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Ashmaze. new live DVD: “ENTRANCE” BIS will disband
Mero officially joins REIREI + new digital single “CLIMAX CITY NAGOYA”

Mero officially joins REIREI + new digital single “CLIMAX CITY NAGOYA”

Ryu Ryu
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Guitarist Mero has joined reirei (麗麗-reirei-) officially and the band will release a new digital single!

At the end of January this year, guitarist MERO originally started as a support member for reirei (麗麗-reirei-). And for today on August 19th, it is confirmed that he has officially joined the band as their fifth member.

Vocalist Kurea (紅愛) and guitarist Ryoji (近藤りょーじ) and bass Gin (銀) wrote a longer twitter message to tell their gratitude about it which is also translated below.

Besides Mero finally joining reirei (麗麗-reirei-), the band will also release a new digital single. Titled "CLIMAX CITY NAGOYA", the single will be released on September 17th, which will be distributed via TuneCore! The jacket is yet to be created so please check back later to check the beautiful jacket out!

  2. Nagoya ni Korosareru (名古屋に殺される)

VOCALS: Kurea (紅愛)

First of all, congratulations to our 13th anniversary of reirei (麗麗-reirei-) !

With this, we welcome a new member, new costumes, and with this fresh start we're going forward with all our heart! (The overall announcement is like that...) but... I would like to tell you a little bit more about the process of welcoming our new member Mero.

Before Mero joined us, he already had a long relationship with us in reirei (麗麗-reirei-), as he is also doing KureMero (クレメロ) together with me so he is someone who has performed together with me a lot. With that said, he feels like a cute junior who you can trust. Besides supporting reirei (麗麗-reirei-), he also supports other senior bands to arrange music for them, which makes him an excellent multi-player who doesn't compromise anything when it comes to music. That's why we had no intention before of him becoming a full member even if he would continue to support reirei (麗麗-reirei-) . Also, Mero is still young and we wanted him to live his band life freely, where his talents can be used elsewhere and have whatever choices he would make for his future. I always told him "You should not join reirei (麗麗-reirei-)."

And yet, in his own way, he had gained a lot of experience. Even though he could have chosen a number of paths for his own future, I continued to receive the words (Maybe use "I continued to hear from him telling me) "Please let me play together with reirei (麗麗-reirei-) ". If he is willing to bet his life on a band that has been together for 13 years with a big vision for the future, then you should go for it! And as a leader I'm going to pull it all out of him. Everyone, please welcome him warmly!

No matter how many years you've been in the band, the moment always shines at its peak. Yet reirei (麗麗-reirei-) still goes on!reirei (麗麗-reirei-) is a five-member band and we will definitely show you a great future, so be sure to follow alongside us so that you won't miss the ride at all!

Thank you for your continued support!

GUITAR Ryoji (近藤りょーじ)

Mero's existence means a lot to me. To me, he is like a teacher as I had a hard time listening to the people around me in terms of music and advice. Mero is also an colleague who encourages me when I'm feeling down or lost, telling me that our fans come to see the funny Ryoji. Mero is a wonderful junior who always cares for and supports me.

When Mero joined us as a support member, I and the other members never asked him "Why don't you join reirei (麗麗-reirei-) ?". I didn't want him to dislike us, because for 13 years he rode on reirei (麗麗-reirei-) 's shoulders to become a full member. So when he finally said ""I want to join reirei (麗麗-reirei-) "", I really felt happy that he carried the same dream.

For about a year or so, I was able to grow as a guitarist by working together with Mero and of course I dreamed of playing twin-guitars together (with him). I even saw a vision of us pursuing our dreams as reirei (麗麗-reirei-) together...

With Kurea's powerful singing, my entertainment, Gin's brutal and crazy bass, Imina's back-pushing drumming and Mero's knowledge and technique to back it up, reirei (麗麗-reirei-) who has reached its 13th anniversary runs with these five members.

First of all, I would like to do my best on our FREE ONEMAN goal on December 14th at E.L.L. Please come and see how the five of us will break down our first all on that day!

With this brand new start, I'm looking forward to your continued support of REIREI and Mero.

BASS Gin (銀)

Mero has joined reirei (麗麗-reirei-) !!

Because of various decisions I've decided to switch from guitar to bass, so the guitar position had been vacant for many years. But I knew that I could trust Mero-chan to be the guitarist for reirei (麗麗-reirei-) !

This is why during our live shows Mero-chan wasn't really acting as a support guitarist but more as the actual guitarist of reirei (麗麗-reirei-) .

And finally it's decided that he wants to join us! So I'm going power up my own poor skills from now on too! ★

I'm not really good in speaking, so I'll leave it like this, I'm looking forward to your continued support for the new REIREI.


I've officially joined reirei (麗麗-reirei-), I've been supporting reirei (麗麗-reirei-) (as a guitarist) for over a year now.

While I was spending time together with reirei (麗麗-reirei-), it made me think and feel "I wanna follow the same dream as these people, I wanna chase after them."

When I met reirei (麗麗-reirei-), they were my senior and now I've turned into their best friend who are letting me walk next to them.

To walk the path as Mero of REIREI, I'm looking forward to your support!

DRUMS Imina (諱)

The new reirei (麗麗-reirei-) artist photo looks a little bit different than our previous photos. At our 13th anniversary, Mero joined us at this milestone to work on a fresh start, so please continue to support us.

We will give a little bit glamor to everyone's bangya-life, so please push us forward and continue to follow us!

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  • reirei new digital single: “RAIMEI”
  • REIREI new digital EP: “Kaiun GOLDRUSH”
  • REIREI & NETH PRIERE CAIN couple single: “KINIRO no JESUS”


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Ashmaze. new live DVD: “ENTRANCE” BIS will disband