THE BLACK SWAN new image and RUVISH preview

Minor news roundup 1/7

Terakoya (THE BLACK SWAN) label tour

Happy New Year! Some minor news:

  • PENTAGON (ペンタゴン) is the back cover artist for freepaper FIVESTARS MAGAZINE this month. (GIGAMOUS (ギガマウス) is also featured.)

  • GOEMON RECORDS will hold its label tour, Daimyougyouretsu 2016 (大名行列2016), on 2016-05-05 at ebisu LIQUIDROOM through 2016-05-29 at Nagoya (名古屋) ElectricLadyLand.

  • ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) has a new t-shirt design.

  • Vasalla (覇叉羅) × WITH SEXY one-day-revival live DVD, Film of LOVE INSANE, is finally being shipped. It was supposed to have shipped on 2015-12-10, but was delayed due to an error in manufacturing.

  • PINOCCHIO (ピノキオ), the new solo project of ex-ClearVeil guitarist , will feature the following support members:

  • 2016-02-02
  • 【V. & G. Amamiya Ryuto / G. DAI [ex-ONENESS (ワンネス)] / B. Kakeru (翔) / D. Siyu (詩悠) [ex-Nobady]】
  • 2016-02-22
  • 【V. & G. Amamiya Ryuto / G. DAI [ex-ONENESS (ワンネス)] / (others)】
  • 2016-02-25
  • 【V. & G. Amamiya Ryuto / G. RomeO. (ろみヲ.) [ex-ONE★STAR] / B. Azuki (梓姫) [ex-A'LETZA] / D. YANCY. [ex-ONE★STAR]】

  • NEOLOGI (ネオロジ)'s maxi-single, DD, has been delayed from 2016-01-27 to 2016-02-09, due to manufacturing delays. (That's happened a lot recently, huh?)

  • KISAKI (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)) is the cover artist of POPUNITED Vol.103.


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