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SCAPEGOAT restarts activities + new maxi-single “RABUKA” GLORIA new single “INSIDE” & bass Megu joins!

Like an Edison parent company LIKE A LOLLIPOP files for bankruptcy

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Record label LIKE A LOLLIPOP has filed for bankruptcy as of 10:00 this morning.

LIKE A LOLLIPOP was the parent company of famous visual kei record shop Like an Edison. Additionally, LIKE A LOLLIPOP acted as a publisher for innumerable small, independent bands.

As a direct result of the bankruptcy, the Harajuku (原宿) branch of Like an Edison has immediately closed. “All other business,” including ownership of the other Like an Edison shops, has been transferred to FORUM―which most people know as the label of MEJIBRAY, MAMIRETA, etc.

It's unclear if FORUM will continue to publish/distribute unsigned bands in the same way that LIKE A LOLLIPOP did.

This is a fairly big deal for visual kei, so there's been a lot of talk about it online. I thought this tweet was pretty interesting: Little Vampire, a band who was very popular in the 90s and is reviving this year, has mentioned that they were one of the first visual kei bands to actually approach the label. Kind of sad that they happen to be reviving at the same time it's closing!

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2019-03-25 12:29:44
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It's really heartbreaking and alarming to hear that one of the best vk stores is going through something like this. Glad the other stores are surviving, but I hope they can pull through with new management. As for Forum, I really hope they pick up where Lollipop left off and support these smaller bands. I remembered that MARCO (マルコ) have had their releases distributed by Like a Lollipop, and now the thought of them working with Forum is a weird thought.

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SCAPEGOAT restarts activities + new maxi-single “RABUKA” GLORIA new single “INSIDE” & bass Megu joins!