David's "Requiemage" brings forth -Another Edition-

MIRAGE event loses Kra

Ashley (アシュリー) are Disbanding

's appearance at the March 31st MIRAGE and Matina memorial event has been cancelled.

No specific reason for the cancellation has been given, except that it was “at the organizer's discretion” (主催者側の都合). And since KISAKI is the organizer, I guess it was his decision.

No clue why he would have cancelled their appearance, unless this is a weird Japanese social thing where they pulled out but the blame has to be on him (e.g. maybe they hadn't paid attention to his scandals in previous years, and pulled out as soon as they caught up lol).

Tbh it was weird that they were appearing in the first place; at least the bands have some sort of established history with MIRAGE.


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