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Live report of PENICILLIN's first ever no audience livestreamed live!

Live report of PENICILLIN's first ever no audience livestreamed live!

This is a live report about PENICILLIN's first ever livestreamed show without an audience for their drummer O-JIRO's birthday celebration "Tonosama GIG"!

PENICILLIN's annual one-man show "Tonosama GIG" is held around PENICILLIN's drummer O-Jiro's birthday. Nowadays, many bands hold a birthday celebration for their members as an annual event, but PENICILLIN was the first band in the Visual-kei world to hold a "Birthdays Party", and it was "Tonosama GIG" to celebrate O-Jiro's birthday.

This year will be the 24th annual event for the "Tonosama GIG". Every year they have celebrated O-Jiro's birthday with his fans, but this year, due to the effects of the corona crisis, the event was held on Sunday, September 13th, without the audience and was done via livestream. To my delight, the event was delivered in two parts: a "live" concert and a "birthday ceremony" talk corner. As the members are very good at talking, they entertained us not only with their live performances but also with their conversations. Now I would like to tell you about the live performance of the day.

Chisato's guitar roared out to "Too young to die!" Chisato put her feet on the monitor and performed in a forward stance. The members were trying to stir up the audience, but O-Jiro was supporting them with his usual precise beat. Chisato and O-Jiro showed their camera-conscious stage presence, while HAKUEI stood firm on the stage and showed his heroic appearance.

O-Jiro's drumming produced strong beats and the song "REALXXX" started. O-Jiro's violent beat made the audience feel excited. Chisato stuck out his tongue and played the guitar to provoke the audience. Singing "Stronger, deeper, and lovelier inside you", HAKUEI skillfully adjusted the volume of his emotions to show both the aggressive attitude and the sadness in his face. The next song "Sei・MARIAN HURRICANE" showed the openness of the audience to let their hearts go. As the band played with their radiant performance and HAKUEI's voice resonating in a cool posture, I found myself spreading my arms wide open and feeling the wind of the song as I flapped my wings with them through the vast sky in my mind.

The next song that they performed was "C-section". The heat rising from inside of their hearts was gradually building up and exploded in the chorus. They showed their shifting emotions through their ups and downs in their performances and their singing voice with rich emotional amplitude. O-Jiro's beat became a dramatic paintbrush, and the ups and downs of the music was also very attractive to the ears.

Chisato's guitar layered on top of O-Jiro's tight drum performance, and the song moved into "Kokoro", with O-Jiro's supple beat, the feelings gradually rising to the surface. The song is gorgeous yet warm. The lyrics, which spell out feelings for familiar but important people as big scale words, soak into the heart. As I touched the music that gently filled my mind and body, my body was shaking in a comfortable way.

PENICILLIN projected various mental images in the minds of the audience as they played each song with different expressions. Chisato's guitar solo was the bridge to the song "Tsumetai Kaze". As the title suggests, the song reminds you of the cold wind in your body. Touching the wistful voice of HAKUEI as she sings about her beloved who cannot be erased forever, I couldn't help but feel the same pain. I wanted to be with her voice as she sang with heartbreakingly sad feelings, and I wanted to be immersed in the same painful feelings.

Next, they performed "Kyuuketsuki", a familiar song for anyone attending a "Tonosama GIG" show. HAKUEI's voice was filled with warmth and a sense of release. HAKUEI led those who touched her into a gorgeous ballroom, stepping alongside her as she gently bit into the nape of the audience's neck. The stimulation of the performance was both liberating and comforting, and at some point the feeling melted away.

With O-Jiro's drum performance as a bridge, the song went into "Coup d'Etat Club" as if to paint over and over with fascinating colors. HAKUEI sang bewitchingly and provocatively to his singing voice with power in spite of its glamour, and the three musicians painted over the dangerous scent. HAKUEI came down to the floor and threw himself in front of the camera and threw a kiss. HAKUEI and Chisato invited the audience through the screen and encouraged them. As Chisato showed many movements that made the audience look at the camera, she tried to make the audience enjoy the live on line. The song was "SAMURAI BOY". The members turned on the switch in their raging hearts once again and showed their aggressive appearance as if to create a frenzy. Chisato played a passionate guitar solo. Each stroke of O-JIRO's raging guitar solo made my body tingle with excitement.

HAKUEI introduced today's set list that O-JIRO had made. On this day, it was mainly O-Jiro's compositional numbers. The next song was "99-Banme no Yoru", the first single composed by O-Jiro. the song started to bounce with the momentum. Every time I touched the mellow chorus, my heart would be shaken every time I touched the tear-jerking song. This sweet and sour feeling was irresistible. Chisato sang "99-Banme no Yoru" in a provocative voice. O-Jiro's drumming urged the front of the band. The dazzlingly violent yet sensual world of this song almost drowned my mind.

The passionate and furious song "Inazuma" was thrust into the audience as if to tell them to ramp it up more and more, and Penicillin started to heat up the audience in front of the camera. HAKUEI turned away from the camera and raised his voice, while Chisato's guitar ripped out emotionally charged phrases. O-Jiro's aggressive but stable beat supported the riotousness of the song. HAKUEI threw the KISS casually at the break before the big chorus, which was sexy and cool and made me want to scream.

PENICILLIN's final hit of "SEX" was to play more passionately with each person watching on the other end of the screen and to climax together, as HAKUEI and Chisato passionately challenged the people on the other end of the camera. He went down to the floor again and shouted dangerous words in front of the camera. He went down to the floor and shouted dangerous words in front of the camera. The hot excitement is just like PENICILLIN, isn't it?

In the second part of the show, they started the talk corner titled "Birthday Ceremony" to celebrate O-Jiro's birthday. Led by the song "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", four members including the support bassist Chiyu went on stage. After the birthday cake ceremony as usual, the members talked freely.

Chisato, who held a big cake in his hand, gave a pun: "The market (keiki) for this cake (keiki) sure is good.". And O-Jiro told the audience about the reason for the song selection and how he felt about the live: "We wanted to make the setlist fun and exciting for everyone, so it was fun to be able to play today".

Lastly, PENICILLIN has announced that they will hold Chisato's birthday celebration "ROCK x ROCK" live on October 4th. Chisato said about the day of his birthday, "My personal camera will be right here (in front of me) the whole time". Hearing those words, O-Jiro quickly said "I might even swoon at the server", which was a great move. I'm looking forward to next month's live webcast (as well as an archive broadcast)!

PHOTO:コザイリサ (Kozairisa)
Translation: DEEPL
Editing in English: Cherry

PENICILLIN O-JIRO BIRTHDAY LIVE「とのさまGIG 2020」~Tonosama GIG~ September 13, 2020 \


Support Bass:Chiyu (


PENICILLIN Official YouTube Channel


「Too young to die!」
"Kokoro" 「心」
"Tsumetai Kaze" 「冷たい風」
"Kyuuketsuki" 「吸血鬼」
"Coup d'etat club" 「クーデタークラブ」
"99-Banme no Yoru" 「99番目の夜」
"Inazuma" 「イナズマ」
"BD Ceremony ~ Talk Corner" 「BDセレモニー~トークコーナー」




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