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D announces hiatus for March 2024

D announces hiatus for March 2024

D announced they will be pausing activities.

D will be going on hiatus in March 2024, after 20 years of activities. The band formed back in 2003 from three ex- Syndrome members and have written music that spans a multitude of themes over their career -- from Vampires, to dragons, to knights, to Alice in Wonderland, the band's career was prolific to say the least.

While this news may come as a shock, the band actually hinted at wanting to do this a number of years ago.

Frontman ASAGI (浅葱) wrote about the challenges he faced being in the band back in 2019. At that point, D was reaching their 17th anniversary. In his blog he shares intimate details regarding many things, such as expectations of being signed to a major label, shrinking distribution locations for physical media, the effects of streaming services on the vkei scene, his inner struggle with wanting to keep performing, as well as physical limitations he faces due to a stress-related heart condition. Despite all of this, he expressed wanting to keep going until the band's 20th anniversary, and now it is almost time for that goal to be accomplished.

The band also announced that they are still scheduled to go on tour during the summer, as well as release a new single during that time, but details are still unknown.

D has released a concept single, REVENANT back in April in 2 types. This single is a part of their ongoing vampire story line -- you can check out further details below, as well as our previous writeup here.

DDREVENANTREVENANT Suuryou Gentei Goukaban数量限定豪華盤
  1. REVENANT ~Kuyautsutsu no Shou~ (REVENANT ~黒夜現の章~)
  2. REVENANT ~Hakuchuumu no Shou~ (REVENANT ~白昼夢の章~)
  3. AINS no Kijutsu (アインスの記述)
  4. DVD
  5. REVENANT ~Kuyautsutsu no Shou~ (PV) (REVENANT ~黒夜現の章~ (PV))
  6. REVENANT ~Hakuchuumu no Shou~ (PV) (REVENANT ~白昼夢の章~ (PV))
  7. (Making of)
  1. REVENANT ~Kuyautsutsu no Shou~ (REVENANT ~黒夜現の章~)
  2. REVENANT ~Hakuchuumu no Shou~ (REVENANT ~白昼夢の章~)
  3. AINS no Kijutsu (アインスの記述)
  4. Silent Cry (Instrumental)



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