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Lineup change for The Ghost inside of Me

Lineup change for The Ghost inside of Me

To start off 2022, The Ghost inside of Me has made a slight tweak to their lineup.

Pianist and keyboardist Maiha has stopped live performances due to personal reasons. However, she's not leaving the band as she has changed to a background role of composer and arranger of the band's music.

As the issue was first brought up in October, the band is saddened to see her go, but they highlight that her pre-recorded performances will play in the background for the band's concerts and her compositions will also be featured in their upcoming album set for release in May 2022!

At the end of October last year, Maiha, who is in charge of Piano & Keyboard of our band "The Ghost inside of Me", sent us this message

"Due to personal reasons, I am unable to perform live."

A band meeting was held in a hurry.

"I can't play on stage with you, but I'd like to keep playing music with this band if I can."

As a result of the discussion, Maiha's responsibilities were changed to

"Composer & Arranger"

She will continue to participate in the band.

We will no longer be able to see her perform live, but she will continue to work behind the scenes, composing, arranging, recording, and producing backing tracks.

The members all feel very sad that we will no longer be able to perform with Maiha on stage. However, we will continue to work together to explore the world of The Ghost inside of Me.

The album to be released in May will not only feature Maiha's performances, but will also include songs that she has composed and arranged.

Maiha's performance will be used as the backing sound for all future live performances.

We hope you can feel Maiha in the sound of the backing track.

Thank you all for your continued support.

The Ghost Inside of Me members and staff



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Lineup change for The Ghost inside of Me

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Sad she will no longer play during lives, but happy she is still active in the group.