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David webshop, "Wizard Store" opens!


DAVID’s official webshop, "Wizard Store” has opened!

Before we dig into any goodies, here’s the basic rundown on the shop:

  • they currently don’t ship overseas :(
  • first shipment will be on Halloween (10/31)
  • items will be shipped 7 days after purchase

Current goods listed on the site:

  • Requiemage (1620 yen) - special preorder bonus will be a personalized cheki of Sui with YOUR name on it! This offer will only be available from Sept 9~Sept 29, so make your reservation quickly!
  • Muffler towel (2500 yen)
  • Sui photoset (4 photos, 1000 yen) - features all the promo pics we’ve seen of David, plus an unreleased photo ;)
  • erina (David support Gt, ex-TRIGGAH, Dio) solo CD, “CREATURE” (1000 yen)


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David webshop, "Wizard Store" opens!

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errbody is trying to be a solo artist now, it seems haha