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Matina event revealed: Matina ALL STARS(?!), MIRAGE burial(?!), KISAKI retirement(??) and new company(?!)

More details of the Matina memorial live have been announced (a little earlier than originally planned!):

Event details (MIRAGE and Matina ALL STARS)

The “MIRAGE & Matina 20TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR” memorial event, BURIAL OF EPISODE-TOKYO-, will be held at Shinjuku (新宿) BLAZE on 2018-03-31.

As expected, MIRAGE will appear. Original members AKIRA, YAYOI, and KISAKI will be joined by VANIRU drummer Matarou (魔太朗) and―surprisingly―SHAZNA guitarist A.O.I.

A partially-announced session band, Matina ALL STARS (魔帝那オールスターズ), will feature DOUT (ダウト) vocalist Kouki (幸樹) [ex-/Mist of Rouge], More bassist Enya Tomoyuki (塩谷 朋之) [ex-Mist of Rouge], and †я i ¢к drummer TERO (テロ) [ex-VIDOLL], all of whom were Matina musicians. (Guitarists TBA.)

The cast is rounded out by bands with strong relationships to KISAKI, many of which MIRAGE/Matina were active with. And lastly, a large session will perform.


Premium tickets, which include an original t-shirt, will be sold for 8,000 yen via the official web shop from 2017-10-07 through 2017-10-29. Regular tickets cost 4,800 yen.

All attendees will receive an unspecified memorial good (possibly a sticker, or something like that), after all bands have played.



  • 【V. AKIRA / G. YAYOI / B. KISAKI / Support G. A.O.I / D. Matarou】
  • 覇叉羅
  • KING
  • Kra
  • Matina ALL STARS (魔帝那 ALL STARS)
  • 【V. Kouki (幸樹) / B. Enya Tomoyuki (塩谷 朋之) / D. TERO (テロ)】
  • (large session)

MIRAGE “burial”

Interestingly, a MIRAGE flyer advertising the event has been produced, and the flyer features the word “burial” (埋葬) in large characters. Normally I'd assume this was simply an aesthetic choice, but the official press release accompanying the flyer specifically calls it out―so the phrase “burial” has some larger meaning for the event.

Also note that MIRAGE has a new logo...

(Just conjecture on my part, but I'm guessing 2018 will be a “burial year” wherein they perform a few times and then never revive again.)

KISAKI “retirement”

The official press release for the event features a blurb about KISAKI's activity:

2016年3月20日、凛の解散を境に、KISAKIは表舞台のみならず音楽業界からぶっつりと姿を消してしまった。正確に語るなら、友情出演、ゲスト出演という名のもとKISAKI SESSION BAND/KISAKI PROJECT feat.Hitomiとして短いライブを2本だけ。でも今でも友人バンドや仲間たちとの交流は今も続けている。それでも、自ら表舞台へ戻ることは明確な理由がない限り頑なに拒否してきた。


The gist of it, if I understand correctly (and please correct me if I'm wrong), is that: he's withdrawing the word “retire” (eg. he's no longer officially retired), but he can no longer continue the cycle of form/disband/form/disband; in the future, he will only appear on stage if it's really important to him.

New company...?

Officially, the memorial event is being sponsored by KISAKI himself, rather than a record label. But! Tickets for the event will be on sale through the web shop of a previously-unknown company: LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP.

And funnily enough... if you go to the company's web shop at http://lorelei-entertainment.com, they're currently selling KISAKI and LIN items.

So [again, conjecture] it would seem that LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is a new company founded by KISAKI. I wouldn't jump on the hype train and assume it's a new music label, but hopefully he'll at least become more involved behind the scenes in VK again.

DEVIL KITTY resumes activity (+ new label fuckery?)

DEVIL KITTY will resume activity!

If you recall, the band paused activity on 2017-08-13 due to guitarist Akina being on doctor-ordered bed rest following a stroke. The band cancelled most (but not all) of their lives through December, and postponed their new single (and the plans for PV shooting live for that single).

Today, the band announced that they will resume activity with a oneman on December 20th―although they're still not sure if Akina will be able to return by that time. Their restart oneman, 「-Fushichou-」~Tate, Tatsunda Akina!!~ (「-不死鳥-」~立て、立つんだAkina!!~), will be held at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU.

OK. Now bear with me:

When DEVIL KITTY announced their activity pause, I wondered if there might be some record label fuckery going on behind the scenes. Now that they've announced their revival, I'm pretty sure I was [partially] right.

Just as a refresher, back in June the band “rebirthed” and seemingly joined record label FORUM (aka 株式会社フォーラム). This was significant because FORUM (and its sublabel WHITE SIDE GROUP) is home to popular act MEJIBRAY.

