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i.D.A new single “VERMIN” Lineup change for NEiN

Ariabl'eyeS new mini-album “Hibiki Sou Rin'ne ROZEN REINETTE” + guest appearance by SUI (David)!

LYSE (リゼ) (ex-MerCurius ~ ENVY PROJECT) doujin project Ariabl'eyeS will put out a new mini-album.

Hibiki Sou Rin'ne ROZEN REINETTE (響奏輪廻ローゼンレネット) will be released on April 28th. Track 4 of the release will feature a guest appearance by SUI (David), and he has also been scheduled to appear at the band's oneman live on June 29 at Shinjuku club Science!


  1. Prelude-Reinette-Prelude-Reinette-
  2. Hibiki Sou Rin'ne ROZEN RENETTE響奏輪廻ローゼンレネット
  3. Kaiko Sanjuso邂逅三重奏
  4. Nisetan Kokyokyoku偽譚交響曲
  5. Hanataba wo Ken Ni花束を剣に
  6. ReincarnationReincarnation
  7. Tsuisou追想

Ariabl'eyeS began activities as LYSE (リゼ)'s solo project sometime in 2011 and have released several mini-albums, two full albums, and a few singles. Their recent release came back in October, called Tensei APRIORI (転生アプリオリ), which featured ballad versions of previously released songs.

They also have performed live sporadically and even held cafe events with its sister project, -LostFairy-. Here's a glimpse of the band through their first PV (although vocalist LUNA is absent).

And an interesting cover that might sound was featured in their first album, Reimei SYMPHONIA (黎明シンフォニア):


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Woah, interesting! Pretty dope that SUI will participate a bit.

There was a doujin band that featured the guitarist from Madeth gray'll once, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was!

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