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State of vkgy 8/27

Phantasmagoria Collection Album Canceled?

Hello hello! Here are the latest major changes around vkgy:

New and updated features

  • Avatars: design your custom vk avatar on your [account page](), and it will appear in comments. More options to come.
  • Discord: join vkgy at Discord for discussions about the site and information research. Features an exclusive channel for VIP members (contact me if you're a VIP member and need access).
  • Main page redesigned: fits more information, is easier to use, works better on mobile, and features Patreon supporters.
  • Artist/release tags updated: additional artist tags added, artist tags now browsable, list of all in-use tags on main page.
  • Code base using git: behind-the-scenes upgrade that makes code easier to maintain and more secure.
  • Additional release options: venues/formats options added to release pages, per user request.
  • Search page refresh: search results should be closer to expected behavior. Advanced artist search added. Musicians can be searched by position, per user request.
  • Live schedule improvements: data cleaned up and code refreshed; will make future improvements easier, and increase quality of live schedule data.
  • Added scroll-to-top per user request.
  • Updated artist list: artists per page reduced, but should be faster. Implemented artist quick jump.

Bug fixes, etc.

  • Various bugs have been fixed, and error-causing issues repaired.
  • Rendering speed on main page increased.
  • Loading and rendering speed on artist list increased.
  • Minor security improvements.
  • Mp3tag integration was failing for certain users; this has been fixed.

Social media

Note: please contact me if you'd like to help with any social media accounts.


  • vkgy is on Patreon!
  • If you enjoy the site, you can help it keep running by contributing any amount. All contributors receive a special mention on the main page.
  • $5/month grants VIP privileges (see below), and $15/month grants VIP privileges + advertising spot on the main page.
  • Early pledgers of $5/month or more receive a large, die-cut vkgy logo sticker. Sold Out!

VIP membership

  • Badge beside username.
  • Feature on main page.
  • View all images at full size, without watermarks.
  • Full access to development log.
  • Priority when suggesting features.
  • Exclusive mini-forum and Discord channel.
  • Early access to new features.
  • And more.

How to contribute

  • If you'd like to contribute to vkgy, please make an account first. All users have the ability to comment on artists/releases/news, so feel free to point out corrections or additional information.
  • All users can tag artists/releases.
  • All users can add/edit releases.
  • If you would like permission to add/edit artists, please contact me (see social media section).
  • I want you want to help with social media or some other aspect of the site, contact me and we can look into it.

I just want to point out that a lot of these updates are due to user suggestions, so please feel free to give feedback at any time. More improvements to come.

As always, many thanks to all Patreon supporters, contributors, and visitors.


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As always thanks for your great work! I don't work next week, so I'm planning on using that time to add tons of releases and lives! 🎉

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