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2018-05-14 11:18:44

KACCHIN (カッチン), longtime friend of KISAKI, will celebrate the 15th anniversary of his bar Bar Paradox with a special live event featuring a gorgeous lineup:

2018-01-23 04:57:54
Doppelgänger bands

As the artist database expands, it gains more “doppelgänger bands”—bands which share the same name and are hard to tell apart. Today, I'd like to share some of the more interesting cases I've run across.

2018-01-17 20:27:51
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi and Ren final(?) releases

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) and Sanada Ren (真田 廉) have announced their final(?) mail-order releases.


2017-10-03 15:09:25

LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is selling a few things, and I noticed two items of note:


2016-11-08 13:59:00
ex-UCP members Taku memorial band will perform

Today in heartwarming news: HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新) bassist/leader Yoshi (善) has announced that his session band--featuring several UNDER CODE PRODUCTION alumni--will perform at the December 9th edition of the Taku (拓) memorial event.


2015-12-31 15:45:00
Ren solo live and Mis†ake revival

Sanada Ren (真田 廉) (of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし)) has mentioned that Nanjou Riku (南條 戮) (of chariots) will appear at his 2016-01-11 solo live at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) JU-ZA.

2015-10-12 17:55:00
Selling some stuff

Hi everyone~ It's Piyuchan here wants to share with you sales blog ^^/

2015-08-24 19:22:00
Recap of Ren (Tatoeba Konna Hanashi) 2015 activities

Here's a chronological recap of what Ren (Dali, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), etc.) and his projects have been up to this year:


2014-06-08 09:50:00
More limited releases from Ren project BALA★NCE

The other day, Sanada Ren (真田 廉) (真田 廉) (ex-Dali, etc.), announced his new project BALA★NCE. He mentioned that they would release a CD at their first live on 2014-06-11―instead, they'll actually release three things.

2014-06-04 00:39:00
Ren (Dali ~ Tatoeba Konna Hanashi) new project

Sanada Ren (真田 廉)―vocalist of Dali, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) (たとえばこんなはなし), etc.―has announced his latest musical project: BALA★NCE.

2014-05-31 01:29:00
Paranoid≠circuS and BEST BROTHERS updates

So, PARANOID≠CIRCUS is the band of ex-SUZAKU (朱) (朱) roadies, and THE BEST BROTHERS is the band of ex-Dali roadies. Here's a roundup of the latest news from both:

2014-02-22 16:24:00
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi revealed

2014-01-08 02:17:00
2 Gatsu 22 Nichi details forming

Prototype band 2-gatsu 22-nichi, Sekai wa Bokura wo Shiru. (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。) (2がつ22にち、せかいほぼくらをしる。) has released details for the live which is foretold by their name: oneman live Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will be held on 2014-02-22 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) LIVE HOUSE D'.


2013-12-28 10:25:00
2 Gatsu 22 Nichi bits

A few updates on 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。):

2013-11-30 21:41:00
SAN and ARU in session

ex-NEGA guitarist SAN and ex-Vior gloire drummer ARU (アル) will perform in a session band called Jikkentai NEMESIS (実験体NEMESIS) (実験体NEMESIS) 【V. Saica (ex-Reeper) / G. SAN (ex-NEGA) / G. Ao (ex-paradeis) / B. (undecided) / D. ARU (ex-Vior gloire)】 on 2013-12-31 at Ash OSAKA. By the way, ex-Dali~LOTMAN (ロットマン) new band 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。) will also perform at that event.

2013-11-30 14:00:00
2 Gatsu 22 Nichi member updates

2013-11-26 03:15:00
Dali~LOTMAN new band revealed―sort of

LOTMAN (ロットマン)-new-band-revealed-sort-of/">

2013-11-22 08:02:00
Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji will perform

Long-running session UNDER CODE PRODUCTION session band Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji (罪団法人黒十字) (罪団法人黒十字) will perform in 2014―sort of. The session classically features dual vocalists Ren (ex-Dali) and RIKU (ex-LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)), but RIKU will not appear this time; the session has therefore been renamed to Zaidan Hitori Kurojuuji (罪団1人黒十字). Besides Ren, the session will also feature LOTMAN (ロットマン) guitarist SORA and ex-Vior gloire bassist RENA.

2013-11-18 23:47:00
Mis†ake to release new CD

Mis†ake, the 90's dark visual alter-ego band of Dali, will release a new CD at the disbandment live of LOTMAN (ロットマン) (ロットマン) on 2013-11-25. The CD contains 4 new songs (the titles of which are unknown), costs 2,000 yen, and is limited to 44 copies.

2013-09-30 15:23:00
LOTMAN last live announced

LOTMAN (ロットマン) (ロットマン) has announced the details of their last live, which will be held on November 25 (and will be limited to 150 attendees). ex-Dali alter-ego band Mis†ake will also release their last song on that day.

2013-09-22 21:51:00
FUTURISM・BOYZ' UNDER CODE family session event

FUTURISM・BOYZ vocalist CO- is sponsoring a session event comprised almost entirely of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band members! Check out the awesome lineup below:

2013-09-10 23:30:00
LOTMAN to disband(?)

2013-08-13 22:21:00
Dali and LOTMAN updates

Two minor updates: LOTMAN (ロットマン) announced an event and Dali updated their blog.

2013-06-13 17:58:00
Dali's countdown ends

Dali had been [counting down the days][1] until their disbandment live. On the image for day “0” (the day of their disbandment), a new countdown was started from “34”. In true Dali fashion, the band reached only “33” of the new countdown before lazily abandoning it―but the “0” day was reached on June 6th, and they sort of did something.

2013-05-31 21:19:00

2013-04-24 18:40:00
Dali's mysterious countdown

On Monday, Dali updated their official blog, posting an image of the number 10. Every day since then, the band has been [counting down][1] with [similar][2] [posts][3]...

2013-04-18 21:27:00
[Archived] Small sale

I'm in need for money, so I have to sell something from my collection. Mostly Under Code stuff!

2013-01-24 19:05:00
[Archived] Still selling!!!


2013-01-15 10:15:00


2012-12-31 13:24:00
UNDER CODE last birthday event

2012-12-01 17:33:00
LOTMAN announces lives

[![]( (ロットマン).png)]( (ロットマン).png)

2012-11-02 17:38:00
[Archived] Still selling!

