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disbandment/revival のニュース

2020-08-01 13:16:59 Alkaloid
GREED will go on indefinite hiatus

GREED will go on indefinite hiatus on September 6th.

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2020-08-01 11:36:31 Alkaloid
ABOO has disbanded

ABOO has disbanded on July 31st.

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2020-07-26 10:03:49 Ryu
NOCTILUCA will disband, last single release & livestream.

NOCTILUCA just announced that they will disband on August 22nd, and on that they they will hold a ONEMAN show which people can attend but also can view online via twitcast.

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2020-07-21 13:11:36 suji
Sunawachi Saga。 goes on activity pause

After a perhaps messy 2019, Sunawachi Saga。 (即ち性。) has paused activities indefinitely on July 19th.

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2020-06-29 14:03:30 suji
RIMCAT will disband

RIMCAT (リムキャット) will disband on September 28th.

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2020-06-07 12:17:50 Alkaloid
GLIA has disbanded

GLIA (ジリア) has disbanded on June 7th.

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2020-05-22 16:44:48 Ryu
Session band inThe will disband

inThe will disband on August 12th.

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2020-05-13 10:43:18 Alkaloid
POIDOL will disband + new digital single

POIDOL will disband on November 29th. To celebrate their career, they will be holding a last oneman tour starting in August.

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2020-04-27 12:31:16 Alkaloid
LUCIFER will disband

LUCIFER will disband on September 17th.

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2020-04-03 12:39:36 Alkaloid
GELNICA has disbanded

GELNICA has disbanded on April 3rd.

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