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2020-10-26 23:25:00 Ryu
RAKUGAKI will stop activity.

RAKUGAKI will stop their activity on December 13th. Also on this day the band will hold their ONEMAN 「ラクガキは爆発だ!! (Rakugaki wa bakuhatsuda! !)」 at Ikebukuro BlackHole.

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2020-10-24 12:44:50 Alkaloid
HELLO. will disband

After having paused activities on March 16, HELLO. will disband on December 28th.

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2020-10-23 11:03:40 yukino
CHAOS MODE new CD: “DEMO + LIVE BOOT1989 from cassette tape”

CHAOS MODE will release a new CD.

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2020-10-20 11:11:42 Seraphim
JIGA will disband

JIGA (自我-ジガ-) will disband on December 5th.

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2020-10-09 09:18:37 cherrylng
NEVERLAND will disband

NEVERLAND will disband on March 2021.

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2020-09-30 14:54:25 Seraphim
CULA new full album: “Kemurikon” + Pausing Activities Before Year End

CULA will release a new full album before pausing activities.

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2020-09-10 23:57:50 Seraphim
THE VELVET will disband + last maxi-single: “BLACK STAR”

THE VELVET announced that they will be disbanding on November 16th.

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2020-09-08 13:30:35 cherrylng
BAROQUE goes into indefinite hiatus

On September 8th, BAROQUE released an announcement on Twitter and their official website that they are going into indefinite hiatus, with Ryo (怜) having announced the decision that he is retiring from musical activities.

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2020-09-07 12:04:47 Seraphim
Toy Circus will disband

Toy Circus (トイサーカス) will disband on November 19th.

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2020-09-01 16:27:48 NiKolasLTS
MAMIRETA will go on indefinite hiatus

MAMIRETA has announced that the band will go on indefinite hiatus after their 3 night shows. Started the 01/09 & ending the 03/09

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2020-09-01 01:27:19 NiKolasLTS
LAMIYA will disband

LAMIYA (ラミヤ) will disband on October 31st.

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2020-08-20 07:08:07 cherrylng
NAZARE will disband

NAZARE will disband on January 11th, 2021 after their final live at Shibuya WWW X.

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2020-08-15 11:45:12 cherrylng
Aaaa has disbanded

Aaaa (ああああ) has disbanded on August 15th.

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