Hi Undercode fans!

2012-10-27 14:10:00
[Archived] (Updated Nov 7) Lots of cheap CDs (incl. Matina & Undercode) for sale

Here are some visual kei CDs and other items for sale. Originally, I was just cleaning out my personal collection, but I will start selling items for friends here in Tokyo as well, so the list will be updated every now and then. About 80 new items have been added, and there have been a few cancellations of orders, so I took the liberty of creating a new post.

2012-10-01 20:49:00
[Archived] Still selling!

Hi Under Code fans ^_^

2012-09-22 21:22:00
Alter-ego release from Dali

2012-09-20 16:32:00
WE LOVE UNDER CODE privilege sharing program

Although it's ahead of schedule, I'm happy to announce the WE LOVE UNDER CODE privilege sharing program!

2012-09-04 05:38:00
FUTURISM・BOYZ first anniversary.


2012-08-26 00:39:00
NAGOYA threeman

2012-08-23 18:10:00
[Archived] Selling...

Hi Undercode fans,

2012-08-09 02:44:00
[Archived] Kisaki, Phantasmagoria, Syndrome, SIVA,

Hi people. have the following Undercode and Matina items for sale:

2012-07-02 22:24:00
[Archived] ☆ HUGE VK SALE ☆

Hi, I am having a major visual kei sale at my sale journal, and I have several UNDER CODE items that some of you might be interested in! ♥CD/DVD:

2012-06-29 14:07:00
Limited releases now on sale

2012-05-07 17:55:00
[Archived] New prices!!!

Hi dear UnderCode fans!

2012-04-22 03:22:00
[Band Profile] KAKASHI

So, long story short, I discovered a folder of webpages that I'd saved years ago, and that inspired me to dig up a little more information about an old band called カカシ (KAKASHI (カカシ)).

2012-04-13 20:39:00
[Archived] I'm selling...

Hi Under Code fans,

2012-04-07 17:33:00
[Archived] Selling an old Radifia cassette & Under Code postcard books

Hi guys~ I have an old Radifia demo tape that needs a new home. If that band sounds familiar, it's because their guitarist, Rame, went on to play bass in VIDOLL. That little item is up on Ebay [here][1] (I have two Key Party tapes up as well).

2012-03-16 14:01:00
[Archived] Dali Limited Releases available at CDJapan

I was so excited when I saw this I wanted to let other Dali fans know! Some of Dali's previously live or UCP Webshop only releases are now available at CDJapan. Ryusei Koba is a sweet and melancholy song that became an instant favourite for me, and 25:55 has a CD cover that was hand-drawn by Ren. They're only 1000yen each, so cheap~!

2012-03-14 22:00:00
[Archived] 「FREEDOM 20120314」

KISAKI just posted the infos about their oneman live held yesterday (the numbers between parentheses are the results of the fan's poll for DECIDE the setlist) :-SET LIST- SE

2012-03-14 01:45:00
UNDER CODE 9th anniversary addition

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION recently announced an additional event to its “RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS” live series, which celebrates its 9th anniversary.

2012-02-25 03:04:00
REIYA's birthday event

RIKU and KANATA of 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)) recently held their birthday events, and KISAKI will hold his soon—so what about poor REIYA?! He announced his own birthday event today, which will take place in April.

2012-02-19 02:47:00

UNDER CODE is sponsoring an event for 兼継 (Kentz), ex drummer of 「あゃ」 (「Aya」) and chariots, as he retires from the music scene. (I mentioned this live in a [previous post][1], but full details have since been revealed.)

2012-01-25 03:56:00
[Archived] Update: 9th anniversary fan book due dates

Ok, I didn't receive any more suggestions, so I'm going to call this the final plan.

2012-01-23 10:51:00
9th anniversary fan book

Ok, I didn't receive any more suggestions, so I'm going to call this the final plan.

2012-01-02 03:18:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE 2011 Year in Review

UNDER CODE entered 2011 in a bit of a transitory state. Megaromania was only half active, NEGA was on hiatus, E'm ~grief~ had just disbanded, Arc and Synside were set to disband, and HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新) vocalist Taku had just died. After having, in my opinion, its worst year in 2010, UNDER CODE started 2011 in a low spot.

2012-01-01 01:36:00
Kansai Seiatsu report

Well, Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012 is officially over, and it was incredible! For those of you who attended the live stream, I'm so glad I got to share that moment with you! For those of you who couldn't watch, I did my best to keep track of the setlists. So here are those, plus some mini reports. Enjoy! And let's hope that there will be more events like this in the future!


2011-12-31 06:06:00

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced some special events to celebrate its 9th anniversary! The event series is called RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS.

2011-12-11 21:01:00
[Archived] New prices for you!!!

Hi Under Code fans,

2011-12-04 23:17:00
[Archived] 凛 new flyer scan

i got some new flyer from the visual kei shops in Japan. i have still REALies, NEGA, Megaromania, Dali, spiv states, Kaiki!! Doubutsu AGITATOR (怪奇!!動物アジテーター), undercode countdown event, chariots, cindy kate, RIKU and KANATA birthday event.write if u need something more.

2011-11-28 19:01:00
[Archived] New and old items!

Hi Under Code fans,

2011-11-08 20:48:00
[Archived] More new items and new prices!


2011-11-05 05:54:00

I'm happy to announce that the WE LOVE UNDER CODE sponsored virtual live has officially been decided!! VIRTUAL SUPPRESSION will be held on November 19th (Saturday), streaming online worldwide through USTREAM.

2011-11-04 22:59:00
[Archived] Kansai Seiatsu addition...

An additional band will appear at UNDER CODE's New Year countdown event... 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-))! It has just been decided that LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) will play and do the honors of the countdown to 2012. I'm glad that they decided to appear after all!

2011-11-03 13:23:00
[Archived] Dali update

Dali's new flyer has been published, so I have some updates for you:

2011-10-17 10:27:00
[Archived] Official shop group order (KISAKI PROJECT + NEGA)

Hey guys. I'm opening a group order from UNDER CODE OFFICIAL WEB SHOP.

2011-10-17 10:23:00
[Archived] New goods at official web shop

The official web shop has just added some new goods!

