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Interview: Crazy Monster ~HALLOWEEN PARTY 2019~

Interview: Crazy Monster ~HALLOWEEN PARTY 2019~

This year's edition of live event Crazy Monster ~HALLOWEEN PARTY 2019~ will be held around the Kanto area in October.

This time, mastermind MSTR [Crack6] will be joined by KEKE of AMBEEK and Sano。 (さの。) of KAKURIYO PANDA.. Their conversation is presented below.



C - KANON (カノン) has been in Crazy Monsters since he was in AN CAFE (アンティック-珈琲店-), but this time as Yukimi Daifuku no Nakami ni Naritai Jinsei Datta... Is this a good idea for his new band?

S - Rather than band, it's something like my project. Anyway, I wanted to start with a change, so my name is Sano。 instead of KANON.

C - Really, not KANON.

S - For people who know of the transition from KANON to Sano。, it wasn't that strange. But for everyone else, they're suddenly told “it's Sano。 from Yukimi Daifuku no Nakami ni Naritai Jinsei Datta,” and it's like, “who??” That's my pleasure, haha.

C - And as you can see in the photo, it's completely different from ANCAFE.

S - So unless it's explained to everyone, I think they'll be wondering who I am.

C - Did you just change your name?

S - That's right. For me, it was like do I want to be completely different?

C - The project name is interesting too. {TN: The name roughly means “a life of wanting to become the inside of Yukimidaifuku,” Yukimidaifuku being a brand of mochi icecream.}

S - Some might get angry at the name, but I'm happy just to be recognized.

C - Some might say that the project name is just a product name, but I'd still like to collaborate with it, haha.

S - I'll do my best to get to that goal.

C - Does KANON like Yukimidaifuku?

S - Eh, not really. I might eat it once a year, haha.

C - By the way, you're the vocalist now.

S - Yes, I sing. The band is four people, and I sing and play guitar.

C - I heard that the drummer is Teruki (輝喜). Is it just support?

S - He plays for us when he's free lol.

C - Teruki... I often talk with him about KANON.

S - Seems like he's being used for gossip lol.

C - Yeah, it's always “compared to KANON” or “KANON was like this” haha. You're pretty good friends.

S - Since Teruki often comes to my parents' house, we have a familiar relationship.

C - By the way, will you also dress up for Crazy Monsters? I don't even know what Yukimi Daifuku no Nakami ni Naritai Jinsei Datta looks like.

S - Yes, but if I go too far, no one will really know what Yukimi Daifuku no Nakami ni Naritai Jinsei Datta is normally like.

C - For example, if you came out dressed like a snowman, people would just like “ah, it's that kind of project” lol. “This is what KANON wanted to do with Yukimi Daifuku no Nakami ni Naritai Jinsei Datta?!”

S - Crazy Monsters is actually the second live for Yukimi Daifuku no Nakami ni Naritai Jinsei Datta, and the first was in July, so there's some tension in performing for the first time in three months.

K - Crazy Monsters is the second live huh...

C - Yukimi Daifuku no Nakami ni Naritai Jinsei Datta will only appear on the October 12th date at HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3, and it's going to be great. I'm sure KANON will blow us away on that first day.



C - This will be the first appearance for KEKE. How long has your band AMBEEK been active?

K - The start was on February 11 this year, but we formed more than a year ago. In fact, only the bassist position was empty, but it took us about a year to fill that position.

C - It seems that it was difficult to find the ideal candidate, but it finally happened.

K - That's right, haha. The members are very particular. But we started without compromise.

C - The drummer is MINAMI who was active in MASK.

K - That's right. One guitarist was in bis, and the other is someone who's been with me for a long time. Bassist Ginya (銀也) was pulled from the rock scene.

C - Why did you decide to do it with MINAMI?

K - I confess that I've loved MASK since junior high school, and went to see them live too. When MINAMI and Tsukasa (つかさ) started a new band, they knew of my unit with Takuma (たくま), NOW, and reached out to us. When MASK and bis call, you answer. So I decided to join them.



C - I heard that you and KANON have a connection.

S - Long ago, KEKE joined a musical theater company. At that time I was involved in stage music production. So there was a connection between performer and backstage, and our relationship became a friendship from there.

