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-Aika- new lyric video: “DAMAGE A-306=D-106 (Ver.2019)” VALDER has disbanded

SIGMA MEMORIA new maxi-single: “Fairy Tale”

SIGMA MEMORIA (シグマメモリア) will release a new maxi-single.

Fairy Tale will be released on August 7th. It will feature 3 new songs, but further details are TBD.


  1. (unknown track)(unknown track)
  2. (unknown track)(unknown track)
  3. (unknown track)(unknown track)

The band recently announced a series of events to celebrate the members' birthdays. Bassist RAI (ライ) and guitarist SHIRO (シロ) will hold a birthday oneman on June 29th; a oneman to celebrate the birthday of vocalist LABI (ラビ) will be held on July 15th; and another oneman for guitarist Aoya (蒼夜) and support drummer Jun (じゅん) will be held on August 31st.

Finally, the band's 1 year anniversary oneman, Fairy Tale Landscape, will be held on August 18th.

Here's their last PV, from their NEOPHILIA mini-album:


  1. PARADIGM SHIFTパラダイムシフト
  2. TriggerTrigger
  3. FadeFade
  4. NeophiliaNeophilia
  5. Toumei Hanabi透明花火
  6. Hyakkaryouran百花繚乱
  7. IRISアイリス


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