2011-09-25 04:01:00
[Archived] Actually, two new songs from Dali

It seems that Dali will release two limited singles in upcoming months. I previously reported that the new song 25:55 would be released on 2012-01-11, but now it seems that there's to be another before that: らりるれろ (Rarirurero) will be released on 2011-11-11.

2011-09-23 02:23:00
[Archived] Dali has a new look...

Dali has a new look, and it's fucking great!![][1]

2011-09-20 19:17:00
[Archived] Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012 and special session night

Yay! UNDER CODE's annual Christmas and New Year events have been announced! First up is the 13th edition of UNDER CODE's semi-annual session night event.

2011-09-12 09:47:00
[Archived] Lin's emergency announcement + twitter surprise

Last night, KISAKI tweeted that he was in an emergency meeting and would be making an urgent announcement at 17:00. Well, the announcement is here: 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)) will hold a free oneman live in Nagoya!

2011-08-31 20:06:00
[Archived] Cu[be] and Vior gloire free event

Cu[be] and Vior gloire have announced that they've co-produced a free live event! The event is called U・C・P BLACK BATTLE and will be held on 2011-09-18 at HOLIDAY OSAKA—but it will be limited to 250 attendees only!

2011-08-26 00:14:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE Halloween Party 2011

UNDER CODE has just announced that it will host a Halloween party event this year. The event, 地下線マスカレイド (Chikasen /Masquerade/), will be held on October 29th and will feature a handful of label bands—all of which will play under pseudonyms (and, presumably, will dress to match). Additionally, some sort of “Halloween surprise” will occur at the end of the event.

2011-08-22 16:26:00
[Archived] WE LOVE UNDER CODE poster

Hey guys! I recently designed a WE LOVE UNDER CODE poster for myself, but I thought that some of you might like one too. So, take a look, and if you're interested, you can contact me to buy one!

2011-08-10 08:29:00
[Archived] new Dali release announced!

KISAKI announced on his blog that Dali will release a new CD sometime in December.

2011-08-05 17:30:00
[Archived] Dali free oneman goods

Dali is holding a free oneman on the 8th called ダリコレ2011 pajamas (/Dali/ COLLECTION 2011 pajamas) at HOLIDAY OSAKA. (And hopefully you knew that—the band has been holding up flyers for the oneman in every picture they've been featured in, including the Style Council I just posted about |D)

2011-06-25 21:08:00
[Archived] Lyrics: SUZAKU - Magaru Suiren Kakeru

Lyrics again! I'd been wanting to do these for a while, and I finally got my CDs this past week, so~ I have to say, they're not quite on the level of, say, early-12012, but some of these SUZAKU (朱) lyrics are quite cool. And hard to romanize :D Well anyway, enjoy:

2011-06-21 13:04:00
[Archived] Contest: KING of UNDER CODE TRIVIA VOL:α

Last time there was a set of four questions. The first was what is KISAKI's real name? This was pretty straightforward and all of you got it right: Tadashi “KISAKI” Matsuura.

2011-06-20 17:43:00

A new “UNDER CODE PRODUCTION BATTLE EVENT” series was announced today. Each event in the series will see UNDER CODE “battling” one of three fellow labels: DUAL CORE SOUND ENTERPRISE, Double River Record, and Planet CHILD Music.

2011-06-16 13:59:00
[Archived] SCUBER DIVE 2011

The first set of bands has been announced for this year's SCUBER DIVE. A handful of UNDER CODE bands have already been confirmed, and I'm sure more will be when upcoming sets are announced.

2011-06-08 08:47:00
[Archived] KING of TRIVIA prizes

Since I never got around to it before, here's a quick post about the prizes for the trivia contest.

2011-05-30 13:04:00
[Archived] Dali free oneman

Dali has “hastily decided” to hold a free oneman this August! The oneman will be part of their ダリコレ2011 (Dali COLLE 2011) series, and this entry will be called... pajamas! Yep.

2011-05-21 00:16:00
[Archived] Phantasmagoria tribute live 2011

KISAKI just announced that Phantasmagoria tribute live will be held this year! This one, like last year's, will be held in conjunction with VISUNAVI, as part of their SUMMER Masquerade live series. As with previous tribute lives, the participating bands will play Phantasmagoria songs, and a everyone will get together at the end to play 神 歌 (Kamiuta).

2011-04-30 13:35:00
[Archived] New band 2!: Vior gloire

UNDER CODE hasn't officially announced this one yet, but the second new band is called Vior gloire! (I suppose they were going for French, “see glory”?) As I said, they don't have a page up at the OHP yet, but this image was uploaded in a folder:![][1]

2011-04-26 02:30:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE live DVD!!

UNDER CODE has announced the release of a new omnibus live DVD—the first since early 2008! The footage was filmed at UNDER CODE's 8th anniversary live on 2011-03-10, and features all the bands that appeared at that live, with the exception of Synside and 妃&関西貴族 (KISAKI & Kansai Kizoku).

2011-04-25 00:30:00
[Archived] Final UNITED LINK for JAPAN band

If you recall, the UNDER CODE sponsored charity live, UNITED LINK for JAPAN, had one more band to be revealed on March 24th.

2011-04-18 23:03:00
[Archived] PERESTROIKA's PAIИZ samples

PERESTROIKA's first mini-album, PAIИZ, is set to be released this Wednesday, 2011-04-20. If you haven't bought it yet, do it! But in the meantime, you can listen to previews of the entire mini at Amazon.

2011-04-17 16:32:00
[Archived] Arc live-limited CDs

Arc has announced a special CD campaign for their last oneman tour, 以心伝心 (Ishindenshin). At each of the three stops on the tour, a special CD will be sold. Each CD will be limited to 50 copies, and will contain a new song, which has until now been “stored away,” written by a member of Arc.

2011-04-17 01:24:00
[Archived] CindyKate new single and tour

If you recall, CindyKate (シンディケイト) had been planning a free oneman tour to take place throughout March and April, but postponed it due to the earthquake. As of today, the tour has officially been cancelled, to be replaced by a new one:

2011-04-14 22:09:00
[Archived] Cu[be] sponsored event

Cu[be] recently announced an addendum to their sponsored event series Radical party. The new volume will be held in Toyko/Osaka/Nagoya, and although it isn't to celebrate anything in particular, it's important for them nonetheless.

