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[feature] VK contributors #1: peffy LABAISER releases first new song out of their album "Folklore"

GIGAMOUS new live-limited single “PLANETES / LOVE MACHINE GUN”

GIGAMOUS (ギガマウス) has put out a new live-limited single.

PLANETES / LOVE MACHINE GUN (PLANETES / ラブマシンガン) was released on October 8th at their 5th anniversary event, "GIGA5TH" at Higashi Koenji 20000V (東高円寺二万電圧). It is their first release with 3 members ever since vocalist Shiki (式) departed in March 2017, which led to the band going on hiatus later that month (with guitarist Yukkie taking over singing duties).


  2. LOVE MACHINE GUNラブマシンガン
  3. GIGATAALKギガトーーク


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2018-10-08 00:57:35
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Oh cool! The preview sounds pretty interesting. Glad that they’re attempting to continue 💕

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