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La'veil MizeriA のニュース

2022-06-01 22:39:00 Seraphim
La'veil MizeriA new full album: “Juujika ni Sasagu Sangeki no MARIA”

La'veil MizeriA will release a new full album.

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2022-05-07 02:11:00 suji
DazzlingBAD new maxi-single: “Sanctuary”

DazzlingBAD will release a new maxi-single.

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2022-04-05 21:51:00 inartistic
Our interview with MIRAGE about their new start

Please enjoy our interview with the members of MIRAGE!

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2022-03-19 02:54:00 Seraphim
Marvelous Cruelty new releases

Marvelous Cruelty will put out a few new releases, including an omnibus with Misanthrope and La'veil MizeriA.

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2022-01-16 12:16:00 inartistic
MIRAGE begins Third Period with new members and full album!

MIRAGE has announced details about their full revival.

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2021-11-16 23:18:00 inartistic
Giveaway: Win a full album or maxi-single by La'veil MizeriA!

Hello everyone, we're holding a small social media giveaway!

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2021-08-23 11:00:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - August 2021

This month's featured artist is: La'veil MizeriA !

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2021-07-17 23:38:00 omoide_no_kage
La'veil MizeriA's two new maxi-singles: “Ketteisou” and “Tsukishigure”

La'veil MizeriA will release two new maxi-singles.

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2021-03-30 16:23:00 omoide_no_kage
glamscure announces 6th anniversary event: "Kindan no Kajitsu~Dai Ni Gikyoku~"

glamscure has just announced their 6th anniversary event: "Kindan no Kajitsu~Dai Ni Gikyoku~ (禁断ノ果実~第二戯曲~)" that will take place on April 23rd at Ikebukuro CHOP (池袋手刀). It's going to be a two-man show featuring La'veil MizeriA and just like back in 2017, when the bands performed together during "Kindan no Kajitsu (禁断ノ果実)" event, a live-limited split single will be available.

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