2011-04-14 19:43:00
[Archived] Dali and Megaromania twoman + events

It has been suddenly decided that Dali and Megaromania will hold a versus twoman in May. A special version of the long-running Chikasen TOP5 session band will also appear as a special guest. Finally, a new band (featuring ex-brodiaea guitarist KEI!) will appear as an opening act, and there will be a special large session at the end.

2011-04-14 13:09:00
[Archived] UNITED LINK for JAPAN additional bands

As promised, the second set of bands that will appear at UNITED LINK for JAPAN has been announced today. (For information on the event, please see the original post.)

2011-04-07 17:50:00
[Archived] Dali tracklisting

I know this is totally surprising, but UNDER CODE never released the tracklisting for Dali's new single. The single was released yesterday, so, thanks to shops, we now have that info:

2011-04-04 02:29:00
[Archived] Lin's 1st anniversary festival

Some time ago, 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)) announced that they would hold a “1st anniversary festival;” details of the event have just recently been announced.

2011-03-31 13:50:00
[Archived] UNITED LINK for JAPAN charity items (+omnibus)

As part of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's earthquake charity campaign, UNITED LINK for JAPAN, two special items will be sold at the web shop, and all profits will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. The items will go on sale on 2011-04-15. (Anyone who buys these items will be eligible for a ticket to the UNITED LINK for JAPAN charity event on April 30th, although that doesn't really apply to us.)

2011-03-14 06:02:00
[Archived] Live postponements due to earthquake

Here's the current list of UNDER CODE live postponements/cancellations due to the recent earthquake:

2011-01-25 08:22:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE / iTunes roundup

I noticed that Cu[be]'s latest single is available for purchase through iTunes, so I thought I'd post about all the UNDER CODE stuff that's currently available there. Buying through iTunes is a much cheaper way to support the label, so please consider it next time you're on the edge about buying a release!

2011-01-20 21:58:00
[Archived] Free t-shirt winner

Ok guys, the contest is over and we have a clear winner...

2011-01-17 15:00:00
[Archived] Vote on free t-shirt winner!

Ok, the contest to win a free WE LOVE UCP t-shirt is officially closed. Now it's up to you guys to look through the proposed tracklists and vote for your favorite one! Whoever gets the most votes wins! The poll will be closed by Wednesday.

2011-01-14 23:03:00

O hai gaiz!

2011-01-14 15:57:00
[Archived] STAND UP SONIC cover

The cover of Arc's omnibus STAND UP SONIC has been revealed. What do you think?

2011-01-12 08:42:00
[Archived] New release and lives for Dali!!

Dali has fiiiiiinally announced some new activities!

2011-01-10 17:44:00
[Archived] Selling

Selling flyers by Arc, chariots (+trigger A-Type single), Cu[be], Dali, NEGA, PERESTROЇKA & Rin/Lin

2011-01-08 19:20:00
[Archived] ~Selling Dali cheki~

Hey everyone,


2010-12-31 16:59:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE 8th anniversary event

UNDER CODE has just announced its 8th anniversary (!) event, DYNAMITE EXPLOSION. The event will take place over three days: 2011-03-06, 03-08, and 03-10. The event seems pretty standard, aside from Lycaon participating, but there is one really cool thing about it...

2010-12-31 15:46:00
[Archived] New Year live goods

At UNDER CODE's 2010-12-31 New Year event, several special goods were sold.

2010-12-24 15:53:00
[Archived] Official web shop photoset sale

The official web shop has added a handful of recent photosets. Most are new/recent, but a few are older. Here's the full list:

2010-12-18 19:57:00
[Archived] Arc's final events

Arc has announced their final live events leading up to their last live. First up, they'll hold a 2 day sponsored event. After that, they'll hold a sponsored event marking their first and last &ldrquo;triumphant” return to Nara. And finally, their last oneman tour, which includes their last live on 2011-04-30. Details below.

2010-12-18 18:26:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE Secret Santa update

Ok Secret Santas! It's December 18th—a week until Christmas!!

2010-12-16 07:51:00

It's that time of the year again~ UNDER CODE has announced the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP SPECIAL FAIR, which will take place from 2010-12-21 to 2011-03-31. I'm sure many cool goods will be for sale during the fair, but for now, only a few things have been announced:

2010-11-22 03:16:00
[Archived] Arc's omnibus events

Arc is taking over HOLIDAY OSAKA every Saturday in February! They've announced that they'll be holding weekly sponsored event series called SONIC LINK to celebrate the release of their omnibus STAND UP SONIC.

2010-11-12 04:13:00
[Archived] Session night bands revealed

UNDER CODE has revealed the participating session bands for the upcoming session night!

2010-11-07 01:06:00
[Archived] Sales Post (postcard books)

Hello all~ I have five Undercode postcard books that need new homes ASAP. They're all first prints and all postcards included. Artists pictured are 12012, VIDOLL, Phantasmagoria, Karen, Pasha, Dali, Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A (秘密結社コドモA), and Makoto from Doremidan.

2010-10-20 10:57:00
[Archived] Dali oneman and two day sponsored event

Dali has announced their annual January 11th oneman, as well as a two day sponsored event. And just to spite me (us), they've DECIDE to have another live-limited release of new songs!

2010-10-20 10:49:00
[Archived] CindyKate, Megaromania, and Lin in new SHOXX omnibus

SHOXX has decided to release a new omnibus in February to promote the bands that are building a new visual kei scene. The omnibus will be comprised of two discs (some new songs, some “rare” songs), and will be mail-order only. Those who order early will receive a cheki of the band of their choice (“main side” bands only--see below), as well as a special certificate that they can bring to the supporting tour, for which they'll receive a special, unspecified present.

2010-10-16 17:08:00
[Archived] Shikkoku no SYMPHONY live photographs

Live photographs of several UNDER CODE bands are available for purchase through and 7-Eleven. The photos seem to have been taken at the three day 漆黒のシンフォニー (Shikkoku no SYMPHONY) event at 埼玉会館ホール (Saitamakaikan HALL) in August.

2010-09-29 17:02:00
[Archived] Session Night 12 and Kansai Seiatsu 2010~2011

UNDER CODE has begun announcing their yearly holiday lives~ First up is the 12th edition of the “session party” event series that features tons of sessions made up of UCP musicians. This time, it will take place on 2010-12-26 at OSAKA MUSE. The specific sessions haven't been announced yet, but they'll be revealed closer to the date.

