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MUCC new live-limited single "99"

MUCC new live-limited single "99"

MUCC will release a new live-limited single.

99 will be released on June 9th at the start of their next tour, "MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR 「Timeless」~Shion (志恩)・Kyuutai (球体)~". This tour features songs from both Shion (志恩) and Kyuutai (球体) albums.

According to Visunavi, everything about this single keeps both of these albums in mind from the atmosphere of the new song to the aesthetic direction of the album art. Their writeup also notes that their new promotional picture is purposefully monochrome to contrast from the vibrant costumes used for their Houyoku (鵬翼)・Gokusai (極彩) tour.

99 will contain a new song + a karaoke version, as well as live recordings from the band's performance at Mito LIGHT HOUSE April 16th of this year.

MUCC's 25th anniversary activities will continue on throughout the year, including a coupling tour with NIGHTMARE (ナイトメア) in August, and a tour themed around the KARMA (カルマ) and SHANGRI-LA (シャングリラ) albums in the fall. Details for those tours will be added to their profile.

  1. 99
  2. 99 (Original Karaoke)
  3. Tonan no Houyoku (図南の鵬翼)
  4. Kagayaku Sekai (輝く世界)
  5. SARU (サル)
  6. Shadan (遮断)
  7. Akasen (赤線)
  8. Saishuu ressha (最終列車)
  9. Mukashi Kodomo Datta Hitotachi e (昔子供だった人達へ)
  10. Tonbi ()
  11. Kataribe no Uta (語り部の詩)
  12. Ame no orchestra (雨のオーケストラ)
  13. Komorebi (こもれび)
  14. Utagoe (謡声)
  15. MONSTER (モンスター)
  16. KOKORO NO NAI MACHI (ココロノナイマチ)



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