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KISAKI retires(?) due to scandal [UPDATED]

Devil Kitty departs from ROCKSTAR RECORDS [UPDATED 10/6 w/ ROCKSTAR drama]

TLDR: KISAKI was caught in a scandal today, and seems to have abruptly retired as a result... Full details, as I understand them, follow:

This morning, a Tanuki-related Twitter account posted screenshots of KISAKI contacting them via direct message. In the DMs, KISAKI shared photos of a text conversation between ex-MIRAGE guitarist YAYOI and a female, in which he asked her for sex. The DMs were dated September 18th, implying that KISAKI acquired the photos on the same day that he performed with YAYOI at the GLAM POP WORLD event.


Some time later, KISAKI sent another DM to the Tanuki Twitter account, this time with a photo of ex-Megaromania ~ LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) vocalist SUI passed out drunk, with vomit coming out of his mouth. The unbecoming photo was supposed to ensure that the Tanuki Twitter account wouldn't expose KISAKI's previous action.


Unsurprisingly, the SUI “bargaining chip” didn't stop the Twitter account from exposing KISAKI: on September 26th, details of the DMs were leaked to Tanuki.

That same morning, KISAKI's account was locked, and a message appeared saying “This Twitter was takeover,” implying that the account had been hacked.

After “regaining” access a short time later, KISAKI messaged the Tanuki Twitter account again, this time explaining that his own account had been hacked, and that he didn't mean for the messages about YAYOI/SUI to be sent. He pleaded with the account to take down its evidence of KISAKI's previous messages, and even said that police were being involved.

After a bit of playing with KISAKI's emotions, the Tanuki Twitter account agreed.


On the morning of September 27th, KISAKI tweeted an apology over the trouble he'd caused, and promised to do better from now on.

Unsatisfied with the vague, unspecific apology, the Tanuki Twitter account reneged on its agreement and began sharing screenshots of all its DMs with KISAKI. These proved that he had sent the photos of YAYOI/SUI to the account.

The screenshots were deleted mere minutes later, but the scandal had already easily spread through Twitter. “KISAKI” even trending at #7 for a brief time.


After being completely exposed, KISAKI tweeted another apology. This time, he said he had contacted the individuals involved and apologized directly. He said that what he'd done was inexcusable, and, as punishment to himself, would not return to the stage.

That is to say, if he stays true to the tweet, KISAKI will never perform again.


KISAKI PROJECT feat.Hitomi was scheduled to perform at the December 16th debut live of LACK-CO. (ラッコ), but KISAKI has already called Rame (ex-VIDOLL bassist who runs record label GLK MUSIC, which is sponsoring the live) and asked to cancel it.

Rame tweeted that he wants the live to be held despite the scandal, but that he was unable to convince KISAKI to change his mind. He says he'll continue to try to talk to KISAKI, whose “mental state seems very unstable right now.”

Frankly, KISAKI is not only incredibly childish to have shared the pictures of YAYOI/SUI, but he's also incredibly stupid for having done it from his own account. That being said, I personally don't find his actions to be so reprehensible as to justify his abrupt retirement. He should perhaps lose YAYOI and SUI as friends, and he should definitely remedy his behavior, but to end his career over such a childish scandal is too much.

As a fan, it's incredibly frustrating to see him do stupid things, get caught, and then essentially punish those who stick around. We know he does bad things, but we just want music. These dramatics aren't going to convince those who dislike him to forgive him, so why bother? If I had my way, he would sincerely apologize for his behavior and move on, instead of trying to hide by disbanding/retiring every time a scandal is exposed. But maybe that's just the Japanese way?


Given KISAKI's age, the failure of LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), and now this scandal, I really wouldn't be surprised if he retires for real this time... And even if he does return, this scandal will surely mean that we'll be waiting many extra months...

I sincerely hope that his peers and [remaining] fans are able to convince to come back―soon.


  • 2016-09-28: A supposed lawyer tweeted to KISAKI and claimed that he was representing SUI and YAYOI in a lawsuit. The company that the man claimed to work for is real, but their website had a message warning that someone had been impersonating their lawyers. The Twitter account was later found (obviously) to be a scam by a bangya.
  • 2016-09-28: Rame made two more tweets about the situation. They seem to imply that he'd since seen more evidence of KISAKI's scandal, but that he was still willing to allow the live to take place if KISAKI changed his mind.
  • 2016-09-28: The vocalist of Ryuketsu BLIZZARD tweeted about the incident, seemingly finding it hilarious. It's unclear if he still has a relationship with KISAKI, since finding that Ryuketsu BLIZZARD footage was being sold at auction in the past.
  • 2016-09-29: KISAKI deleted his auction account.
  • 2016-10-01: Several Japanese users tweeted to KISAKI that he should kill/torture himself, along with suggestions how.
  • 2016-10-02: A daily horoscope was tweeted from KISAKI's account. (Some users thought this meant that his account had truly been hacked, but in fact he'd signed up for the Twimaker horoscope service several years ago.) Incidentally, one of the characters in the tweet could be read as "revival," so some users joked that he was announcing his return.
  • 2016-10-03: The horoscope tweet was deleted, which means that KISAKI had logged into his account (eg. first evidence that KISAKI is "ok").
  • 2016-10-05: KISAKI deleted his latest blog entry, in which he had mentioned having a meeting and feeling excitement for future activities. He had also mentioned receiving Gargoyle and MEJIBRAY releases. It's unclear why this particular entry was deleted, and all other entries seem to be in tact. (Perhaps one of the bands' companies did not want to be associated with him? Or perhaps he wanted to delete any reference to future activity, which is now cancelled?)
  • 2016-10-06: KISAKI's Instagram account was deleted.

The Tanuki thread about KISAKI is still incredibly active (up to page 16 as of Oct 6), tho it's mostly jokes about his teeth at this point.


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