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2021-07-22 23:16:00 Ryu
KiD new mini-album: “Hozo wo Kamu”

KiD is ex- R-Shitei (R指定) guitarist Kaede (楓) solo project and he will release his first new mini-album.

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2020-05-27 02:00:00 Ryu
An interview with DIVEL

This week vkgy interviews visual kei band DIVEL

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2019-12-22 11:38:53 Ryu
R-shitei will go on hiatus

R-Shitei (R指定) will go on hiatus after their tour final on December 29th.

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2019-08-14 14:06:00 Seraphim
R-shitei new maxi-single: “CLIMAX”

R-Shitei (R指定) will release a new maxi-single.

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2019-06-12 23:39:03 inartistic
Visual Kei mascot 「Buinyasu」 first artist photos?! [PR]

Cute and msterious mascot 「Buinyasu」 has released VK-like artist photos.

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2019-05-26 18:39:01 inartistic
R Shitei: new PV DVD and live DVD

R-Shitei (R指定) will release two new DVDs.

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