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Lineup change for Develop One's Faculties

Develop One's Faculties's lineup has changed:

Bassist detto has seceded on February 4th.

Lineup change for Deviloof

Deviloof's lineup has changed:

Gu. Aisaku and Dr. Kanta have officially joined on February 1st.

MATENROU OPERA new full album “Human Dignity”

MATENROU OPERA (摩天楼オペラ) will put out a new full album.

Human Dignity will be released on February 27th.


  1. Human DignityHuman Dignity
  2. Dead by DaybreakDead by Daybreak
  3. Invisible ChaosInvisible Chaos
  6. SacrificeSacrifice
  7. Hako no Soko no MUSIC箱の底のMUSIC
  8. actoractor
  9. CeeCee
  10. Mishiranu Senaka見知らぬ背中
  12. The WORLDThe WORLD

Deviloof new full album “Oni”

Deviloof will put out a new full album.

Oni () will be released on May 22nd.


  1. (TBA)(TBA)

Venelli. new single “Masquerade”

Venelli. will put out a new single!

Masquerade will be released on May 8th. A spot for one of their upcoming new songs has been unveiled:

The band will also hold their release commemoration event, "Welcome to My Masquerade" at Nagoya Music Farm on May 11.


  1. (to be announced)(to be announced)

DARIAN MARIAN has disbanded

DARIAN MARIAN has disbanded on February 1st.

New band: Hueye + Debut Single 「Yasashiku Koroshite」

A new band, Hueye, will begin activity on March 27th. They used to go by the name Chinsuikeikaku-seaman- (沈水計画-海男- ) as a session, and after opening and playing with both Mamireta (まみれた) and KRAD, they are unsurprisingly now signed to Punch Records.

Hueye will also be releasing their first single as soon as they start activities. 「Yasashiku Koroshite」 (「優しく殺して」) will contain 3 tracks and cost 1,500 yen.


  1. 「Yasashiku Koroshite」「優しく殺して」
  2. IN SACRIFICEイン・サクリファイス
  3. Yatagarasu八咫烏

Hueye are:


GRIMOIRE new mini-album “Novel Fantasia”

GRIMOIRE will put out a new mini-album.

Novel Fantasia (ノベルファンタジア) will be released on February 26th.


  1. Revival Journeyリバイバルジャーニー
  2. Tsuki no Kakeraつきのかけら
  3. Pinkyピンキー
  4. Ichibun no Ichiいちぶんのいち
  5. Goodnight Pixieグッドナイトピクシー
  6. Sayonora Prologueさよならプロローグ
  7. ??????????????????

YUMELEEP new mini-album “Makuro MATTER”

YUMELEEP (ユメリープ) will put out a new mini-album.

Makuro MATTER (まくろまたー) will be released on March 27th.

The PV spot for their song, "Yumekuiemesan" (ゆめくいめえさん) (which is a re-recording of the same song from their first single, Utsutsu MATTER (うつつまたー)) can be viewed below:


  1. Hoshi no uma reta kuniほしのうまれたくに
  2. O hoshi-sa maba buba buおほしさまばぶばぶ
  3. Hoshi no Okosamaほしのおこさま
  4. Makuro no Oshiroまくろのおしろ
  5. Hakoniwa Yozorandoはこにわよぞらんど
  6. Yumekuiemesan (Makuro ver.)ゆめくいめえさん(まくろVer.)

Avilis new release “Beginning”

Avilis will put out a new release.

Beginning will be released on April 1st.


  1. BeginningBeginning
  3. AnotherAnother
  4. DVD
  5. Beginning MVBeginning MV