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妃&関西貴族 のニュース

2017-12-31 00:49:00 inartistic

KISAKI continues to prepare for MIRAGE's one-day(?) revival and Matina memorial live. Here's a summary of recent events:

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2016-01-29 15:30:00 inartistic
A few KISAKI and LIN updates

KISAKI mystery meeting, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) talk session, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) web appearance, and Shingen Kichi SPECIAL stream:

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2015-11-19 00:14:00 inartistic
UCP session band, Rame in an ambulance, & upcoming reunion?

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION session band Shingen Kichi SPECIAL ~PERMANENT BAND~ (神言基地SPECIAL ~パーマネントバンド~) successfully completed its live at Abeno ROCKTOWN. They played several staples of Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku (妃&関西貴族) setlists:

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2014-09-07 14:51:00 inartistic
LIN latest bootleg DVDs

LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) has upped another batch of 1-copy-limited bootleg live DVD-Rs to their official web shop today: MIRAGE [1][1], [2][2], [3][3], and [Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku (妃&関西貴族)][4].

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2014-08-27 00:30:00 inartistic
LIN official web shop updates

LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)'s official web shop has had a number of updates (namely, a metric shit-ton of 1-copy-limited bootleg live DVDs). So here's a little roundup:

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2011-05-21 01:44:00 anonymous
[Archived] Lin session event details

Earlier this month, I made a post about the upcoming 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)) summer festival. At that live, each member will hold a special session—those special sessions have just been revealed.

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2011-01-25 08:22:00 anonymous
[Archived] UNDER CODE / iTunes roundup

I noticed that Cu[be]'s latest single is available for purchase through iTunes, so I thought I'd post about all the UNDER CODE stuff that's currently available there. Buying through iTunes is a much cheaper way to support the label, so please consider it next time you're on the edge about buying a release!

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2011-01-17 15:00:00 anonymous
[Archived] Vote on free t-shirt winner!

Ok, the contest to win a free WE LOVE UCP t-shirt is officially closed. Now it's up to you guys to look through the proposed tracklists and vote for your favorite one! Whoever gets the most votes wins! The poll will be closed by Wednesday.

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2010-08-11 01:48:00 anonymous
[Archived] Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku live

妃&関西貴族 (Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku (妃&関西貴族)), KISAKI's long-running session band, has announced their first live in years! The session band will be performing at a KERA fashion event. And this time it's comprised of Arc and ClearVeil members!

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2005-05-06 15:16:00 anonymous
[Archived] (Untitled post 2005-05-06)

I'm looking for the Discography or at least line ups of the bands KISAKI was in.

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