3 New Singles for Mamireta

MARCO new single, "Tasogare Sunshade" release

State of vkgy 8/27

Only a month after the release of their first album, LALALA, back in April, MARCO (マルコ) have announced a new single!

Tasogare Sunshade (黄昏サンシェイド), their first official single release since "Henjin Kikou" from last year, will be released on August 29 and will include 2 new songs for the price of 1,200 yen. Check out the short sample below:


  1. Tasogare SUNSHADE黄昏サンシェイド
  2. Zensha no Koshin善者の行進

The single's release will also be followed by a tour that will run throughout September:

  • 2018.09.03 Sendai (仙台) SPACE ZERO

  • 2018.09.04 Niigata (新潟) club riverst

  • 2018.09.10 Nagoya (名古屋) GLOW

  • 2018.09.11 Osaka (大阪) Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) JUZA

  • 2018.09.16 Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA (tour final)

MARCO will also distribute another single at their tour final on September 16; details are yet unknown, other than that the song will be the first to be composed by bassist Shunsuke (俊亮).


  1. Boku ga boku janaku naru hi僕が僕じゃなくなる日

Purchase privileges for those who preorder the single:

  • Like an Edison - comment & LIVE DVD (Yutodoroki (夕轟))

  • little HEARTS - comment & LIVE DVD (Katametsuburi (片目瞑り))

  • ZEAL LINK - comment & LIVE DVD (Tensei Roman (転生浪漫))

  • Crosscat - comment & LIVE DVD (Kakusan Hōsō Kinshi Goroku (拡散放送禁止語録))

  • Jishuban Club - comment & LIVE DVD (Iroha Uta (いろは唄))

  • Puresound - comment & LIVE DVD (Haikei Egoism (拝啓エゴイズム))

  • Neowing - unreleased artist photos


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