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Ryuichi Kawamura new full album: “BEAUTIFUL LIE” MISUI new single: “Kochuu”

Aliene Ma'riage vocalist Kyouka (狂華) retires from the music scene.

Kyouka (狂華) will retire from the music scene after the Aliene Ma'riage and Phobia twoman lives at Nagoya MUSIC FARM on March 20th and Ikebukuro EDGE on March 27th, 2021.

source: official instagram

Kyoka's official retirement

I'm Kyoka. I've decided to retire from the music industry after 2 live shows in March.

I would like to thank all my fans who have supported me for 25 years.

The reason for my retirement is announced in the video of my radio appearance here, and I hope you will watch it until the end.

We'll also be posting an Instagram exclusive about our retirement on the Kyoka Instagram page, so please come and check it out. We will announce the details in the story.

The main reason he gave in the video was "For the past four years, I've been losing my voice and I'm at my limit. So I'm retiring"


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2021-01-19 02:34:17
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Kyouka has a special place in my heart ever since he complimented my Japanese when I talked to him on IG one time, and he'd always respond happily to fan posts that promoted/complimented Insanity Injection. I'm sad to hear this considering that I adored his continued work in Insanity Injection but it's inevitable when you use your voice as he did for years on end. Aliene Ma'riage, Delfina Ma'riage, and Insanity Injection were amazing projects. Thank you for your hard work, Kyouka. I'll always remember you as a great artist.

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2021-01-18 16:31:17
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I really got my hopes up when they announced their Aliene Ma'riage revival shows… guess a reunion won't happen :/ Sad, but it's probably for the better when he's losing his voic from all the pig squealing…

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2021-01-17 13:10:14
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See you in two weeks!

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Ryuichi Kawamura new full album: “BEAUTIFUL LIE” MISUI new single: “Kochuu”
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