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GE+IM No Longer Working Under MST Project Călătorie new single “WALK ~through the life~”

MORRIE new full album “Hikaru Kouya”

MORRIE will put out a new full album.

Hikaru Kouya (光る曠野) will be released on April 19th.


    DISC #1
  1. Junketsu no Shiro純潔の城
  2. Danger GameDanger Game
  3. Moonlight Babyムーンライト・ベイビー
  4. Angelic NightAngelic Night
  5. Hikaru Kouya光る曠野
  6. CrusaderCrusader
  7. Kasoke Meikyou幽明鏡
  8. Phantom LakePhantom Lake
  9. Melancholia IIIMelancholia III
  10. Shinzui神髄
  11. Into My EyesInto My Eyes
  12. DISC #2
  13. Into My Eyes (Black Tree Version)Into My Eyes (Black Tree Version)
  14. Junketsu no Shiro (Instrumental)純潔の城 (Instrumental)
  15. Danger Game (Instrumental)Danger Game (Instrumental)
  16. Moonlight Baby (Instrumental)ムーンライト・ベイビー (Instrumental)
  17. Angelic Night (Instrumental)Angelic Night (Instrumental)
  18. Hikaru Kouya (Instrumental)光る曠野 (Instrumental)
  19. Crusader (Instrumental)Crusader (Instrumental)
  20. Kasoke Meikyou (Instrumental)幽明鏡 (Instrumental)
  21. Phantom Lake (Instrumental)Phantom Lake (Instrumental)
  22. Melancholia III (Instrumental)Melancholia III (Instrumental)
  23. Shinzui (Instrumental)神髄 (Instrumental)
  24. Into My Eyes (Instrumental)Into My Eyes (Instrumental)


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2019-04-13 20:57:37
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I had the chance to listen to this already, it's a wonderful more album by MORRIE.

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2019-04-13 22:57:03
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I can't wait to hear this! I wish I could hear his distributed CDs too.

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