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Rasen two new new singles “Nightmare” + “Kyou (狂)” SONIC DEATH MONKEY will disband

Kanon (ex-An Cafe) new solo project & 1st single

Kanon (ex-AN CAFE (アンティック-珈琲店-)) announced his new solo project Yukimi daifuku no nakami ni naritai jinsei datta (雪見だいふくの中身になりたい人生だった) on May 12th.

His first single 閉塞はコスモ (Heisoku wa kosumo) will be released on may 31st, and available to purchase here:

You can find all details on his first single here:


  1. Hatsunetsu moratoriamu発熱モラトリアム
  2. Dead ≠ Wonder Nightデッド≠ワンダーナイト
  3. Hatsunetsu moratoriamu閉塞前線
  4. Hatsunetsu moratoriamu (instrument)発熱モラトリアム (instrument)
  5. Dead ≠ Wonder Night (instrument)デッド≠ワンダーナイト (instrument)
  6. Hatsunetsu moratoriamu (instrument)閉塞前線 (instrument)

  • Ba. Kanon (カノン) [ex-AN CAFE (アンティック-珈琲店-)]


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