MIRAGE, Kneuklid Romance announced for GAZ memorial

La'Veil MizeriA Samples Unveiled + "new" Member

MIRAGE announces another additional performance

Samples for La'veil MizeriA's new single Usubeni no Sou have been released, as well as a sample of their new music video.

Additionally, their former guitarist Nazuki has rejoined the band. For those of you who are newer to this band, Nazuki was one of their earlier guitarists who participated in the recording of their first three demos, then left just before the start of 2015. He's since been acting as a support member for Vampire Rose and SIRENE.

La'veil MizeriA's new single drops on April 11th. Like all Starwave releases, you will most likely be able to find the release on iTunes and Spotify on release day, so check it out!

Usubeni NO Sou 


  1. Ibitsu Ningyou歪屍形
  2. Memai眩暈
  3. Yourankago揺籃籠
  4. DVD
  5. Ibitsu Ningyou (PV)歪屍形 (PV)


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2018-04-04 12:15:34
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What I don't get, is why they waited so long to announce him rejoining. They clearly shot the PV with him, recorded the songs with him, and then went through the process of making him outfits and taking promo-pics; this wasn't a surprise or "emergency decision." It just seems like a waste to do all that promo work as a 3-man band.

If they added someone totally unexpected + would draw hype (like Kiwamu himself, or something) I could see doing a super secretive double campaign. But this is really just a rando guitarist who used to be in the band for 10 minutes coming back.

2018-04-03 22:31:15
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They need make a new flyer with Crucifixion, now with Nazuki.

2018-04-04 05:07:25
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