K - At that time, a troupe called Gekidan V (劇団V) was created by collection vocalists from NICO NICO DOUGA and visual bandmen. They performed music plays. I started there.

S - But the company only performed once...

K - And basically disbanded haha.

C - How many years ago?

S - Around 2012?

C - At that time, KEKE was doing a band, right?

K - At that time I was solo and belong to SONY MUSIC. Originally I'd been in a visual band, but got bored of it because of the members, and then received an invitation from SONY to become a solo artist.

C - Why did you tire of the band? You were in your 20s?

K - Because the age difference between myself and the others was significant. And also, I'd already grown tired of human relationships, and I happened to receive that invitation.

C - I see. Your story goes back, but AMBEEK itself is a band that just started.

K - That's right. But we're all excited to appear in this event.

C - AMBEEK's artist photo is pretty orthodox, right?

K - The band's sound is orthodox, but I've been thinking about costumes already.

S - Me too, I'll wear a good costume.



K - I know of ZERO and TSUKASA from THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S because of D'ESPAIRSRAY, who I loved. I know of Ricky and have heard from MINAMI that he's a great person.

C - Ricky's singing ability is amazing. Outside of singing, he's... interesting, haha. There are rumors about his latest single's jacket resembling a certain A○rashi, so maybe he'll come looking like that for Crazy Monsters, haha.

K - Aside from that, heidi. will appear and played against AMBEEK.

C - heidi. is a good band. When they were high school students, it seems they often copied PENICILLIN.

K - In my case, rather than being acquainted with everyone, I'm excited to watch them. Among the performers, I or AMANO may be the younged.

C - KANON also gives the impression of a young person...

S - I am young, even above KEKE lol. The Crazy Monsters event is suprisingly young.

C - That's true. Because Ricky is in the top position, and not just in terms of physique, lol. I'm looking forward to co-starring with younger musicians. AMBEEK will appear at all three dates.

K - I'll go all out. Not just one costume; we're going to take first place. We're the new band at this event and want to leave a good impression. So far all of the members' costume ideas are jokes, but we'll show our playfulness and seriousness as AMBEEK.

C - It's good to play seriously. Crazy Monsters~HALLOWEEN PARTY~ seems to be a place where you can play seriously. The bigger the gap, the more impactful it is.

K - Thanks for inviting me to a wonderful event.

C - AMBEEK and Yukimi Daifuku no Nakami ni Naritai Jinsei Datta will appear at after-party CLEMENT・AWARD 2019 (クレモン・アワード2019) too.

S - Of course.

C - Ricky will also be there. If you wear a costume just for this day, you'll be overwhelmed. Not that there's a problem with that. I want everyone to enjoy it, connect with other bands, and increase the number of connections. This year's Crazy Monsters has a lot of new, stimulating bands, and I'm looking forward to it.

K - We're all nervous, haha. Since AMBEEK's members are enthusiastic, we're not just going to dress up but will also be playing characters. Even in the last session, being young, I want to appeal to everyone.

S - Me too. I'll do my best to deliver something you've never seen.

C - It's all just for fun. They're just entertainment people.

K - The hurdle has gone up. I think it's an invitation to jump over that hurdle. That's right.

S - Eh?

K - Nothing, lol.

C - Looking forward to working with you, lol.

Crazy Monsters ~HALLOWEEN PARTY 2019~

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Crack6, THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S, Dear Loving, heidi., AMBEEK, KAKURIYO PANDA., Pokkun (ぽっくん) (host)

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Crack6, THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S, Ricky, †яi¢к, Dacco, Leetspeak monsters, AMBEEK, RAZZ MA TAZZ (guest), you. [ex-Janne Da Arc] (guest), Pokkun (ぽっくん) (host)



MSTR, AMENO, ZERO, Ricky, YURASAMA, KEKE, MINAMI, Sano。, Mr.X (host), (others)


TEXT: Nagasawa Tomonori (長澤智典)


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Interview: Crazy Monster ~HALLOWEEN PARTY 2019~

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Thank you SO much for this! As a huge An Cafe fan it makes me happy to read about Kanon (And Teruki!)