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ジルドレ のニュース

2022-10-01 00:01:00 inartistic
JIRUDORE new members and visuals revealed!

JIRUDORE (ジルドレ), who we previously interviewed has gained two new members!

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2021-11-26 13:38:00 suji
Guitarist Natsuki leaves JIRUDORE

JIRUDORE (ジルドレ)'s lineup has changed:

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2021-07-14 09:00:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - July 2021

This month's featured artist is: i.D.A !

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2021-05-08 04:05:00 inartistic
JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) reveals new look and full album details!!

Continuing from their emergency announcement, JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) reveals more about their 2nd anniversary plans!

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2021-05-06 06:16:00 inartistic
Emergency announcement from JIRUDORE (ジルドレ): 2nd anniversary and first full album!

Indie darlings JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) will celebrate their 2nd anniversary on May 8th! In celebration, the band has made three sudden announcements.

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2020-12-15 03:23:24 Seraphim
JIRUDORE new single: “Nokosareta Ai no 「KATACHI」”

JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) has released a new single.

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2020-07-31 19:00:49 Seraphim
JIRUDORE new single: “Manatsu no Dokuyoubi”

JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) has released a new summery single.

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2020-06-10 17:21:00 Seraphim
All visual kei bands on Spotify in 2024

Every day, there are more and more visual kei bands on Spotify. Although it's great to have access to vkei on streaming services, it's increasingly difficult to keep track of what is available where. We hope that this page can help you find vkei music more easily.

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2020-03-25 02:01:00 inartistic
An interview with JIRUDORE

Today we have an exclusive interview with vkei band JIRUDORE (ジルドレ).

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2020-03-02 11:09:31 deleted_user_400
JIRUDORE new single: “boku to 「boku」”

JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) will release a new single.

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2019-12-02 16:09:53 Seraphim
JIRUDORE two new singles: "Maria" and "JOKER"

JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) will release two new singles.

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2019-07-22 03:27:50 suji
JIRUDORE new maxi-single: “Anata no Tame ni...”

JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) will release a new maxi-single.

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2019-03-07 18:08:31 suji
New band: JIRUDORE

New band JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) have formed on March 8th.

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