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2021-08-25 07:18:00 kumika
PENICILLIN to release two new maxi-singles with a luxurious pamphlet

PENICILLIN will release two new maxi-singles with a luxurious pamphlet. Both of them are build-to-order and orders can be made directly on the web shop of the label DUPLEX DEVELOPMENTS JAPAN.

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2021-08-18 02:32:00 Seraphim
WARNER has catalogued a dozen PENICILLIN Music Videos

WARNER MUSIC JAPAN has officially uploaded a dozen of PENICILLIN 's music videos to YouTube.

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2021-07-14 09:00:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - July 2021

This month's featured artist is: i.D.A !

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2020-10-09 05:50:00 cherrylng
Live report of PENICILLIN's first ever no audience livestreamed live!

This is a live report about PENICILLIN's first ever livestreamed show without an audience for their drummer O-JIRO's birthday celebration "Tonosama GIG"!

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2020-06-10 17:21:00 Seraphim
All visual kei bands on Spotify in 2023

Every day, there are more and more visual kei bands on Spotify. Although it's great to have access to vkei on streaming services, it's increasingly difficult to keep track of what is available where. We hope that this page can help you find vkei music more easily.

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2020-05-30 00:00:00 inartistic
KISAKI releases first new song in two years to support ROCKMAYKAN

KISAKI will release a new song in support of livehouse ROCKMAYKAN.

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2020-03-18 03:00:00 inartistic
An interview with Shuuen no Rasetsu

Today we have an exclusive interview with new vkei band Shuuen NO Rasetsu (終焉ノ羅刹).

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2019-10-09 16:13:04 Seraphim
PENICILLIN new mini-album: “Kuuron Atama -KOWLOON HEAD-”

PENICILLIN will release a new mini-album.

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2019-09-30 03:42:00 inartistic
Interview: Crazy Monster ~HALLOWEEN PARTY 2019~

This year's edition of live event Crazy Monster ~HALLOWEEN PARTY 2019~ will be held around the Kanto area in October.

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2018-12-10 14:39:57 Seraphim
PENICILLIN new single PV “MEGALOMANIA no Tsubasa”

PENICILLIN will put out a new single PV.

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2018-10-18 16:22:49 Seraphim
PENICILLIN new mini-album “MEGALOMANIA no Tsubasa”

PENICILLIN will put out a new mini-album.

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