2010-09-24 14:08:00
[Archived] Off topic: shirts!

Guess what I got the other day~

2010-09-20 18:51:00
[Archived] Mizufuusen vs NEGA ENTERPRISES

Looks like UNDER CODE's resident session bands 水風船 (Mizufuusen (水風船)) and ㈱ネガエンタープライゼス ((Kabu) NEGA ENTERPRISES) will be holding the ultimate showdown: the loser of this epic live battle may be forced to disband!

2010-09-20 18:25:00
[Archived] chariots new look and release!

In addition to that live tour, chariots finally announced a new release. Like Arc's upcoming single, this one will be live and web shop limited, so it looks like you'll be using a shopping service if you want it! On the plus side, those who purchase from the web shop will receive a signed message DVD.

2010-09-03 01:23:00
[Archived] chariots new sponsored event announced

chariots (now RIKU's solo project, remember) announced its next sponsored event for 2010-11-07. This time, the support members will be... G: 悠 (Yuu, Ultimate Sonic); G: ASHITO; B: 憂里 (Yuuri, Cu[be]); and D: zodd (ex-ZODIA (ゾディア)).

2010-08-01 20:32:00
[Archived] Dali's distributing CD and autumn sponsored event

Dali distributed a new song at their 2010-08-01 live last night. The song is called delete delete, and, uh, if you find it for sale let me know because I'm going crazy over not being able to get it. You can see a picture of the please-God-let-me-get-it CD here.

2010-07-29 08:14:00
[Archived] Poll: If you could fully support UCP bands...

Lately I've been thinking about which upcoming UNDER CODE releases I would buy if money weren't an issue. Aside from my go-to guys Dali, I'm really liking シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) and Synside. But I'm sure the taste among other UCP fans varies.

2010-07-29 01:15:00
[Archived] ClearVeil bootleg live DVDs cancelled

Earlier this month, I mentioned that bootleg live DVDs of ClearVeil's last lives would be sold through the official web shop. Since then, the DVDs have disappeared from the site.

2010-07-22 04:05:00
[Archived] Dali and SOMATIC GUARDIAN Coupling Tour

Dali will be embarking with SOMATIC GUARDIAN on a coupling tour this September called Melancholic Force. The short tour will kick off on 2010-09-03 and will last for only three shows.

2010-06-24 03:24:00
[Archived] Upload: 7th Anniversary Rehearsal DVDs

As promised, I finally got around to uploading those rehearsal DVDs for you guys. If you don't remember what I'm talking about, buying three UNDER CODE 7th anniversary lucky bags got you eight comment + rehearsal DVDs earlier in the year.

2010-05-27 15:52:00
[Archived] Re: Lots of CDs/DVDs for sale...

Yeah I know, selling posts are a dime a dozen these days but I do want these things gone...Im offloading a good portion of my vk collection including current and former Under Code bands (12012, chariots, Dali, hurts, KISAKI PROJECT, NEGA, VIDOLL)

2010-05-06 04:30:00
[Archived] Live Event~

UNDER CODE is sponsoring a really cool event. It's called 地下線ボーカリストシャッフル祭!? (Chikasen VOCALIST SHUFFLE Matsuri!?) and, well, that pretty much says it all. Several UCP bands will play, but with different vocalists: 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新)) with 翠 (Sui); Megaromania with 儿 (Jin); NEGA with 苓 (Ren); Arc with 拓 (Taku); and Dali with KO-JI. The event is to take place on 2010-07-14 at OSAKA MUSE.

2010-04-02 21:32:00
[Archived] Mass Update Part ③

・・・Mass Update Trilogy・・・

2010-04-01 10:00:00
[Archived] Mass Update Part ①

・・・Mass Update Trilogy・・・

2010-03-16 01:43:00
[Archived] 7th Anniversary Lucky Bag

A few more details have been released regarding those UCP 7th anniversary lucky bags I told you about.

2010-03-13 17:26:00
[Archived] Selling UNDER CODE CD/DVD

*CD- 12012 ベルサレム

2010-02-26 12:18:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE's 7th Anniversary

March will mark the 7th anniversary of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's formation. It's a huge milestone for the label, especially because that means it has officially outlasted Matina! To celebrate the anniversary, the label is making some very rare releases available via the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP, for a very limited time only!

2010-01-29 14:58:00
[Archived] Megaromania Update

Megaromania has been featured on VISUNAVI's main page. As you know, Oblivious (details here) will be the band's last release with its current lineup. Each member of Megaromania gave an official comment about that news in the VISUNAVI feature. You can read their comments here.

2010-01-28 19:39:00
[Archived] spiv states

Cure Media USA posted an English interview with spiv states. Read it here. I bet you can't guess who jun's hero is!

2010-01-24 05:13:00
[Archived] Live Events

① Sort of old news, but Phantasmagoria has announced a oneman for 2010-04-05 at 大阪 (Osaka) BIG CAT. The live is called Diamond Dust in Truth ~新たな約束~ (Diamond Dust in Truth ~Aratana Yakusoku~). Here's the catch though: it's a “60 Minute Limited Premium Live.” Tickets are being sold at the special price of 1,500 yen, and they're being sold exclusively through UNDER CODE's mobile site from 2010-01-20 through 2010-01-31 (after which they go on general sale).

2010-01-22 19:33:00
[Archived] Dali Community

I've been running the Dali community at LiveJournal since 2006. For any of you who haven't seen it before, I'd like to invite you to join if you're interested in Dali, シュガーフォークフル (SUGAR FORKFUL (シュガーフォークフル)), or ロットマン (LOTMAN (ロットマン)).

2010-01-22 09:39:00
[Archived] Flyers

I was browsing the OHP and discovered that UCP posted some flyers on the "Artist News" page for some of the bands~!

2010-01-11 11:32:00
[Archived] New Releases!

Arc and ClearVeil finally have updated pictures at the UNDER CODE OHP. See Arc's here and ClearVeil's here.

2010-01-09 05:12:00
[Archived] Selling UNDER CODE/Matina Stuff~

I'm getting rid of a lot of visual kei stuff that I didn't want, and this includes a bunch of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. But unlike most, I'm selling my stuff for good prices! No 10€ singles here, and every price is in USD so you guys can benefit from my currency's poor exchange rate :D! The relevant artists include:

2010-01-01 22:37:00
[Archived] Live Catchup

(Some of this is old news, so don't give me a hard time!)


