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BabyKingdom new double-A-sided single

BabyKingdom new double-A-sided single

BabyKingdom will be releasing a new single this July!

HAI Taiho / FAKE in PHANTOM (ハイ逮捕 / FAKE in PHANTOM) will be released on July 12th. While we do not have the full details yet, we do know that this single will have two A-sides, which means most likely there will be two new music videos in the near future.

The single will be released in 4 types, but further details are still to be announced.

Keeping with the theme of doubles, the band also revealed that they have not one but two promotional looks. This is further reflected in their upcoming summer tour, in which they are playing at most of their stops twice but with each night following the theme of "怪盗" ("kaitou", or "phantom"), or "警察" ("Keisatsu", or "police").

The tour finales will be held on September 5th and 6th at SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE. You can check out their profile for more tour dates.


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