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New Releases Playlist - July 2021

New Releases Playlist - July 2021

This month's featured artist is: i.D.A !

The new releases playlist for July is now available for streaming. It contains new music, as well as music newly added to the platform. These lists get updated as more items come out or are discovered, so expect more content to come in the future!

Cover art was done by the wonderful ♥️

Thus far, we have entries from: GE+IM, Schizophrenica (スキゾフレニカ), MIMIZUQ, mod A, DEXCORE, SEESAW, PENICILLIN, The Brow Beat, KAKUMAY, JIRUDORE (ジルドレ), heidi., Kyoso DOPPEL (狂想ドッペル), Sakashimana Haguruma wo Kamen ga Warau. (逆しまな歯車を仮面が嗤う。), XANVALA, Sennou Tokyo (洗脳Tokyo) , KAMIJO , BUCK-TICK, and more!

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New Releases Playlist - July 2021

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You can also find MISUI and Kebyo on Spotify now, and they both have a brand new release.

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Both of them don't have their latest singles on the platform (in the US, at least) but I will include them once they're out :)

In Misui's case, their latest upload is Kokyuu, and for Kebyo their latest release is Kuruu. It is not uncommon for artists to release stuff digitally a-week-to-a-month later, probably so they can maximize physical sales first.