2009-12-01 15:30:00
[Archived] Release Updates

① The cover and tracklisting of chariots' (Yami) have been revealed. The cover is here, and the tracklisting is below.

2009-11-22 20:10:00
[Archived] Dali

I've refrained from posting Dali news, since there were constant updates for a while. But now that everything seems to be over, here goes!

2009-11-12 16:21:00
[Archived] Request

Hello, I'd like to request some, lets call it bit strange and more from you.

2009-11-02 11:57:00
[Archived] Catching Up

chariots officially changed their logo with the release of (Hikari) back on 2009-10-07. (Definitely old news, but I needed to put it somewhere for future reference.)

2009-09-17 23:25:00
[Archived] Various Bits...

① The cover of chariots 2009-10-07 single, (Hikari), has been revealed via the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP. Check it here. (I don't like their new logo!)

2009-09-06 11:45:00
[Archived] New Band for Ren

Dali's rest period began today, so 苓 (Ren) started a new, temporary band for the meantime. 苓's (Ren's) temporary band is called ロットマン (LOTMAN (ロットマン)), and they already have a maxi-single planned. More details can be found at the Dali LiveJournal community here.

2009-08-04 04:12:00
[Archived] Covers and OFFICIAL WEB SHOP

① The covers of ClearVeil's upcoming maxi-singles have been uploaded at the UNDER CODE OHP. Check them out here.

2009-07-05 13:03:00
[Archived] New band samples

The UCP Homepage has updated some of the samples for the artist pages. Some are older and some are newer.

2009-06-26 11:45:00
[Archived] KISAKI, Pictures, and Privileges

KISAKI will be composing a song, ダークネス (DARKNESS), for the C type of Seven's first single, キラーチューン (KILLER TUNE). Seven is the latest random-ass project by ミチル (MICHIRU), owner of L∞p・Ash RECORDS, and is, for now, a collaboration with 真矢 (Shinya) of LUNA SEA.

2009-06-19 06:37:00
[Archived] ---

① The ranking at UNDER GROUND MUSIC was posted a few days ago.

2009-05-20 05:55:00
[Archived] News Flash

Lots of news today~ Sorry for the flood of awesome.

2009-04-20 09:34:00
[Archived] OHP Updates

① The UNDER CODE OHP has been updated with chariots' new look and new flyer. View the new look here and the flyer here.

2009-04-14 12:13:00
[Archived] Outfits

SIVA's picture at the UNDER CODE OHP has been updated with their new look. See it here.

2009-04-13 02:37:00
[Archived] Dali/SIVA

Dali will be sponsoring a new event on 06-27. The even is entitled TOUKYOU SUMUSUMUMURIKU MELLOW and is to be held at Shinjuku RUIDO K4. The lineup consists of Dali, SIVA, Secilia LUNA, Ashe', JIGORO, ALSDEAD, Lupo Label, and M. (Anyone know what that bit in the middle of the title means?)

2009-03-16 13:01:00
[Archived] Samples

Arc, ClearVeil, Dali, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新)), Megaromania, and SIVA have new samples up at the UNDER CODE OHP. Most of them sound pretty good, so check them out!

2009-03-09 22:30:00

Selling (54)/chariots/Heisei Isshin Mirror

2009-02-20 11:36:00
[Archived] Nihon Seiatsu Update

① [From [KISAKI's blog](] A true final for UNDER CODE's 日本制圧2009 (Nihon Seiatsu 2009) tour has been announced. 日本制圧2009 -FINAL- (Nihon Seiatsu 2009 -FINAL-) will take place on 2009-04-22 at 大阪BIG CAT (Osaka BIG CAT), and will feature chariots, ネガ (NEGA), Arc, Dali, Megaromania, ClearVeil, SIVA, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新)), cocklobin, and a large session band. A DVD of three types will be distributed at the live. Each type will have the same label but different content, so that no one will know which type they have until they watch it.

2009-01-30 23:32:00
[Archived] Videos on Bands Aid

Bands Aid has uploaded some videos of UNDER CODE bands playing lives ... apparently in the FUTURE! It says that Dali and SIVA performed on 2009.09.28! They uploaded videos from [Dali][1], [SIVA][2], [ネガ][3]and along with a [comment from all the bands on UNDER CODE][4]. They look so happy in the comment.

2009-01-20 12:20:00
[Archived] Lots of live news

① It's been revealed that the 日本制圧2009 (Nihon Seiatsu 2009) tour final is actually several lives which are collectively called 渋谷制圧 5DAYS (Shibuya Seiatsu 5DAYS). Here's the complete schedule:

2009-01-20 04:17:00
[Archived] Pictures

① [From UCP OHP] chariots, Dali, and Megaromania have new photos up at the OHP. chariots' photo is the same one that was up before, but with the backlighting removed so that the members can actually be seen (and I have to admit that they look pretty cool). Dali's new look has been up at their personal OHP/Myspace for a while, but is nice nonetheless. Megaromania look awesome! Check out Chikage (the purple one)!

2009-01-17 01:47:00

It's nothing new I'm the bringer of news from Bands @id material regarding our favorite label, but this time it's a special treat!

2009-01-08 15:08:00
[Archived] Dali's New Costumes

Dali's Official site and MySpace were recently updated to include the band's new costumes!


2008-12-19 15:16:00
[Archived] More News

Lots of updates! Let's start.

2008-12-03 22:37:00
[Archived] Outfits and Recordings

① [From Arc's blog] Arc has completed photography of their new outfits. The photoshoot seems to be a nice one (cool backdrop!), and the members themselves have some pretty nice gold-on-red costumes. You can see a small version here.

2008-11-21 09:42:00
[Archived] More Nega, Plus Arc and Dali

① [From the UNDER CODE OHP] More awesome news for ネガ (NEGA) fans: the band will be releasing two brand new singles next year. There are no types, every song is new, and the tracklistings are already announced. Pretty cool! There's also an official privilege; those who buy both new singles at the same time will be eligible to receive a special DVD of some sort. No details regarding the DVD have been given, but more information will be available in the packaging of the CD's themselves.

