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Lineup change for La'veil MizeriA

KEN.MORIOKA last memorial event + CD

La'veil MizeriA's lineup has changed:

Guitarist Jaki announced at the first show of their 47-stop tour, as well as on Twitter (albeit very vaguely), that he will be leaving the band. He did not give an official date, but his message implied that the tour finale would be his last show. Update: He has now confirmed that his last live with be November 20th, at Shibuya Club Asia.

I had reached out to him to confirm a rumor that the band had announced it planned to break up. He said they are not breaking up, to which I replied that I was happy it wasn't true and relieved they're continuing. His response was a blunt "I'm leaving." Oop

La’Veil’s new album drops on March 20th. They’ve recently conducted an interview with Shattered Tranquilty about it and their creative process:

(Unrelated: it's wild to think about bandmen replying to you on Twitter?? The idea that you could potential have a conversation with someone in a band you follow somewhat instantaneously was totally unfathomable 10~15 years ago)


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2019-03-15 13:54:22
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He confirmed that the tour final is on 11/20 at Shibuya club Asia.

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2019-03-15 03:43:59
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Oh wow! I'm pretty surprised. He's always seemed so genuinely into this kote shit, and this is his first real “success” in any way.

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