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LIN's last costumes Some comments about LIN's last live

Lilith will pause activities due to drummer's illness + album

Lilith made several announcements today: First, since October, drummer Raku (樂) had been frequently sick. After caring for his sicknesses in the usual ways, he finally went to the hospital, and was subsequently diagnosed with a serious illness. (The band refrains from naming his illness, in respect of privacy.) Due to Raku's illness, and the fact that Lilith considers its members irreplaceable, Lilith will pause live activities in January 2016.

Until that time, Lilith will hold their already-scheduled lives: a guest performance on December 13th, their sponsored event Matoku Seiatsu -Everlasting- (魔都制圧-Everlasting-) on the 20th, and sponsored event Matoku Seiatsu -Snow- (魔都制圧-Snow-) on the 25th [all at Shanghai (上海) YUYINTANG LIVEHOUSE (育音堂)]. Lilith's last live [for now] will be their biggest-ever: a free oneman, Matoku Seiatsu -FAITH- (魔都制圧-FAITH-), at Repluse Bay (浅水湾) Q.HALL on 2016-01-17.

Finally, the band has mentioned that they will release their first full album, 円夢中華-Genuine to the Core-, which will feature new and old songs, sometime in April of 2016. Sorry, I'm not sure how to romanise the Chinese ^^;


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Yuan Meng Zhonghua..... Or in japanese "Enmu Chuuka"... Which eitherwise means "Chinese Illusion Circle"

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LIN's last costumes Some comments about LIN's last live