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disbandment/revival のニュース

2021-06-23 22:08:00 haru
℃ellsius paused activities

℃ellsius announced that they have paused their activities on June 23rd.

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2021-06-20 00:57:00 Ryu
COPIBAN will disband

COPIBAN (コピバン) will disband on August 27th.

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2021-06-14 21:41:00 haru
MeltyFate will disband

MeltyFate will disband on their first ONEMAN 「Eternal Rainbow」 on October 7th.

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2021-06-08 01:34:00 525252
ANKH will disband

ANKH will disband on July 25th.

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2021-05-25 23:01:00 haru
VISAGE has disbanded

VISAGE has disbanded on May 25th.

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2021-05-22 01:14:00 haru
ROMAN Kyuko will disband

ROMAN Kyuko (ロマン急行) has announced that they will disband.

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2021-05-14 00:07:00 haru
Dr.Labbit will disband

Dr.Labbit will disband on August 6th.

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2021-05-01 13:08:13 haru
Bye²regret will disband

Bye²regret (バイバイリグレット) will disband on May 21st.

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2021-05-01 13:05:50 haru
SCAPEGOAT will disband

SCAPEGOAT will disband on December 1st after 12 years of activities.

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2021-04-26 11:01:48 haru
DOGMAS will disband

DOGMAS will disband on June 17th.

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2021-04-25 13:23:08 Ryu
Quatre VICE went on hiatus

On April 25th Quatre VICE has decided to put their activity on a break in order to regroup.

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2021-04-20 11:04:40 haru
AIOLIN will disband

AIOLIN (アイオリン) will disband on July 23rd.

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2021-04-16 03:32:00 Alkaloid
NEOscience will disband

NEOscience will disband on May 27th.

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2021-04-11 11:03:14 haru
Gozen Reiji。 has disbanded

Gozen Reiji。 (午前零時。) has disbanded on April 11th.

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