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Lineup change for HOLY TEMPTATION Vexent new full album collection “CHAIN”

MEIDARA new mini-album “(Details TBA)”

MEIDARA will put out a new mini-album.

(Details TBA) will be released on January 16th. They have not yet announced anything else about this new release.


  1. Kirai鬼来
  2. KISOU TENGAIキソウテンガイ
  3. NOROIノロイ
  4. Konton Onigokko混沌鬼ごっこ
  5. Shimensoka四面楚歌
  6. Tenya Wanyaてんやわんや
  7. Suisen水仙

Additionally, the band has announced several upcoming live events, such as their second anniversary one-man on May 2nd.


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