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LAVANS new release “「Re:LIAR」” DARRELL new release “DEVIL’Z”

Phobia one-night revival (featuring ex-Kagerou Members)

Phobia will be holding a one-night revival on July 5th.

It appears that this show is more of a session band, as the only original member will be Kisui and they're being called "Un Phobia," but the lineup he's acquired is pretty neat. Take a look:

V: Kisui (ex-Phobia, KISUI PROJECT (KISUIプロジェクト))

G: 龍 (ex-DOREMIDAN (ドレミ團))

G: ユアナ (ex-Kagerou (蜉蝣))

B: 喰耶 (ex-Kagerou (蜉蝣))

D: 桐 (currently in heidi.)

Un Phobia will be performing at Shinjuku Ruido K4, along side heidi., UMIYURI (ウミユリ), and most notably, The Chickenhat Timers (?).



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I love Kisui, plz come back 😪

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LAVANS new release “「Re:LIAR」” DARRELL new release “DEVIL’Z”