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MIRAGE のニュース

2022-09-01 09:47:00 inartistic

KISAKI has announced the first in a series of events celebrating his 30 years of band activity.

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2022-08-15 23:35:00 inartistic
25th anniversary Matina omnibus announced!!

In 1997, Matina opened its doors and changed the course of visual kei. Now, 25 years from that date, an omnibus celebrating its brilliance has been announced!

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2022-07-21 19:36:00 deleted_user_400
Sacrifice announces second single: Candy Rouge

Sacrifice has announced their second single!

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2022-07-19 07:31:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - July 2022

This month's featured artist is: Bue (ぶえ)!

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2022-04-26 01:01:00 Seraphim
MIRAGE new single: “MIST”

MIRAGE will release a new single.

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2022-04-05 21:51:00 inartistic
Our interview with MIRAGE about their new start

Please enjoy our interview with the members of MIRAGE!

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2022-01-16 12:16:00 inartistic
MIRAGE begins Third Period with new members and full album!

MIRAGE has announced details about their full revival.

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2021-12-14 23:53:00 inartistic
MIRAGE returns in 2022!

KISAKI announced today that MIRAGE will return in 2022!

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2021-11-03 00:50:00 Seraphim
KISAKI releases repressed demo CD from 90s gothic vkei band “GARDEN”

garden's only demotape is now available in CD form.

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2021-09-25 00:36:00 inartistic
MIRAGE performs for first time in 3 years as special guest at non-genre event

MIRAGE has announced details about their November live.

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2021-05-30 16:03:00 inartistic
KISAKI announces the next volume of legendary event “Rin・ne・ten・sei~A RETURN OF VISUAL MONSTER~” with EIJI!!

KISAKI has announced that the next volume of the legendary revival event series will be held in October!

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