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GE+IM No Longer Working Under MST Project

GE+IM announced this morning that they are no longer working with MST Project.

In a working relationship that lasted less than 3 months, GE+IM took to Twitter this morning to break the news that they are parting ways with their new label. Vocalist Naoki also announced earlier in the month that he was hospitalized--it is unclear if this is unrelated to his label firing the band, or if it is totally coincidental (and highly unfortunate) that both happened within the same week. Strangely enough, the label announced that they were no longer working with the band on April 8th, but the band themselves didn't actually say anything until today.

As a result, all of GE+IM's upcoming lives booked under MST have also been cancelled. The band apologized to everyone who was supporting them and looking forward to their upcoming activities. They request that their fans wait for their announcement to restart activities in the future.


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2019-04-11 10:46:47
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Woah that's so weird! I wonder what's going on.

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2019-04-11 10:25:11
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Naoki was actually hospitalized after their 4/5 live from stress from overworking. I really hope they didn't get dropped just because of that, that'd be real shitty.

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