minor updates 2/8

Some minor updates featuring GOTCHAROCKA, Syndrome, ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) (アルルカン), CARAT (カラット) (カラット), ONENESS (ワンネス), and hurts:

2014-02-08 01:11:00
FOODED SEAL new support and event

Since guitarist KaoL announced his secession from FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) (フーデッドシール), ex-LiLiCAL guitarist Rei (零) has announced that he will join as support guitarist on 2014-02-15. FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) will perform their two lives before then as a 4-member unit. FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) has also announced their sponsored event:

2014-01-31 12:25:00

2014-01-27 02:12:00
FOODED SEAL guitarist to leave

2014-01-08 02:17:00
2 Gatsu 22 Nichi details forming

Prototype band 2-gatsu 22-nichi, Sekai wa Bokura wo Shiru. (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。) (2がつ22にち、せかいほぼくらをしる。) has released details for the live which is foretold by their name: oneman live Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will be held on 2014-02-22 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) LIVE HOUSE D'.


2013-12-28 10:25:00
2 Gatsu 22 Nichi bits

A few updates on 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。):

2013-11-30 14:00:00
2 Gatsu 22 Nichi member updates

2013-11-12 13:09:00
FOODED SEAL's bad luck

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) (フーデッドシール), new band of ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) drummer Sami (沙美), has had some bad luck, despite only just forming! In a post called “the bad luck band”, Sami (沙美) has mentioned that he has suffered food poisoning, drummer Sayuki (さゆき) dropped his phone in water, and guitarist KaoL has broken his foot and can't perform with the band for at least a month!

2013-02-19 11:36:00
Cu[be] whole at last oneman

2013-01-08 05:32:00
More bad news for LIN


2012-08-11 12:46:00

2012-06-28 16:18:00
CELL lineup revealed


2011-12-02 13:25:00
SUZAKU new member information

UNDER CODE has revealed the birth dates and BLOOD types of the new 朱 (SUZAKU (朱)) members... They're both from Envus! So SUZAKU (朱) is basically /Envus./2. (Guitarist 葉月-hazuki- is the only non-/Envus./member; he's originally from AIKARYU.)

2011-12-01 02:29:00
SUZAKU revival

SUZAKU has published their revival photos! Remember, bassist 絆-kizuna- and drummer 火憐-karen- are new to the band. SUZAKU (朱) will hold their revival oneman, 鳳凰天舞 (Houou Hirai), on 2012-01-21 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) CLAPPER.![][1][![]( (朱)-profile.png)]( (朱)-profile.png)L→R: V. 樹-ituki-, G. 鴉-karasu-, G. 葉月-hazuki-, B. 絆-kizuna-, B. 火憐-karen-

2011-06-05 19:10:00
[Archived] SUZAKU's bassist hospitalized

朱 (SUZAKU (朱)) bassist 時雨 (Shigure) was hospitalized on Friday due to a sudden illness. At the UNITED LINK for JAPAN VOL:2 live yesterday, guitarist 鴉 (Karasu) acted as bassist, and a support member will be found for future lives.

2011-05-20 13:46:00
[Archived] Vior gloire release, event, costume weirdness

Thanks to ViSULOG, we finally have some official announcements regarding Vior gloire! The band has announced its first release, its first live/sponsored event, and its first oneman. But let's start with their first official photo!


2010-01-08 13:07:00
[Archived] Megaromania News

The album announcement is a few days old, but the reason behind it isn't...


2009-11-30 12:31:00
[Archived] Bad News for chariots

秋都 (Akito), 知 (Tomo), 絽希 (Roki), and 零也 (Reiya) are leaving chariots. That's right, 戮 (Riku) will be the only remaining member. The band's final tour with the current lineup, carnage opera, will take place from 2010-02-14 to 2010-02-27 throughout Japan.