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New band: GAM! Lineup change for Veinrot

David (SUI) crowdfunding campaign: 3rd anniversary oneman live in France!

Five days ago, David launched his first crowdfunding campaign, to help him, and his musicians, get to France to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of his solo project! His first live was in Paris, as the opening act of Versailles' 2017 European Tour final in Paris, so no wonder the place is special to him.

Here is his translated message:


"My name is SUI, and I am a vocalist.

After being in various visual bands (like Metis Gretel and Megaromania just to name a few) I have started a project as a solo vocalist in January 2017: David.

While David is currently suspended in terms of live shows, there will be a milestone on January 24, 2020: the 3rd anniversary as David. There will be a one-man live show with a new concept for this milestone at Takadanobaba AREA in Japan, and after this live I will be publishing the full picture for the future of my solo activities.

There is however one dream that I want to fulfill before this milestone:

I want to go to France, the starting point of David, for my 3rd anniversary! David, as a solo project, has basically been managed by me, SUI, alone. There have been a lot of things that I have had to deal with, but at the same time it has been very fulfilling.

During the two years so far as a solo artist I have released two mini-albums and I have done various live shows, the first one being an unforgettable secret live show in France (the first distribution in Europe started at the same time), and the latest one being a very successful one-man live at July 7, 2019 at TSUTAYA O-WEST.

With my current live activities being suspended, I feared that they would remain so until after the milestone on January 24, but then I suddenly thought of something: “I want to do a live show in France, where the origin of David lies, next year to celebrate my 3rd anniversary!”

As I have mentioned already, David is largely managed by me alone. So when I started thinking about this idea the problem of costs came up before anything else. If I were to go to France by myself it wouldn’t be a problem, but I want to guarantee the best possible live experience I can. The very first “secret” live in France was done with a orchestral backing track, but this time I want to take my live support members with me to ensure this 3rd anniversary live will be the best live David can possibly deliver.

Unfortunately it takes a lot of money to take David’s entire team to France. I’ve made various calculations and came up with a number, but it’s very unlikely that I can afford all these expenses by myself. So I have decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to ask you for your help.

Please help David overcome this challenge!

Details of the campaign funds

All donations will be used for:

– Support members and staff costs

– Travel expenses for SUI and the entire team

– Accommodation for SUI and the entire team

– Team instruments and transportation expenses

– Local acoustic costs

– Visa acquisition costs

Additionally, if we can raise more money than the desired amount these funds will go into adding more live shows in different countries in Europe during this time!

Finally At this point in time I really do think it’s worth it to continue as a solo artist. Being able to potentially do an overseas live really worked as a motivator for me to continue. I want to gain more experience as an artist and improve myself for when I return to my activities here in Japan."

Here's the campaign page in case you'd want to help him reach his goal:

And here's a tutorial on how to do so, thanks to @Hiro_AnteAlice on Twitter:

David Crowdfunding rewards

  • 500yen - Light support plan: Thank you message / Access to activity log leading up to the day of the live / Granted support certificate
  • 666yen - David introduction plan: same rewards + Introduction CD to SUI's work including past songs
  • 3000 yen - Delivery plan on day of live performance: same rewards + offshot data collection (videos/pics) + thank you video message
  • 6000 yen - Exclusive crowdfunding t-shirt plan: same rewards + exclusive T-shirt (S/M/L/XL)
  • 10000 yen - Exclusive crowdfunding CD plan: same rewards + exclusive CD (no word on the content yet)
  • 15000 yen - Special thanks movie plan (limited to 10 donors): same rewards + 36p photobook with photos from France + autographed thank you card + Concert video shoot (shot with fixed point camera) + special custom thank you movie from Sui (2-3 min) where you can chose the topic of the comment and submit your name/nickname for SUI to address it directly to you
  • 25000 yen - Live afterparty plan (limited to 10 donors): same rewards excluding the exclusive customized thank you video message + invitation to launch event in Tokyo in February 2020 + Concert video shot (A) with fixed point camera
  • 25000 yen - 3rd Anniversary Oneman Live Rehearsal Plan (limited to 10 donors): same rewards excluding the exclusive customized thank you video message + invitation to oneman rehearsal on January 24 + Concert video shot (B) with fixed point camera
  • 60000 yen - Limousine cruise Plan (limited to 5 donors): same rewards excluding the exclusive customized thank you video message + limousine cruise with SUI in Tokyo (date tbd) + Full concert video shot (A+B) + commemorative photo
  • 250000 yen - Your new song Plan (limited to 1 donor, already sold): SUI will produce a song just for you! (delivered as data, but can be delivered as a signed CD-R)


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New band: GAM! Lineup change for Veinrot