Phantasmagoria Collection Album Canceled?

Asty To Release Their First Single + Announces Multiple One-man Shows

SHELLMY new mini-album “Shitsurakuen”

ASTY (アスティ) took to Twitter this morning to make a few big announcements, including the release of their first official single TARGET.

As shown in the promo video above, the paint-splattered single will be released on October 9th. Further details are still to come.


  1. TARGETターゲット
  2. No Limit ∞No Limit ∞
  3. ORIONオリオン

Additionally, the band has annouced a slew of upcoming lives. This includes their first one-man show Takadanobaba AREA on March 21st, 2019. The second is a celebratory free one-man, hosted to commemorate their first real one-man. This show will be held on December 21st, 2018 at Shinjuku Club Science.

Lastly, the band will also hold 3 consecutive month birthday celebration lives, starting in January.

I'm glad that the band is off to a strong start. Their gimmick with annoucing their "0th" single by having huge styrofoam balls over each member's head (it was supposed to be a secret band, okay?!) seemed to work. For those of you unfamiliar with this band's lineup, it is the next band of TAKERU (タケル) from Dear, a Rockstar Records' band that was essentially shafted from releasing any material other than 2 omnibus songs as a result of poor management. He briefly went on to Irodori (彩-イロドリ-), but they didn't last longer than a year and a half. Hopefully this band continues to bring him more success!


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I don’t even remember Dear existing lol.

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