Then in August, the band announced their pause due to Akina's health issues. As expected, they cancelled several lives through December and postponed their upcoming single (all off which were sponsored by FORUM). However! Lives that weren't sponsored by FORUM were conspicuously not cancelled―as in, even though they were “pausing activities,” they were only pausing FORUM-related activities and continuing everything else.

So my thinking at the time was this: I'm sure they're not lying or exaggerating about Akina's health issues, but they would provide the perfect cover for leaving FORUM.

Cut to today, when they announced their revival: their revival live is sponsored by a company I'd never heard of: PUNCH RECORDS. When searching for information about the company, the only other thing I found was that they're sponsoring a live on October 4th―Otokochishin (音故知新) at Ikebukuro (池袋) BlackHole―which DEVIL KITTY will participate in!

So it seemed cut and dry: DEVIL KITTY used Akina's health issues as an excuse to leave FORUM and join PUNCH RECORDS. Buuuuut here's where it gets weirder:

PUNCH RECORDS is sponsoring a live on December 3rd―Yukiame Amai~snow drop~ (雪雨甘飴~snow drop~) at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA―which will celebrate the birthdays of two members of the band KRAD. Interestingly, KRAD will also perform at the October 4th PUNCH RECORDS event. So, just conjecture, but it seems that both KRAD and DEVIL KITTY are signed to PUNCH RECORDS.

But what's even more interesting is that KRAD just announced a best album, which will be published by... FORUM!

So at this moment in time―and again, this is just conjecture on my part―it seems that PUNCH RECORDS is a newly-formed sublabel of FORUM, probably made for “smaller” acts, and that DEVIL KITTY's lives/releases with FORUM were cancelled so that they could officially be shuffled to the new sublabel. I'm not sure why they would do that, but it's the only thing that makes sense to me.

Note that Gyakushuu no Jisakujienya。 (逆襲の自作自演屋。) released a CD through FORUM in July, so I wonder if they'll be associated with PUNCH RECORDS soon.

Feel free to comment if you have any corrections or further insight!

D new limited mini-album and live DVD

D announced a new mini-album and live DVD today!

Their new mini-album, Orokashii Ryu no Yume (愚かしい竜の夢), will be sold at lives and through the band's official web shop beginning on October 27th (pre-orders accepted starting today). Two types will be available: limited edition with 5 songs + PV and making DVD; and normal edition with 6 songs + instrumental version of title track. Both types will include 1 random trading card, of 6 possible.

A live DVD of their Wonderland Savior ~Tsuki no Haguruma~ (Wonderland Savior ~月の歯車~) tour final on 2017-01-27 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY will also be released on October 27th (again, live and web shop limited, with pre-orders starting today). In addition to the full live, it will include a tour documentary and all CG movies from Wonderland Savior (which played during lives).

Those who purchase either the live DVD or both types of the mini-album will be allowed to participate in either an “outstore” talk and cheki-shooting event, or in a live event.

Those who opt to participate in the live will be allowed to shake the members' hands after, and will further receive a privilege directly from the band. Customers who purchased both types of the mini-album will receive a “Dragon's Blood” dragon stone pendant topper, while those who purchased the live DVD will receive a “Kaiou Kujirajima Kameke Kaihin Yumeju Koujou Shainshou (海王鯨島 亀毛海浜夢珠工場社員証)” (worker's ID card).

The band's national “outstore” event tour will take place at the following locations:

  • 11/2 Yokohama (横浜) CIRCUS
  • 11/5 Niigata (新潟) community space 6 studio
  • 11/9 Nagoya Sakae (名古屋 栄) FAMILIA
  • 11/11 Kyobashi (京橋) BERONICA
  • 11/14 Okayama (岡山) Wood Box
  • 11/16 Fukuoka (福岡) DRUM Be-1
  • 11/18 Hiroshima (広島) Bad Lands
  • 11/21 HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3 (HEAVEN'S ROCK さいたま新都心 VJ-3)
  • 11/23 Sendai (仙台) Nota Blanca
  • 11/26 Sapporo (札幌) MULTI SPACE F (マルチスペースF)
  • 12/1 Kanazawa (金沢) AZ G STUDIO (AZ Gスタジオ)
  • 12/3 Tokyo (東京) Aoyama EDITION (青山 EDITION)
  • 12/5 Tokyo (東京) Nakano ZERO Chi ShouHALL (なかのZERO 小ホール)

Their oneman tour Orokashii Ryu no Yume (愚かしい竜の夢) will begin on November 1st and end on December 4th at TSUTAYA O-EAST.

KISAKI's announcement: memorial live

At 21:00 JST, KISAKI made an announcement:

A memorial live for MIRAGE and Matina, in commemoration of their 20th anniversary, will be held!

