KIZU new maxi-single “Heisei”

Frantic EMIRY new single “Angels Cry / World End”

New band: Cid Pain

Frantic EMIRY announced their "second impact."

On May 5th, an edition of the CD will also be sold at select stores that only contains 1 song, but comes with a member photo card that is randomly selected. My understanding of how this works is a bit fuzzy, but it seems like each card has a piece of the band's story on it and provides a URL to download the song.

Angels Cry / World End will be released in multiple types on May 29th. The limited edition version comes with a PV DVD, and the regular edition just comes with the CD.

Additionally, the band announced that they will be starting a tour, Frantic EMIRY~second crisis~Tour【Carpe diem -カルペ・ディエム-】, in June. The tour will end on August 31st, at which the band will break up.

This was always meant to be a temporary side-project, but I'm hoping we get another release before then!


  1. Angels CryAngels Cry
  2. World EndWorld End
  3. DVD
  4. World End (PV)World End (PV)


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