2008-09-19 11:51:00
[Archived] PMX

For those in Southern Cali or those planning on attending PMX08, there is a poll asking which band you would like to see play there!

2008-09-10 01:13:00
[Archived] PMX Poll

2008-08-15 00:39:00
[Archived] Dali, ClearVeil at B@ndsaid

Back from a week of car wrecks, I bear good news for Dali and ClearVeil fans! If you are a regular at , then you'll get a sneak peak at Dali's new PV for ITAMIWAKE, and ClearVeil's "the dropping sky"! Sadly there is no direct link for the previews -- it is just a commercial on the main page provided in the link above. You may have to wait through a few omnibus clips before you see it, but both look stellar.

2008-08-09 04:12:00
[Archived] New Looks

Dali and Megaromania have new looks. Both can be seen at Brand X: Dali and Megaromania.

2008-08-06 03:37:00
[Archived] Release Info

① The UNDER CODE OHP was just updated with tons of cover art and tracklistings for upcoming releases. It's rare, but it's really nice when UCP updates with that stuff ahead of time (even a few of the updates made today are for releases that are already out). New cover art for Arc, brodiaea, E'm ~grief~, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新)), Lamina, SIVA, and ゾディア (ZODIA (ゾディア)) can be seen at the new release page, tracklistings and other info are below.

2008-07-27 15:30:00
[Archived] (Untitled post 2008-07-27)

Jmusic sale.

2008-07-18 11:41:00
[Archived] Homepage Soundbite Updates + Arc&Dali

① The UCP homepage was recently updated to include several new and changed soundbites for bands -- certainly a good way to get a sneak on the new releases coming up!

2008-06-20 04:49:00
[Archived] New Band, Release News

① As promised, details regarding the new UNDER CODE band have been released. The new band, as expected, is 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新)) and is comprised of at least two(?) members of Anjyu'. The band's concept is "SECOND CULTURE," whatever that means, and its lineup is as follows: 拓 (Taku) on vocals, YUKKIE (most likely ex-Anjyu') on guitar, JILL on guitar, 善 (Yoshi) (definitely ex-Anjyu') on bass, and ライ (Rai) on drums.

2008-06-02 16:15:00
[Archived] Release Information, News

① The UNDER CODE OHP was updated today. Anjyu' has formally been moved from the main page to the disbanded section.

2008-05-13 20:04:00
[Archived] News: New Releases through iTunes

As of May 8th, select UNDER CODE PRODUCTION music is available for purchase of iTunes. It's the first time that UCP has offered digital downloads and I highly recommend purchasing something if you are at all interested; strong support will probably encourage KISAKI to make more available, and it's a LOT cheaper and easier (the iTunes store takes credit cards as well as PayPal) than important CD's or even buying them in Japan. To make the deal a little sweeter, the offerings are iTunes Plus releases, which means that they are basically free of DRM and higher in quality without costing more than normal releases. It's pretty cool, very much worth the small price. Here's the info of what is currently available:

2008-05-10 15:59:00
[Archived] News: New Band, Covers

① The newest episode of KISAKI's bi-weekly radio show revealed another new UNDER CODE band. The band's name is Lamina and they appear to be brand new. Two of the members, vocalist イブキ (Ibuki) and guitarist 晄 (Akira?) are featured as guests in the newest episode, so you can see them by watching it here (you'll need a Bands@id account).

2008-04-02 17:44:00
[Archived] News: Releases

① I'll get right to it. The UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OHP was updated this morning with additional details about several upcoming releases. The cover art of three CDs (by ClearVeil, chariots, and Dali) was posted along with some previously unannounced tracklistings/release information. Covers can be found at the new release page and the new information can be found below.

2008-03-31 19:14:00
[Archived] Zeal Link and Brand X Comment DVD

I sell these two DVD because I need money to buy new...

2008-03-21 06:58:00
[Archived] News: New Band

① More details about the new UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band, Megaromania have been posted. Their lineup is 翠-Sui- on vocals, 美沙麗-Misery- on guitar, 蜘影-Chikage- on guitar, 氷牙-Hyoga- on bass, and 憐蛇-leda- on drums. Their only lives announced this far are a twoman with Deshabillz and participation in a Dali event. They already have three singles planned, all due out on 2008/05/28: 美醜の果実 (Bishuu no Kajitsu), God of Megaromania-純血ノ刻印- (God of Megaromania -Junketsu no Kokuin-), and Angelical Jewelry. Each single will cost 1,260 yen, contain 2 tracks, and be limited to 3,000 pressings. The official OHP (for now) can be found here, and it promises more details soon. (As of right now, there is no image of the band, but there is an image of their logo.)

2008-03-20 06:50:00
[Archived] News: New Band

① Maybe this is old and I'm just crazy, but according to the Deshabillz page at the UNDER CODE OHP, the new UNDER CODE band is called Megaromania. They will be holding a twoman live with Deshabillz on June 1st.

2008-02-22 19:26:00
[Archived] rare dvds for sale

i have a couple of rare dvds with various under code bands (Pashya, Arc, Dali, SIVA, anjyu', hurts, etc) for sale here:

2008-02-13 15:07:00
[Archived] Kibouya Honpo Last Live DVD's!

Looks like Kibouya Honpo is giving us one last farewell present! It's recently been announced that UNDERCODE PRODUCTION will be selling DVD's of their last two performances (Feb 10/11). More information below!

2008-02-04 15:22:00
[Archived] News: Arc, chariots, V.A.

① The tracklistings for the upcoming UNDER CODE omnibus live DVD--High Style Paradox 5 ~NEW BORN "organization"~--and the first single of chariots' four month release campain--唯 [Yui]--have been added to the release page at the UNDER CODE OHP.

2008-01-31 22:42:00
[Archived] News: Anjyu', Deshabillz

① (Both of these are kind of late updates, but that's the fun of being in school) Brand X has posted information for the final release of Anjyu'. Unsurprisingly, it's a best album (thus making Anjyu', what, the fourth UNDER CODE band to announce one recently?). As of right now, it seems that none of the tracks will be remastered or re-recorded, but there is a new track (or multiple new tracks?). It's also not really clear of the album will contain tracks only from their time as an UNDER CODE band or if it will also include songs released while they were with HOLIDAY. In any case, the album, entitled Anjyu' ベスト [Anjyu' BEST], will be released on 5/21, and will contain 12 songs for the price of 3,150 yen. (The product code is ANCD-001, for anyone who cares~)

2008-01-17 02:47:00
[Archived] selling stuff

Hi, I'm selling a bunch of stuff over at my journal. All items are in mint condition (brand new and unopened).