BURIAL OF EPISODE-TOKYO- will be held on 2018-03-31. More details will be released on 2017-10-01 at midnight JST.

Kibouya Honpo “reopens”

Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A successor band, Kibouya Hompo has suddenly announced that they will “reopen”!

The band, Kibouya Honpo (キボウ屋本舗) [which translates to something like “Hope Shop”], will officially “reopen” (revive) at the 2017-11-05 event, THE ELECT HORROR PICTURE SHOW special scenes, at Tokyo KINEMA Club (東京キネマ倶楽部).

The band's official Twitter is describing them as a “phantom shop of living dolls” that will “open shop on a whim,” which IMO means they'll be limiting their activity. Further details (lineup, etc) are as yet undisclosed.


David webshop, "Wizard Store" opens!

David’s official webshop, "Wizard Store” has opened!

Before we dig into any goodies, here’s the basic rundown on the shop:

  • they currently don’t ship overseas :(
  • first shipment will be on Halloween (10/31)
  • items will be shipped 7 days after purchase

Current goods listed on the site:

  • Requiemage (1620 yen) - special preorder bonus will be a personalized cheki of Sui with YOUR name on it! This offer will only be available from Sept 9~Sept 29, so make your reservation quickly!
  • Muffler towel (2500 yen)
  • Sui photoset (4 photos, 1000 yen) - features all the promo pics we’ve seen of David, plus an unreleased photo ;)
  • erina (David support Gt, ex-TRIGGAH, Dio) solo CD, “CREATURE” (1000 yen)

New GOEMON Records Band - POIDOL

A new band has been added to GOEMON Records' roster: POIDOL !

What's interesting about them is that we still don't know much about them. The only reason their existance was first known was because GOEMON Records created a press release stating that they were looking for a drummer for a new band. Who doesn't love a good vkei mystery?!

To add to the hype, the band released a teaser single at various CD stores (BrandX, ClosetChild, Like an Edison, etc) that contained two tracks. The face of the CD also revealed some details about the band's first live performance, which will be on October 15th along side bands like UnitE., ARLEQUIN, PENTAGON, and more. They seem to be off to a big start, so I have high hopes for them.


  1. Yoruna Yoruna BAKA wo Miru

Additionally, they released a lyric video for one of their free songs. You can check that out here:

David changes OHP

David has changed its OHP from chateau-agency.com/david/ to david.syncl.jp/.

This basically confirms that David's new label, Resonance, has nothing to do with Chateau Agency (not that anybody is surprised).

David's official web shop, Wizard Store, will officially open on 2017-09-09.

David first single, "Requiemage" details

David (ex-Megaromania SUI) has finally revealed the details of its first single, Requiemage!

The 3-track single will be released on 2017-11-01 through SUI's own label, Resonance, for 1,620 yen.


  1. Mage
  2. Prologue
  3. Blood -reason for existence-

"Requiemage" is a made-up word which refers to the magical ability to freely manipulate the spirits of the dead, which SUI will apparently do with his "unwavering vocalisation."

(...It's through the power of the Requiemage that the soul of Megaromania could be pulled out and resurrected for one night...)

Privileges for the single have been announced:

  • TOWER RECORDS - badge keyholder A
  • HMV - badge keyholder B
  • Brand X - comment DVD + instore
  • Like an Edison - signed 2L-size photo A + instore
  • little HEARTS. - signed 2L-size photo B
  • fiveStars - signed B2-size poster
  • Jishuban Club - signed B2-size poster
  • CDJapan - L-size live photo
  • Resonance official web shop - TBA 9/1

The Brand X instore will include a candlelit talk(?) and 2shot cheki session, while the Like an Edison instore will feature an acoustic mini live and sign session. Both will be held on 11/25.

David will hold a sponsored event, Requiemage Show, on 2017-10-23 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) CLUB PHASE, along with chariots, SAVAGE, and Amaterasu (天照). Each band will play for 40 minutes.

Megaromania one-day revival!!

Yesterday, Misery tweeted that he would have a special announcement at 6pm on August 21. That announcement has been made today - no new band yet, but a beloved old band will be reviving!

As announced by both Sui and Misery, Megaromania will be having a one-day revival at their oneman show, "Megaromania MEMORIAL ONE MAN LIVE Re:Birth of Creation -天地創造-" (Re:Birth of Creation -tenchi souzou-) at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE on November 11!! Only the second lineup with drummer Yushi will perform~

I was expecting Misery to announce a new band of some sort, but this is great too!! As Megaromania was my gateway to visual kei, I'm happy to see them coming back, even for just one day! That also brings me to wonder, will original drummer Leda take part? It's unlikely, but his session performance is just a few weeks prior to Megaromania's revival live...coincidence much?