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Zeke Deux のニュース

2022-04-06 23:09:00 Seraphim
Zeke Deux new mini-album: “Advance to Glory”

Zeke Deux will release a new mini-album.

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2022-02-09 05:47:00 Seraphim
Lineup change for Zeke Deux

Zeke Deux's lineup will change:

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2022-01-12 20:37:00 kumika
Zeke Deux new demotape: “Awake ~From The Darkness~”

Zeke Deux will release a new demotape.

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2021-11-30 06:22:00 Seraphim
the Reveude last single: “Dear...Pain&Roses”

the Reveude (the Reveude -リヴード-) will release a new single.

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2021-11-08 00:05:00 suji
Scarlet Valse will indefinitely pause activities

Scarlet Valse will pause activities in March 2022.

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2021-10-05 02:55:00 Seraphim
Zeke Deux first release + first live

Zeke Deux will hold their first live on November 11th.

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2021-09-07 22:13:00 Ryu
Mysterious new unit: Zeke Deux

New unit Zeke Deux will begin their activity on November 11h.

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