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BAN×GUMI Activity Start - Leaders’ Talk-

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BAN×GUMI vocalist Hikaru and guitarist Yotsuba kindly provided this self-interview as a JROCK'N'ROLL x collaboration. Please enjoy reading it.

The live information and details of the band's upcoming live-limited single is below this interview.

# [JROCK’N’ROLL x vkgy co-sponsored project] Special Publication!! -BAN×GUMI Activity Start - Leaders’ Talk-

Hikaru: Readers of JROCK'N'ROLL and vkgy, nice to meet you! I'm Hikaru, the vocalist of BAN×GUMI .

Yotsuba I’m Yotsuba, the guitarist, producer, and project leader. In commemoration of the activity start of BAN×GUMI , vkgy and JROCK'N'ROLL have given us special permission to publish an interview between the core members of our band. I’d like to share this online conversation between the core members of BAN×GUMI called “Activity Start - Leaders’ Talk.”



Hikaru: Announced on January 1st, 2021, we began activity as “a new age digital Bangumi entertainment band.” What does that concept mean again?

[Ed.: Bangumi means “program” e.g. “TV program.”]

Yotsuba Hikaru had been saying for a long time “let’s do a band together!” but since the coronavirus pandemic we’ve entered an era where social distancing, acrylic panels, etc make it hard to do traditional live performances--at least centered around live-houses.

We were looking for a way to deliver music under these adverse circumstances, and we came to think “couldn’t we do something interesting and transmit entertainment online through our own ‘self-made YouTube program’?

Hikaru: Then we gathered a group of friends together who agreed with this idea, and so the “band” was born!

Yotsuba There was only one issue: I live in the Kansai area and Hikaru lives in the Kanto area, which are far away from each other. With that distance, it would be unrealistic to have a “traditional band” and perform in Tokyo or Osaka five to ten times each month.

Therefore, we proposed an “unprecedented way of doing a band” by avoiding a specific area as a base, and by recruiting members who were already active in other musical fields.



Hikaru: I see! An unprecedented kind of band; that’s why we called it “NEW AGE” huh.

Yotsuba The name BAN×GUMI also includes the idea of “hoping to yield chemical changes when combining bands together.” We emphasize that it’s a “project band” to make it easier to understand that this is a different kind of activity from a traditional band.

Hikaru: On the topic of “combining bands,” Yotsuba belongs to a band called JILL-PRINCE huh.

Yotsuba I’m the latest member to join JILL-PRINCE , as the bassist and onnagata role, so I’m trying to do my own things in BAN×GUMI that I can’t in JILL-PRINCE .

Hikaru, since you’ve been working in re:gletA as a solo project, how did you feel what you started working as part of a band for the first time?

[Ed.: “onnagata” is a visual kei trope wherein one member dresses/acts more feminine.]

Hikaru: The first thing that comes to mind is how encouraging it is to have someone to talk to and to work with. Because we think about stuff together, we can come up with ideas that we wouldn't have thought of on our own. Anyway it's lots of fun!

Even on the long-distance trips to Kansai, I don’t feel lonely because I have someone to talk to during the trip (smile).

Yotsuba Hikaru, what are our future goals for BAN×GUMI?

Hikaru: Of course I would like to hold lives not just online but in real life--but I’m also aware of the situation in the world, so I’d like to offer entertainment in the way that only BANxGUMI can. The world is starving for good news these days; isn’t the digital format which everyone can watch perfect for this?

Yotsuba We'll have our first livestream event on March 28th, and then on April 28th, we'll try an on-site live with our “activity start two-part mini-oneman,” which also happens to be my birthday. It would be great if you could check out the information on our official website.

Well, that's it for this time. Lastly, Hikaru, please give some last words to everyone!

Hikaru: BAN×GUMI is a band full of uniqueness and irreplaceable friends. All of the members get along well, and I think that's why we're able to make music without compromise. Well, please stay tuned for more of our music and entertainment coming your way!

Yotsuba & Hikaru: Thank you very much for reading until the end!

Video talk about the live decision of March 28th and April 28th. (In Japanese only)


[2021.03.28] First live streaming -1st shot-
[DATE & TIME] 2021.03.28 21:00 ~
[Price] ¥ 2,000
[TICKET] "Online ticket" will be on sale on the day on the official webshop page.
It's not a real-time streaming live; It's watchable as many times as you would like until April 20th.

[2021.04.28] VENUE EVENT
[Event name] First two-part mini-one-man live -Yotsuba x Birthday- "first live x first talk session x 1st single "BIGxBANG / puzzle" x Gt. Yotsuba birthday fest"
[Venue] Osaka 246 JUSO lst
[Cast] BAN×GUMI (Ba. Shota will be absent due to personal reasons)

Part 1 "First live"
[ADMISSION] Limited for 20 people (scheduled to be seated)
[TIME] OPEN 19:15 START 19:30
[Ticket] BANxGUMI Premium ticket includes original mask ⇒ ¥ 5,000 (no additional drink fee)
On sale from 21:00 on March 21st on the "official website".
Up to 3 tickets can be purchased per person.
Bonus BAN×GUMI original mask

Part 2 "talk session x Photo Session"
[TIME] OPEN 20:10 START 20:20
[ADMISSION] Limited for 30 people
[CLOSE ] Scheduled to end at 21:30
[Ticket] 1st single "BIG x BANG / puzzle" ¥ 1,000 (tax included) An admission ticket will be given for each purchase.
[Photo session] 6-SHOT Photo will be distributed if you buy 2 or more CD's.
Photo will be taken with your smartphone / camera.
Only 1 admission ticket will be numbered.
The CD will be sold via mail order in advance before the release date. ⇒ Admission to the talk session only is available for those who purchase in advance.

banxgumi flyer

banxgumi flyer


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