2008-01-11 20:58:00
[Archived] News: Dali, hurts, Kibou-YA©, Siva

① The tracklist to Kibou-YA©'s best album has finally been posted at the UNDER CODE OHP. The tracklistings (and covers, in SIVA's case) for hurts' and SIVA's singles have been posted as well.


2007-12-20 11:59:00
[Archived] News: Arc, chariots, V.A.

① Tons of releases were announced through Brand X today, some surprising and some not. Arc has a new look and is releasing something new, and there's a new volume of High Style Paradox, the first in over two years!. There are also a ton of new releases from chariots (I guess KISAKI wasn't lying when he said he was going to push them to the top!) and tracklistings to ClearVeil's upcoming CDs. Heeere you go:

2007-10-18 16:25:00
[Archived] Releases

Brand X just updated with a slew of new releases @__@

2007-09-23 03:02:00
[Archived] selling: CDs, flyers

Hi~ I'm selling some stuff [at my LJ][1], including:

2007-09-09 10:53:00
[Archived] News: Anjyu', V.A.

① It's not extremely surprising, considering UNDER CODE's live activities lately, but as of yesterday, Anjyu' is now a part of the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION family. And it appears they've already announced their first UCP releases: two consecutive singles.

2007-08-21 00:46:00
[Archived] News: Phantasmagoria, V.A.

① I'll try to bang this one out quickly. Brand X just posted news of two new Phantasmagoria live DVDs. Both will be fairly huge and haven't been filmed yet! Information to follow.

2007-06-17 16:41:00
[Archived] News: Nega

Although it hasn't officially opened yet, it seems that NEGA has replaced Celia'xeno's HOLIDAY blog. So far there are no real posts, and I'm not sure whether or not it will replace the band's current blog, but here's the link:

2007-06-11 10:28:00
[Archived] Dali Fanlisting

I'm sure that for many of you, this isn't the first time you've seen this, but I promise this is the last place I'm going to shamlessly advertise like this. Anyways, I just opened the official Dali fanlisting, so if you're a fan of the band, be sure to join! I know there are a lot of fans lurking out there. Anyways, go check it out! (Oh, and if you were a member of the old fanlisting: it's dead. Please join the new fanlisting)

2007-04-30 19:05:00
[Archived] †News†

KISAKI announced in his blog a few days ago that both a Syndrome and MIRAGE remastered best album would be released this year. It's great news for fans of either of those bands and for new KISAKI fans. (Quick summary: Syndrome was a VK super group of sorts--it included three members from D, a guitarist from MERRY (メリー) (メリー), and the drummer from Shelly Trip Realize. Their music was kind of classic VK with techno elements--something like HISKAREA. MIRAGE was one of KISAKI's earliest successes--they even released a major album, although I don't think they actually achieved major status--but its members went on to do a whole lot of nothing.) Also sad, because the releases imply that KISAKI really will be retiring forever. See the cut for more information.

2007-03-12 16:22:00
[Archived] †News†

① It's safe to say that most of us have been expecting new UNDER CODE CDs for quite some time. So, it's not very surprising that a slew of upcoming releases have been announced today. Arc, hurts, KISAKI PROJECT (surprise!), ネガ (NEGA), and Pashya have all announced very cool things, including some second presses (apparently the first presses have sold extremely well; good job guys!). It's a bit weird that SIVA hasn't announced anything, but I'm sure we'll hear from them soon.

2007-02-18 11:57:00
[Archived] News: Release

In April and May, ダリ [Dali] will release two singles, each in two types. To avoid completely flooding the internet with the tracklisting, I'll just point you here.

2007-01-25 16:42:00
[Archived] News: Release

On Valentine's Day (surprise surprise), Bands@id and UNDER CODE will release a joint DVD. The fourth in a series, Bands Shock DVD Vol.4 ~日本制圧完全版~ [~Nihon Seiatsu Kanzen Ban~] will contain live clips from.. pretty much everyone. Included in the DVD are: Phantasmagoria, ヴィドール [VIDOLL], 12012, 秘密結社コドモA [Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A (秘密結社コドモA)], SIVA, Pashya, ダリ [Dali], Arc, hurts, ネガ [NEGA], VAGERKE, Deflina Ma'riage, 音鬼 [Oto Oni], SOUND OF SILENCE, and SERPENT. In similar news, the tracklisting for Decadence2007 has finally been announced.


2006-11-06 17:47:00
[Archived] Tons of News

Ok, I've gotten way behind on the release news (these like, stealth releases keep getting announced, so there's A LOT). So, here's kind of a quick overview:

2006-10-26 21:33:00
[Archived] New Release

Finally, a new UNDER CODE PRODUCTION omnibus has been announced. This one features three smaller bands of the label (the big three have enough exposure anyway) along with some UCP-friendly bands. See the cut for full information.

2006-09-16 10:48:00
[Archived] News ⇔ Various

- Dali [ダリ]: I can't believe I haven't whored this already. and I created a community for Dari some time ago. Go join.

2006-06-30 15:00:00
[Archived] News ⇔ Various

Well, I hope you all liked Arc. Their move to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION is now official! They've got a slew of releases planned, and are poised to have the biggest debut of any UNDER CODE band (including Phantasmagoria!). Anyways, here's the UNDER CODE news and updated release schedule:

2006-03-01 10:04:00
[Archived] Dali pausing activities

It was reported on the Undercode blog today that Dali will be pausing activities for a while. Here is the message:


2005-08-30 20:45:00
[Archived] (Untitled post 2005-08-30)

I haven't heard anyone announce it yet, so here's a bit of awesome news for you guys! KISAKI announced in his journal that UNDER CODE has signed two new bands! First is Dali ( They've been around for a little while, and from what I hear, are pretty good. The second band is , who I haven't heard anything about yet *laugh* They'll make their first appearences as UNDER CODE bands on 11/3 at Bayside Jenny.


2004-04-02 00:00:00
Quick primer for editing

Hi! Here's a quick primer on the less intuitive stuff when updating the database.