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MIRAGE releases demotape

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MIRAGE will release a new(ish) demotape.

From March 3rd, KISAKI will temporarily re-open his LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP web shop. Those who purchase certain items will receive the newly released third press of the MIRAGE’s first demotape.

Kounin Kaizokuban #1 (公認海賊盤#1) was originally released in 1997, and had a second press soon after. This new version is completely remastered, and further includes an unspecified bonus track.

The new version also features a new jacket, which was designed by vocalist AKIRA. Three types exist: green jacket, purple jacket, and red jacket. In total, the release is limited to 100 copies.


KISAKI will also appear in the latest issues of VR-Virtual Reality- and Vijittoke, in support of Michiru (未散).

His session band will appear at the L∞p・Ash RECORDS last event in July.


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MIRAGE releases demotape

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I'm intrigued but not sure if I trust this. I really don't have good luck with bonuses from any of Kisaki's webshops.

MIRAGE releases demotape

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I'm really intrigued for that bonus track, but in the jacket says that the vocalist is TOMO, so the bonus track is not sung by AKIRA. Hope listening this "new" idea of remastering of KISAKI.

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That was what I was thinking.