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Michiru PROJECT (未散プロジェクト) new digital collection album

Michiru PROJECT (未散プロジェクト) new digital collection album

After nearly 20 years, Michiru PROJECT (未散プロジェクト) have released a new collection album!

Fuuin no Zanzou+Hiai no Kakera+Rakuen no Tanjou (Edited) ( 封印の残像+悲哀の破片+楽園の誕生 (Edited) ) is the solo project's first release since 2004. While there are no new tracks on it, the collection allows for the majority of their works to be made digitally for the first time.

The collection album is the combination of their last 3 episodic releases ("Dai xx Wa" numbers 2 through 4). While there are 9 tracks listed, the last track is actually 2 songs put together.

This release is actually the second L∞p・Ash RECORDS-related artist being made available for streaming. Earlier in April, Aioria's full-length album also made it way to subscription services. While both examples have only been Michiru-related bands, it is cool to see that releases traditionally gated to physical medium-only become available for new generations.

Michiru PROJECT未散プロジェクトFuuin no Zanzou+Hiai no Kakera+Rakuen no Tanjou (Edited)封印の残像+悲哀の破片+楽園の誕生 (Edited)
  1. -4℃
  2. Shikisai Moyou (色彩模様)
  3. Shito no Michibiki (使徒の導き)
  4. Konpeki no Keshou (紺碧の結晶)
  5. Fuyu Kare (冬枯れ)
  6. Hyakuya-Rinne Tenseiー (百夜-輪廻転生ー)
  7. Kuchizuke (接吻)
  8. Sei≠Shi (生≠死)
  9. Rakuen no Tobira~Mujuryoku (楽園の扉~夢柔力)


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