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i.D.A guitarist RYON will depart

i.D.A guitarist RYON will depart
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i.D.A guitarist RYON will depart due to musical differences.

RYON has decided to withdraw from i.D.A after the three-venue event, "Planet CHILD Music 15th Anniversary 15 Days Event Day.14 『Meteoric Scatter』" on August 30th. The venue they will perform at is still yet to be announced.

With this sudden announcement, i.D.A have also announced their "emergency oneman" show, "CALL:Hazelnut/Primrose" which will be held on August 15th as a farewell to RYON.

RYON will also be part of the lineup for "Planet CHILD Music 15th Anniversary 15Days Event 「ZON.D.A-FINAL-」", which will be held at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT on August 24th .

Below is a roughly translated version of RYON's own words in regards of his decision to leave the band.

I'm sorry to surprise you with this sudden announcement of my withdrawal from i.D.A.

As mentioned in the announcement, I will leave i.D.A at the end of August.

I've been a member for about 5 years, even since our previous band "iLLFAME". In those years there were a lot of farewells but I was also able to meet lots of various people.

I'm deeply grateful to all our fans, our label, our seniors! Really, thank you very much.

Actually, I have been struggling for the past year about the reason why I wanted to leave the band. After all, our ideas about what kind of music we wish to play as a band together is different, which is totally normal. However a difference started between my own "personal Visual Kei, which I want to express" and the "Visual Kei which i.D.A expresses". Because both ways of expression are totally different from each other, I started to think of "leaving".

When I first started to think of it, I thought of how I would make my and our fans sad, who have continued to cheer me and us on. Of course I also love to see everyone having fun and going all crazy at our gigs.

After interacting with everyone and seeing everyone's happy faces, I reconsidered my choice over and over again and tried my best to continue.

But to be honest, it made me mentally ill, because it was a burden to my heart. Because I couldn't play the guitar how I wanted to play it, I even stopped playing the guitar for a while, the guitar which I was supposed to enjoy playing.
At that moment, I noticed that I had no choice but to withdraw from the band.

However, now that I've decided to withdraw, I feel that the burden on my shoulders have been lifted off, which is somehow strange at the same time.

After all, I do love play the guitar! (smile)

Looking back, I feel a little remorseful that I had too many things on my mind.
Looking back on my four years of being a member of i.D.A, I have so many wonderful memories! There are sad memories, stupid memories, even memories that have caused trouble. (smile)

I had so much fun with everyone and we also had our share of frustrations together.
I was able to go to various parts of Japan by doing coupling tour and became friends with various bands and seniors.

I was able to be a part of it and I was able to learn a lot of the life of a bandman.

i.D.A, it was absolute amazing!

To our fans who we couldn't see us for a while.
Please come to our oneman, 「CALL:Hazelnut/Primrose」.
I really hope you will visit us with love somewhere before my last day.

Anyway, I'll be off the stage for a while, but I'll like to form a band again and stand back on the stage soon!

I'm not giving up!

I'm going to walk my own future now!

There's still 2 months left until August 30th!

Thank you!

i.D.A Guitarist RYON


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