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KISAKI releases first new song in two years to support ROCKMAYKAN

KISAKI releases first new song in two years to support ROCKMAYKAN

KISAKI will release a new song in support of livehouse ROCKMAYKAN.

ROCKMAYKAN (from livedoorNEWS)

ROCKMAYKAN (from livedoorNEWS)

The state of emergency in Japan has been lifted. A large number of people have loosened their self-restraint after hearing those words.

But many people are mistaken about the particulars! Only a limited number of jobs have had restrictions truly lifted. To enjoy freedom in the truest sense, the finest place to do so is where thoughts and emotions can come together through music--and those places are still “outside the mosquito net.”

Since April, various livehouses across the country have been working hard to keep alive these “sacred places where music continues to ring.” Unfortunately, a not-insignificant number of such sacred sites have closed throughout the year.

The bands that move us and give us meaning, they all grew up from the same place: yes, from the holy land of “the livehouse.”

X JAPAN, COLOR, LADIES ROOM, D'ERLANGER, ZI:KILL, LUNA SEA, GLAY, MALICE MIZER, La'cryma Christi, PENICILLIN, SHAZNA, MUCC, MERRY (メリー), SEX MACHINEGUNS, DIR EN GREY, SID (シド), the GazettE, Versailles, lynch. and so many more have come a certain place. This place is one of the holy grails of livehouses, and has been carved into history as a paradise for visual kei: Meguro ROCKMAYKAN (目黒鹿鳴館).

Even now, there are many bands who yearn to play there and dream of performing oneman lives there. In fact, it is still said that, only when a band can hold a sold out oneman at ROCKMAYKAN that they're truly great.



KISAKI, a legend in the visual kei scene, has packed ROCKMAYKAN many times over, with bands such as La:Sadie's, MIRAGE, Syndrome, Phantasmagoria, and LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-). KISAKI himself has made ROCKMAYKAN and indispensable venue during his bands' activities, and has been a driving force behind its progress.

Whenever he starts a new band, he returns to this place to carve out a new history in the same room where his past feelings were already etched. For KISAKI, this place is where he can repeatedly rewrite history.

As various news outlets have already covered, ROCKMAYKAN is desperately searching for a way to survive, in order to connect the history cultivated over its 40 years to the future. Now, various bands who grew up at the venue have seen this struggle, and have begun to offer support for the livehouse. The Meguro ROCKMAYKAN Relief Project (目黒鹿鳴館 救済プロジェクト) was launched in response.

The first chapter of this project starts on June 1st. Of course, KISAKI, who has a close relationship with ROCKMAYKAN, was asked to help project this important place. In response, he offered to provide a new CD and goods to help with the relief.

This CD, Nothingness Cage (which includes a postcard), features a brand new song with AKIRA (MIRAGE) providing vocals. Through this, KISAKI has reached out to help relieve this holy place which deserves love. Of course, all sales of the CD are going to ROCKMAYKAN.

The new song CD Nothingness Cage includes a postcard, a signed ROCKMAYKAN pass sticker, and 5 drink tickets, for 5,500 yen. All proceeds go to ROCKMAYKAN.

Sales are accepted from June 1st at ROCKMAYKAN's web shop:


Many people reading this article have seen lives performed at ROCKMAYKAN, and probably hold memories in their hearts that they don't want to forget. And we hope that there will be people to make new memories here in the future. We hope that you'll help ensure that this “place of unforgettable memories” will be around for a long time.


TEXT: Nagasawa Tomonori (長澤智典)


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